We plant cabbage on seedlings: planting dates depending on the variety

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Tell me when to plant cabbage on seedlings? We bought several varieties, and the packaging indicated different planting times. Is there a significant difference between the planting time of white cabbage and cauliflower?

Growing cabbage seedlings is slightly different from tomatoes and peppers. This is due to the fact that different types of cabbage have their own terms of landing in the ground at a permanent place. One is enough for a month to make the seedlings stronger, while others spend almost 2 months in temporary pots and in greenhouse conditions. It should also be borne in mind that, despite the fairly high cold resistance, some varieties of this culture prefer a higher temperature, respectively, will stay longer in the greenhouse.

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seeds Thus, the time when you plant cabbage on seedlings is influenced by the following factors:

  • climatic conditions;
  • types of culture.

In order to avoid stretching and overgrowing of seedlings, seeds are sown in the middle lane from March to April. In cooler regions, these periods shift by almost a month.

When to sow white cabbage on seedlings?

White cabbage, depending on the time and speed of ripening the crop, is ready for planting on the bed in one to two months. On this basis, it is recommended to plant seeds for seedlings on such dates:

  • early varieties - in mid-February - in early March;
  • medium varieties - from early to mid-March;
  • late ripening cabbage - from the beginning to the middle of April.
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When to sow cauliflower on seedlings?

The cauliflower seedlings will fully grow stronger and will be ready for transplanting to a permanent place in six weeks from the time of sowing, which means that you can start growing seedlings:

  • in the first decade of March - for early ripe varieties;
  • in the first decade of April - for mid-season species;
  • from mid-May - for late-seasoned cabbage.

Cauliflower is demanding for temperature and forms the ovary only if it is kept between 16 and 25 degrees. A lower or higher temperature for growing a crop leads to yield loss and hollow bushes.

When sow on broccoli seedlings?

Broccoli seedlings are formed fairly quickly and in a month they are ready to move to a permanent place of residence. You can sow seeds for seedlings in two or even three visits, keeping an interval of 2 weeks between crops. Having started growing seedlings in mid-March, it is permissible to sow the last batch at the end of May to ensure a good harvest.

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When sowing Peking cabbage and kohlrabi for seedlings?

Kohlrabi and Peking are some of the fastest kinds of cabbage. For full ripening, they need only three months, and the seedlings will get stronger in three to four weeks after sowing. Start growing seedlings should be from the second decade of March.

When planning to sow cabbage for seedlings on your own, it is necessary to carefully study the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding planting dates, as well as to consider the period of head ripening and local climatic conditions.

Video about the timing of sowing cabbage seedlings

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