Features of washing machines with a honeycomb drum

  • Design of the cellular drum
  • Differences of the cellular drum from the usual
  • Pros and cons of the
  • Cellular drum Diamond
  • Conclusion

A quality wash is not always intensive. The latest technology and the latest developments confirm this fact. A delicate attitude to laundry without losing the quality of washing is a new achievement for washing machine manufacturers. Not so long ago, so-called cellular drums began to appear in the latest models of the washer machine. Let's get acquainted with this novelty and understand its advantages and disadvantages.

The design of the cellular drum

The inner surface of the updated drum resembles a honeycomb. The entire drum consists of convex hexagons, and in the corners of the figures are tiny holes for water circulation. Visually it seems that such a surface is smoother than in the usual perforated drum.

It is possible to erase the most delicate and delicate fabrics in such a drum, without fear of spoiling the thing.

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Differences between a cellular drum and a standard

A regular perforated drum is all studded with water holes with a rather impressive diameter. At the very least, in these holes the fabric tightens during washing under the influence of centrifugal force. Because of this, the fabric wears faster, although design engineers are trying to compensate for this lack of carefully balanced modes with a certain speed of rotation of the drum and a strictly verified number of holes.

In cellular drums, the holes are so small that the fabric cannot be tightened there. In addition, a combination of convex and concave parts of the drum create a thin water film on the surface that prevents friction of the fibers of the fabric on the metal of the loading tank.

Justice is pleased to note that the size of the holes in the cellular drum not only protects the fabric from premature wear, but also protects the details of the washing machine from small items from the pockets of things - forgotten coins, torn buttons and clasps, etc.

Pros and cons of

Cellular drum is positioned as an improved and updated version of the usual perforated drum with several advantages. Is it so?

  • A honeycomb drum treats various types of fabric with care and prevents premature fiber abrasion. This is a fact confirmed by tests, thanks to technologists and engineers at Miele. They managed to minimize the friction of linen on the metal surface of the drum during washing. In addition, the reduced size of the circulation holes does not allow thin fabrics to be pulled in there. The delicacy of the cellular drum also manifests itself in the spinning process.
  • Cellular drum is durable and durable. If there were no particular censures on the usual drums, then the novelty from Miele should be “immortal” at all. Cell drums produced by rolling, there are no welds, it is, in fact, a solid metal structure.
  • Washing in typewriters with a honeycomb drum helps prevent the overrun of electricity and water. In this case, we will have to believe the manufacturer’s laboratory tests.
  • The quality of washing in cellular drums is at the height. This is true, a careful impact on the fabric does not affect the removal of dirt. The water film and detergents dissolved in it penetrate the fabric fibers and dissolve the dirt particles that are there.

In our opinion, this list of advantages is more than convincing, because a good washing machine should wash clothes of high quality, handle linen carefully and serve us faithfully for many years in a row. The use of a cellular drum does not preclude the fulfillment of these requirements, quite the contrary.

The only drawback of washing machines with a cellular drum is the high cost of appliances. Perhaps after a while such washers will drop a little in price, but until then you have to be content with a regular drum or fork.

Honeycomb Diamond

Samsung has decided to compete with the Miele brand and has created its own relief drum. It is also counted as a honeycomb, however, such a drum is covered not with convex honeycombs, but with volume quadrilaterals resembling the concave edges of the processed diamond. In the recessed part of the figure are reduced in size circulation holes. Just as in the Miele drums, the fabric practically does not rub against the metal, does not fall into the holes and is not damaged. The main function of such a drum is the careful and high-quality washing of any things without harm to the fibers. As confirmed by the tests and reviews of the happy owners of such washing machines - the goal is clearly achieved.


Choosing between cars with a conventional drum and a cell phone means choosing between the durability and safety of their belongings and the tangible price of the updated device. If there are a lot of favorite things from thin fabrics in your wardrobe, then you have only one choice - in favor of a cellular drum.

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