Advantages and disadvantages of water heaters with dry heaters

  • The main differences
  • Benefits
  • Disadvantages
  • Overview of the best models

Those who have thought about choosing a boiler at least once, have certainly come across such a concept as a dry heater in a water heater. What it is and how it differs from the traditional “wet” version. Today we will tell you how a water heater with a dry heater is arranged, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a device, and also offer you the TOP 5 best models of 2018.

The main differences

First, let's look at what it means to dry heater in a water heater. Such models of boilers appeared on our market a little more than 10 years ago. Since then, they have gained increasing popularity among the owners of dachas, apartments and country houses, deprived of the services of centralized hot water.

Until that time, the most common design option was a system with a submersible or “wet” heating element. Such a device most of all resembles an ordinary household boiler, only of enormous size. This is a hollow steel or copper tube, in which the nichrome spiral is placed. Free internal space is filled with quartz sand or other similar material with high thermal conductivity. The whole structure is placed directly in the tank and comes into direct contact with the water, which heats. The disadvantage of this device is the increased formation of scale directly on the walls of the heating element, which reduces the rate of heat transfer and increases the consumption of electrical energy.

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Dry TEN is designed in a fundamentally different way. It consists of a resistance wire placed in the grooves of a ceramic insulator. To avoid contact with water, the whole structure is placed in a closed flask, made of metal, having an anti-corrosion coating. To enhance thermal conductivity between the walls of the glass and the heater additionally place the oil layer.

Benefits of the

Compared with open "reboilers", dry structures have many advantages. For example, consider only some of them:

Lack of scale on the heating element

The quality of water and the surface area of ​​contact between the heater and the fluid affect the rate of formation of this unpleasant layer. The harder the water flows in your area, the faster the scale will form. A thick limestone layer reduces the quality of heating water, and the life of the heating element is reduced.

Dry heating element protected from such a nuisance. In this case, direct contact with water does not occur. So, scale on the heater either.

Compact dimensions.

. Dry TEN is relatively small in size and takes up much less space than its wet counterpart. Thus, the size of the storage tank itself is reduced. Most often, manufacturers install two or even three heaters in one device. This allows the consumer to independently regulate the load. If you need to quickly heat a large volume of water, turn on all the heating elements immediately and you will get hot water in just a few minutes.

Even if one of the heaters blows, nothing terrible will happen. For the period of repair, you will simply use one of the remaining ones and still remain with hot water.

Excellent performance.

This is another advantage of dry heating elements. Since scum is practically not formed on such a heater, the rate of hot water production increases significantly. At the same time, much less electric power is expended than when heating water with a “wet” heating element.

By itself, each dry heating element installed in a boiler most often has less power than a similar version with a “wet” element. But since several heaters are usually used in water heaters of this type, the total power will be significantly lower than that of a “wet” tubular heater. And if the consumer can use it in full or in part, he can decide for himself.

Ease of maintenance

Dry tube heaters have one important feature. They are designed in such a way that if the heating element suddenly fails, to replace it, you do not even have to drain the water from the tank. It is enough to unscrew the protective flange, remove the element, inspect or repair it and insert it back.

Long service life

Due to the lack of contact with scale, dry heaters have a long service life. One such element is enough on average for 5 years of uninterrupted work. At the same time, boilers with conventional heating elements fail every 2-3 years. With the current prices for components this allows you to save well.

Availability of protection against dry start

Absolutely all models with a dry heater are equipped with a protection system against switching on without water. If there is no water in the heater tank, the system simply will not allow the unit to turn on. Protection against "dry start" will not allow the tubular heater to burn. Even if for some reason it does not work, the failure will affect only the heating element. Other boiler systems will not be affected.


Many dry PETN have a completely identical design. This allows you to use the same element for different models of tanks. So in case of repair problems with components you will not have.

No problems with air closures

Water heaters equipped with dry heaters do not face the formation of internal air traps. For models with “wet” heaters, this can result in costly repairs.

Disadvantages of

As there are no ideal things in nature, that is, dry heating elements have negative sides. True, they are not so much.

Dry TEN can be extremely straightforward. Therefore, they are used in models with a volume of at least 30 liters. So if you need to buy a “baby” for 10–20 liters, this option will not work.

But the main disadvantage of dry fuel heater is its high cost. Models equipped with such a heating element usually cost no less than one and a half times more expensive than traditional water heaters with a "boiler".Is it worth such a unit of money spent on it, everyone must decide for themselves independently.

Review of the best models of

If you still decided to give preference to the storage water heater with a dry fuel heater, we offer you the TOP 5 best models of 2017.

Atlantic Vertigo

An innovative model of co-production in Egypt and France. The design of this water heater is unique and so far no trademark has been able to repeat it."Vertigo" has at once two enameled tanks for water heating. The unit works absolutely silently and is controlled by a clear digital interface.


  • is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to heat the water only to the desired temperature;
  • for those who are in a hurry, provides high-speed heating Boost;
  • smart unit remembers the settings and turns on the device in Smart mode with the parameters that the user logs most often;
  • wide range, up to 80 liters inclusive;
  • long work is ensured by the presence of dry PETN and magnesium anode;
  • there is a possibility of both vertical and horizontal installation;
  • tank warranty period - 7 years;
  • All models have a depth of no more than 30 cm.


  • in the size range there are no models with a volume of more than 80 liters, which can be inconvenient for a large family.

Electrolux EWH 50 Formax DL

Electric heater with two dry-type heating elements, with a capacity of 1.2 and 0.8 kW.An informative digital display and a function of three-mode heating temperature control are available. The maximum water heating is up to 75 ° C, the optimum working temperature is 55 ° C. The tank has a sufficiently thick layer of polyurethane( 22 mm) to protect against frost penetration.


  • good thermal effect, the water remains hot for a long time;
  • compact dimensions;
  • three modes of operation;
  • rapid heating of water to the desired temperature;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • quite affordable value.


  • according to the feedback from users and specialists, no obvious flaws have been identified.

Fagor CB ECO

Quality water heater from a Spanish manufacturer. Equipped with two dry TEE at 1.2 or 0.8 kW, depending on the volume of the tank. There is a wide model range from 30 to 200 liters of tank volume. The design of the unit provides several control modes. Depending on the set parameters, the heating elements can work in pairs, one at a time or in automatic mode.


  • wide volumetric model line;
  • heating elements operating on the principle of dry heating;
  • improved insulation system;
  • titanium anode that does not require replacement;
  • durable steel tank with additional titanium spraying;
  • provides the probability of horizontal and vertical installation;
  • large warranty periods;
  • electronic regulation allows you to control the temperature to the nearest degree.


  • in ECO mode is not possible to independently set the desired temperature;
  • insufficient power cord.

Gorenje OGBS100SMV9

A good water heater of the middle class from the Serbian manufacturer. The model has a flat white body that is compatible with almost any interior design. The model is equipped with a modern system from overheating, which excludes accidental start-up with an empty tank. To protect against corrosion, a magnesium anode is installed in the tank.


  • electronic control system;
  • dry TEN;
  • "smart" system for storing regular user settings;
  • wide range from 30 to 120 liters;
  • maximum heating temperature + 85 ° C;
  • affordable pricing policy.


  • there is only a vertical installation method;
  • the inside of the tank is enameled.

Willer Elegance IVB DR

Another model of Serbian origin. This storage water heater also belongs to the middle class. This flat and compact boiler is only 30 cm deep, so it fits even in a small niche in the bathroom or toilet.

"Viller Elegance" - the device is very economical. To save electricity, there is provided a thick insulation and a special mode "Eco".In this case, the water does not heat up above 45 ° C, which means that the meter does not wind extra kilowatts.


  • three dry heating elements, with a capacity of 0.8 kW each;
  • the ability to use heaters as a pair, and separately;
  • selection of models for 50, 80 and 100 liters;
  • simple and clear control unit;
  • storage tank is made of stainless steel;
  • nice appearance;
  • affordable price.


  • is not a very popular brand in the domestic market.

As can be seen from the above, storage water heaters with dry fuel heaters are gaining increasing popularity. To date, such a model produces every more or less self-respecting manufacturer. So if you decide to purchase a boiler with a dry heating element, in any store you will be offered a decent choice.

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