Is it possible to wash the tent in a washing machine

Tourism is a wonderful hobby! Whoever has ever gone on a campaign, will return to such rest again and again. But tourism and travel are not only photographs and memories, but also care for tourist equipment, including a tent.

Raw weather and rain can provoke mold, unpleasant smells, damage to color and the condition of portable housing. Undoubtedly, the tent needs washing or cleaning. And about whether it is possible to wash a tent in a washing machine or it is worth giving preference to manual cleaning, let's talk further.

Is it possible to wash the tent in a washing machine

Content of the material:

  • 1How to get rid of dirt and smell
  • 2How to properly wash tents
  • 3Than to restore a protective layer
  • 4Handwash
  • 5Dry Cleaning

How to get rid of dirt and smell

Unfolding the tent after a rest or a hike, you saw clots of dirt, stains and smell? Definitely, the tent needs a "big wash".

What is the risk of machine washing? If you send the tent just like that into the CMA drum, you can wash away the protective layer, which does not allow moisture and wind. Therefore, manufacturers strongly do not recommend working on the product mechanically, so as not to damage this layer. Yes, experienced tourists with experience skeptical about washing in a typewriter and resort to this method only in critical situations.

How to get rid of dirt and smell

But there is good news! If you follow the rules, the product can survive machine wash, and not even one. If the impregnation and wash, then only in the folds - but this business is fixable: using a special spray can eliminate losses.

How to properly wash tents

In fact, whether the tents are being erased in automatic mode, it is not worth doubting. But the tips for washing all give different. We will give you the most proven rules. Following our recommendations, you clean the equipment of dirt and odors, save its functionality and attractive appearance.

So, let's look at how to erase a tent in a typewriter:

  1. First check that the product fits into the CM drum. Make sure that the weight is not more than the allowable maximum value of your machine. If the stylalka is designed for 6 kg, and the product weighs, kg, wash. And if the values ​​are equivalent, think about it, because the fabric will get wet in the water and become heavier.
  2. Then spread the cloth on a dry and clean surface. It can be a lawn in the yard or a garage.
  3. Armed with a spray gun and sprinkle the cloth with ordinary water on one side, after which the usual 72% soap is washed with soap. Repeat the action for the other side.
  4. Without folding the product, send it to the CMA drum.How to properly wash tents
  5. Choose a mode that does not involve heating the water and spinning. The speed of rotation of the drum in the selected mode should not exceed 500 revolutions.
  6. Do not use ordinary powders or gels for washing.
  7. Wait until the cycle ends, and get out the tent. After the water runs off, spread it in a ventilated place to dry.How to properly wash tents
  8. Look at the scuffs or damages, treat them with a spray to restore the protective properties of the fabric.

Attention! Even if you have expensive and high-quality equipment, for the whole period of its service do not spend machine washing more than 1-2 times. Frequent washing will lead to complete destruction of the layer, and none of the sprays will help you anymore.

Than to restore a protective layer

If washing is still slightly damaged protective layer, without panic! Acquire the means for restoring the protective coating and return the product to its former properties. The market now has a mass of options for such funds.

Consider the most popular of them:

  • Nikwax. It is considered one of the most high-quality impregnations. When using, it is important to observe safety precautions and to work away from open flame. This product can be sprayed or applied with a sponge, brush and even a cloth. Do not discard the bottle after treatment - you will need a tool for restoring tents, overalls, jackets and other tourist equipment. For half a liter, you can give an average of 700 rubles. This is enough to impregnate 7 square meters of fabric.

Than to restore a protective layer

  • Mcnett Tentsure. A good impregnation, designed specifically for fabrics such as tents. Apply by roller or brush. It is best to apply in two layers, letting each dry. Thick layers during application are unacceptable, otherwise the effectiveness of the tool will be lost.

Than to restore a protective layer

  • Waterproofing spray. This impregnation is made on the basis of silicone and refers to the universal means. It is used widely and actively for the restoration of tent fabrics. The minus is a large expense and a small amount of packing, in total, liter. The bottle is enough to process only two "squares". One such canister costs within 500 rubles. Suitable for handling minor damage on the folds.

Than to restore a protective layer


If you use a tent as inveterate tourists - a lot and often, and the limit of washing in the SMA product has already exhausted, then try hand washing. Unlike the machine, manual washing can be performed more often - once in 2-3 seasons.

Important! If you appreciate your tent, try to do without washing. But if there is no other way out, unconditionally follow all the rules of washing.

To wash the tent with your hands, proceed as follows:

  • Spread the product in the yard on the grass.
  • Pour water, gently with soap.
  • Call a partner: one should water the fabric, and the second - rub the cloth with a soft sponge.
  • Turn over the tent and repeat all operations on the reverse side.
  • Wash off the foam.
  • Dry it.
  • Handle with a special spray from unpleasant odors (the choice in tourist stores is huge, for example, you can use Toko Proff - it will remove the smell of soap, mold). If smells for you - not a problem, you can not spend money on the spray.
  • Restore the protective layer with one of the above sprays.


Dry Cleaning

We came to dry cleaning - the most gentle and harmless way to process the tent. Cleaning has its pros and cons. On the one hand, the protective layer is intact and safe, on the other - odors and dirt can stay.

Dry Cleaning

So, let's start cleaning:

  • Immediately after the campaign, hang the product to dry.
  • Spread the product, find the spots.
  • Clean the cloth with a soft brush or sponge. You can locally wash the stains with soapy water.
  • Organize drying in a ventilated place and pack the tent until the next tourist season.

Let's draw a conclusion that in theory you can wash the tent in the SMA, and maybe there will not be anything wrong with that. But always remember the risk when sending equipment to the drum. The protective layer can be restored only locally, if it deteriorates completely, it will be easier to buy a new tent.

Dry Cleaning

Use machine or hand wash only if dry cleaning does not bring the expected result. Good hikes!

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