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constantly increasing cost of gas heating equipment leads to the fact that solid fuel boilers gainingincreasingly popular. And the absence of gas in small settlements does not leave any alternative to consumers. Of course, the easiest way is to lay down a classic brick oven in the house and heat it daily. But if you do not want to work as a fireman all winter, our article is for you. For those who decided to significantly ease their lives, and even save on heating the house, we ranked the best solid fuel boilers in 2017.

However, before proceeding to the discussion of specific models, let's talk a little about how to choose a solid fuel boiler, which indicators you should pay attention to.

Technical parameters of solid fuel boilers

So, what you should pay attention to if you decide to choose the best solid fuel boiler:

  • Fuel type. Different models can consume one or more types of fuel. Firewood, coal, peat briquettes, sawdust, pellets, straw or recycled waste are suitable for use.
  • Power. It must be calculated in such a way that it is enough for heating the entire area of ​​the house and ancillary facilities.
  • The volume of the combustion chamber .This is one of the main indicators affecting the performance of the unit, the frequency of fuel load.
  • Automation .The presence of such a mechanism allows the owners to be freed from constant monitoring of the boiler.
  • Security .The main elements required in any boiler are the alarm and auto-shutdown function in case of a malfunction.
  • The need for access to electricity .Some models of heaters are simply not able to work without access to electricity. But most of the boilers can still carry out heating completely autonomously.
  • Useful factor .This indicator is calculated as the ratio between the actual power of the device and the heat capacity of the fuel used. The higher the efficiency, the less fuel will be required to generate one unit of heat.
  • Runtime on one boot .The inability to control the process makes the burning period of the fuel very short. You are unlikely to like the boiler, in which you need to throw fuel every 4–5 hours. Modern models can work on one load for several days.
  • Easy Maintenance .Even the most wonderful boiler needs to be cleaned of soot and ash, to blow and load a new batch of fuel. The simpler all these processes are, the more satisfied the owner will be.
  • Cost .Boilers for home heating is not the equipment, which is worth saving. In this case, you should not choose a heating device, focusing only on the low price. Technical characteristics of cheap boilers are often far from ideal.

Only comprehensively approaching the study of all the main parameters, we can choose for ourselves the best solid fuel boiler for long burning in 2017.

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TOP 5 solid fuel boilers firewood / coal

If you do not want to bother with the issue of fuel preparation and plan to drown "what they eat", you should pay attention to the "omnivorous" models. Such heaters can work on both wood and coal. Moreover, many of them are able to work on municipal solid waste. They are great and you can burn anything. In this case, besides the heating of the room, the problem of utilization of household garbage is well solved.

Bosch Solid 2000 B K 16-1

Quite easy to maintain and "omnivorous" model. Stainless steel housing and cast iron grates ensure reliability and durability of work. If the area of ​​your home is not more than 150-160 square meters. Bosch Solid 2000 B K 16-1 is what you need. In the middle price category, such a boiler can be considered one of the best deals of 2016–2017.


  • large selection of fuels;
  • the ability to clean the boiler through the top;
  • reliability;
  • auto power adjustment;
  • interesting design;
  • the ability to use paired with a gas boiler as a reserve;
  • reasonable price, no more than 750 US dollars.


  • special - not detected.

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  • high work efficiency;
  • profitability;
  • high efficiency( up to 90%);
  • cast iron firebox and heat exchanger;
  • the ability to use the boiler as an auxiliary equipment;
  • ability to work on one load up to 12 hours;
  • cost about $ 800.


  • moisture content of firewood should not exceed 20%;
  • unusual thrust adjustment;
  • is not very convenient cleaning, you need to adapt;
  • weight more than that of similar models.

Buderus Logano G221-25

A very interesting model, which has enough power for heating 200 square meters.square meters. Cast iron body provides exceptional reliability and high fire safety.


  • increased resistance to corrosion;
  • increased dimensions of the firebox;
  • ease of operation;
  • efficiency of about 75–77%;
  • minimum warm-up time;
  • capacious receiving bunker.


  • is quite expensive, about 1300 cu;
  • considerable weight.

Bourgeois-K Modern-24

This modern and stylish heating device is able to work without refueling for several hours( depending on the type of fuel).And to get the heat, you can use anything. In this case, coal, firewood, wood waste and fuel briquettes can serve as fuel. In this case, depending on the type of fuel used, an efficiency of more than 90% can be achieved.


  • heated area up to 250 m2;
  • compact size;
  • possibility to use wood with moisture content up to 50%;
  • efficiency up to 92%;
  • economical use of fuel;
  • complete independence from electricity;
  • consumption of less than 40 kg of wood per day.


  • need to install a pipe of sufficient height( at least 8 m) for the quality of the discharge of combustion products;
  • grates quickly burn through and require replacement;
  • in some models, the gate is quickly clogged;
  • price is approximately US $ 1,300.

Alpine Air Solidplus 4

If you want to enter the boiler room as seldom as possible, and the room where the fuel equipment is installed is not well insulated, this boiler is exactly what you need. Despite the not too sophisticated design, this unit is able to work on almost any kind of solid fuel and quite effectively heat the room up to 200 m2.


  • reasonable price, about $ 800;
  • reliable and unpretentious;
  • high efficiency;
  • excellent thermal insulation.


  • very original design.

TOP 5 pyrolysis boilers

Those who are accustomed to get the best possible result in any business should pay attention to such heating devices. Our review contains the best solid fuel boilers of 2016–2017.In our choice, we were guided both by the technical characteristics of the devices and by the feedback from consumers who had already tested these models.

The principal difference between such boilers and all other heaters is that they have not one combustion chamber, but two. In the first, firewood burns directly, and in the second, the combustion of wood gases produced in the process of pyrolysis takes place. Roughly speaking, you drown the wood, and bask in the heat from the burning gas. Almost the only disadvantage of such boilers are the high demands on the quality of wood burned. It should be as dry as possible.

Dakon KP Pyro

Pyrolysis boilers of the brand "DaconPiro" have a fairly wide range of models, with a capacity from 18 to 38 kW.Depending on this parameter, the area of ​​the heated room can vary from 200 to 360 square meters.meters respectively.


  • firebox lined with heat-resistant ceramics;
  • efficiency of at least 85%;
  • increased firebox;
  • availability of a ceramic pyrolysis nozzle;
  • intuitive and very simple adjustment process;
  • interesting design solution;
  • need to clean the boiler every 4–7 days;
  • flue gas containment system when opening the firebox door.


  • moisture content of fuel used not more than 18–20%;
  • is not too attractive price, from $ 1,500, depending on the power.

Bourgeois TO TA – 20

While appreciating the irony of the creators of this brand, you can still disagree with them. This wonderful model has gone so far from the notorious "stove", which is not worth saying. The savings of this boiler compared to others can be very significant. Also, the consumer will be pleased with the price, which is one and a half to two times less than the western peers of the same capacity.


  • very high energy efficiency;
  • non-volatility;
  • the ability to use a variety of fuels;
  • reliability;
  • attractive price, about 900 at.e.;
  • automatic thermoregulation system.


  • heavy.

Atmos DC

Boilers of this series also work exclusively on wood. Almost all pyrolysis boilers of this series are equipped with a special heat exchanger, protected from overheating. There is an exhaust fan that provides air circulation in the combustion chambers. A wide range of models allows you to accurately select the desired boiler capacity.


  • thrift;
  • impressive loading chamber;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • efficiency up to 87%;
  • presence of a cooling circuit( overheating protection);
  • grade exhaust fan;
  • roomy ashpit( cleaning once a week);
  • automatic protective shutdown after fuel burns out;
  • compact size;
  • light weight;
  • reliability;
  • ease of operation;
  • adequate price( the most low-power model costs about 800 cu. E.).


  • not detected.

Viessmann Vitiligno 100s

One more worthy place of our rating is taken by the solid fuel boiler Vitiligno 100s - the famous German quality. Like other pyrolysis boilers, it works exclusively on firewood, with maximum dryness.


  • fairly high efficiency, up to 90%;
  • capacious loading chamber, where the wood is placed up to 50 cm;
  • significant autonomous combustion period;
  • environmental friendliness.


  • dependence on the source of electricity for the operation of the exhaust fan;
  • high fuel quality requirements;
  • unreasonably high price, about $ 3,200.

Geyser PK-30

The price of this model is much more attractive and amounts to just over $ 1,000.In addition, he is able to properly heat the house up to 300 square meters.meters


  • economical;
  • simple and intuitive control;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • the ability to work without electricity in the house;


  • requires foundation equipment during installation;
  • high requirements for dry fuel;
  • is pretty heavy.


pellet boilers If you still do not know which solid fuel boiler is best to buy for heating your house, we strongly advise you to take a closer look at pellet heating appliances. Installing such a unit will allow you not to look at the boiler room for several days at all. There can be only two difficulties here:

  1. ; you need to have enough places for storing pellets;
  2. similar fuel material is not available in every region.

If you do not foresee any difficulties in purchasing and storing pellets, such a boiler will definitely allow you to appear in the furnace as rarely as possible.

Zota Pellet 25

One of the most popular and expensive devices is the ZotaPellet boiler. This super modern unit is equipped with a liquid crystal display and is capable of controlling as many as five pumps at the same time. Literally everything can be connected here - from a warm floor to a centralized heating system. A power of 25 kW is enough for high-quality heating of a house with an area of ​​at least 250 m2.


  • Efficiency more than 90%;
  • electrical ignition;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • reliable automation;
  • high-quality thermal insulation;
  • multifunctionality.


  • considerable cost, about 3300 y.e.

Biomaster BM-15

And here is another high-quality pellet boiler. This model is good for heating a large area home. Depending on the configuration may have a hopper for 200 or 400 liters. Equipped with an automatic ash removal system.


  • is absolutely not picky about the quality of pellets used;
  • good efficiency;
  • economy;
  • ease of installation and comfort of use.


  • cost from $ 2,800;
  • has a considerable weight;
  • requires a foundation arrangement.

Teplodar Kupper OK 30

And this unit is generally "omnivorous."The Teplodar Cooper, although it has much less "bloat", is absolutely not picky about the quality and type of fuel. Compact size allows you to comfortably place fuel equipment on an area of ​​about 5 square meters.meters


  • efficiency over 89%;
  • high-quality thermal insulation;
  • compact size;
  • fuel variety;
  • auto fuel supply;
  • automatic adjustment of the t˚C mode;
  • ease of operation;
  • low price, from $ 600.


  • is difficult to install on your own, requiring the involvement of a specialist.


There are only 2 modifications of the boilers of this company: 40 and 20 kW, which allows for excellent heating of rooms up to 700 or 400 m2, respectively. The cost of pellet boilers "Pelletron" can reach 1,500 conventional units, depending on the power.


  • efficiency up to 92%;
  • compact size;
  • light weight;
  • is equipped with a smoke exhauster system, which eliminates the need for chimney equipment;
  • has automatic protection against fire or overheating.


  • has excessive demands on the quality and size of the pellets;
  • in case of improper installation and use it is possible to transfer fire to the bunker.

Kiturami KRP 20-А

An interesting model of a pellet boiler - capable of providing not only the heating of the room, but also the additional provision of housing with hot water.


  • fuel autodosing;
  • thermostat presence;
  • the possibility of heating water;
  • ease and accessibility of ash pan cleaning;
  • easy installation;
  • roomy fuel bunker;
  • autoprotection against freezing or overheating.


  • price, about 3,500 US dollars.

TOP 5 long burning boilers

And of course, we cannot bypass the attention of solid fuel boilers of long burning. User feedback suggests that such equipment can burn at a single gas station for up to 130 hours. If we consider all such equipment as a whole, we can note only one major drawback: it is impossible to refuel long-burning boilers. That is, throw firewood / coal in the combustion process will not work. It is necessary to wait for the complete burning of the fuel and only then load the boiler again. We present to your attention a few of the best models of 2016–2017.

Stropuva S 40

The leader among solid fuel boilers of long burning, of course, are the models of the Lithuanian trademark Stropuva. This brand is able to provide excellent heating for rooms up to 400 m2 for 60–70 hours. And all this at one gas station. In this case, anything can serve as fuel. Only the duration of burning depends on it.


  • surprisingly high efficiency;
  • market leader;
  • power and stable operation for several days;
  • stylish design.


  • quite difficult to perform the correct binding;
  • laborious cleaning and loading;
  • inability to "throw" fuel.
  • high price, from $ 2,000.

Candle S-18kW

This solid fuel boiler can work on one tab of wood for at least 7–8 hours. And with proper installation, the work time can reach 33–34 hours. The principle here is simple: the denser the fuel is laid, the longer the boiler will burn.


  • economy and non-volatility;
  • compactness;
  • fairly high efficiency;
  • power.


  • need for equipment of a boiler room( separate room) for installation;
  • fast ash caking;
  • high requirements for dry fuel;
  • considerable cost, about $ 1,500.

Buderus Logano G221-40

Remarkable model with a heat exchanger made of cast iron. Able to heat a room of about 400 square meters.metersIt is “omnivorous”, as fuel can be used coal, different types of wood, peat, coke, fuel briquettes.


  • the ability to use both independently and paired with boilers of other modifications( diesel, gas);
  • interesting design;
  • power and non-volatility.


  • need coal of a certain fraction, a larger one can get stuck;
  • price is about 1 800 US dollars.

Idmar UKS

Universal boiler capable of working absolutely on any kind of solid fuel, including any combustible debris. The wide model range allows to pick up the heating equipment which ideally corresponds the necessary power. Ideal for heating cottages or a small country house. For example, the model Idmar UKS – 17 perfectly copes with heating up to 170 square meters.meters


  • heat exchanger alloyed with molybdenum, increased protection against deformation and corrosion;
  • water cooled grate;
  • presence of a three-channel gas duct;
  • simplicity and ease of maintenance;
  • insulation of the outer casing with a thick layer of basalt cotton wool significantly reduces heat loss;
  • heat exchanger "water shelves";
  • reasonable price, from $ 400.


  • continuous burning period of not more than 24 hours( on coal).


Qualitative analogue of the previous brand, which was appreciated by many consumers. At one gas station it is able to work for at least two days, at the same time you can literally sink it with anything.


  • wet grate;
  • efficiency up to 89%;
  • swiveling chimney greatly facilitates installation.


  • work duration( continuous) not more than a day.

This is how our rating of the best solid fuel boilers of 2017 turned out. As you probably noticed, we did not try to place models on the “podium” and did not award any places. You can do it yourself. You can also add to the consideration and other models. You decide.

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