Types of grinder beetle and methods of struggle

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Beetle grinder - an insect that poses a serious threat to wood. It affects furniture, wood floors and even paper, books, cardboard. The scale of damage that this beetle can cause depends on the type of insect.

Peculiarities and Varieties of

Insects belong to the order of Coleoptera. Depending on the variety, the size can vary from 0.2 to 1 cm, the most popular specimens are 0.5 cm. Beetles grinders have comb antennae, which consist of several segments. The greatest harm is done by the larvae, not the adults.

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The first have very developed legs with claws, which allow the insect to firmly lock in place and feed on the tree. Then on the surface of the affected area there are small holes, winding passages and yellow trash.

A distinctive feature of the grinder is that it produces a sound similar to the work of the clock mechanism. This occurs during the breeding season of the insect.

Below you can see the photos of the grinder beetle, as well as their most common varieties:

  1. Furniture. Dangerous for all types of wood. For several years it is able to destroy wooden floors, walls and windows. Parasitic on a dry dead tree.
  2. Brownie. It feeds mainly on a moistened tree( for example, in a bath), therefore it is rarely found in a residential building.
  3. Grain. It feeds on dry, solid foods: grains, cereals, pasta, etc., therefore it is often found in places where groceries are stored.

The grinder beetle is easily confused with the bark beetle. The latter has a distinctive characteristic - it feeds exclusively on the bark of a growing tree and does not parasitize in a residential building.

How to output?

There are several ways to get the parasite out:

  • using popular tools;
  • with chemicals.

It is better to use folk recipes for insect control at the initial stage of their parasitism with a slight infection of the wooden surface.

The most effective folk methods are:

  1. Treatment of the infected area with a mixture of turpentine and kerosene( 3: 1).
  2. Treatment with a mixture of naphthalene, black carbolic acid and resin( 1: 1: 1).
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How to get rid of the grinder beetle in the house with the help of chemicals? If the beetle caused significant damage to wood, there is a large accumulation of insects, then it is better to use special insecticides from the grinder, for example: Antizhuk, Belinka Belocid, Derevotoks, Neomid Stop Bug, Bochemit Forte, WoodMaster Anti-Bug, etc.

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You can entrust this work to professionals who will destroy pests in a short period of time by means of disinfection with a cold or hot mist, gas treatment with phosphine.

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