Is it possible to feed a rabbit without a rabbit?

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video Rabbit breeders are interested in the question: “How to feed the rabbits without a rabbit?”.After all, when breeding offspring, they often face the fact that the female, for whatever reason, either refuses the offspring or cannot provide it with good nutrition. Independently feed the rabbits without a rabbit, in this case, quite a difficult task.

Babies without mother's milk are doomed from the first days of life. But do not despair, proper care and artificial nutrition will help put them on their feet. As a result, strong, healthy rabbits will respond with their gratitude - a beautiful appearance.

Rabbits: care in the first days of life

The babies are born completely naked and blind, a little fluff begins to cover the body only after 5 days, eyes open only on the 10th day of life. The weight of newborn animals is only 90 grams, but after a week with proper care and feeding, they begin to increase in size and gain weight. Therefore, the rejection of the mother of offspring can lead to irreparable consequences - the death of offspring.

How to feed the rabbits in this case for their full and timely development? One individual, depending on age, drinks 5-10 ml of the mixture per day. Over time, the batch is increased to 20 ml. Newborns need to be fed up to 4 times a day, since they still lack the skills to eat food.

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Artificial feeding of rabbits: how to replace the milk of the female?

If newborn babies do not have the opportunity to get breast milk, then you can try several other options:

  1. Goat is a natural fresh milk, similar in composition to rabbit milk, but slightly inferior to it in fat content.
  2. Artificial mixtures for feeding animals, contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.
  3. You can also use the formula for infants, presented in a wide range of online pharmacies.

Taking care of babies after their birth.

A syringe or pipette is perfect for the power supply. Leading breeders recommend feeding rabbits with a 20-gram syringe, equipped with a rubber pipette tip with small holes at the end. Care for baby rabbits in the first days of life should be permanent. It is better if the orphaned children will be in a warm cozy room.

When feeding, the little rabbit is gently picked up and, after placing a syringe in the mouth, slowly inject the mixture or milk, preheated to 37 degrees, so that it does not choke. Nothing will happen if, on the first attempt, everything turns out differently than you would like.

Cubs first get used to getting food in such an unusual way. You should not give more than 1 ml of food at a time, the tummy of a newborn should not be overfilled. When an unsuccessful attempt to repeat everything all over again, and soon the young individuals will learn to eat right. And the question: "How to feed a rabbit without a rabbit?", You will no longer be interested.

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Artificial feeding of baby rabbits requires a special approach. It is necessary to prepare the mixture in clean dishes. After you finish feeding your face, do not forget to wipe it with a soft cloth.

If the abandoned rabbits are 20 days old, you don’t even have to think about feeding them, because from this age they already feed on their own. Hay, pellet feed, carrots can be used as top dressing. But milk should not be excluded from the diet, it should be present before the end of the first month of life of the individual.

What do rabbits feed and frequency of feeding depending on age

As an individual grows, the amount of bait and its volume change:

  1. In the first 7 days of life - 2 ml per feeding. It is worth giving the recommended dose several times a day. If the pet eats much less, then the required amount of milk should be fed for 3-4 times.
  2. Aged 7-14 days: 5-7 ml several times a day. Before and after feeding, a light massage of the tummy is done, for better digestion.
  3. For 2-3 weeks of life, take 7-13 ml of the mixture 2 times a day. But now you can gradually introduce solid food - hay in the form of granules and feed with plain water.
  4. Rabbits 20 days, what to feed now? All the same milk, but increasing the portion already to 13-15 ml.
  5. At 6 weeks, the individual is weaned from the nipple. The animal begins to gradually move to a full diet. At this time, you should monitor how the pet perceives one or another writing, while not forgetting about its digestion.
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What to feed the rabbits a month?

Pet has grown, got stronger and gained strength, now we are refusing milk or a mixture and moving on to solid, full-fledged food - pellets, green baits, oatmeal in the form of flakes, hay, which should always be dry and fresh, without fungus such as mold andthe rot. The baby should always have access to clean water.

How to feed a rabbit without a rabbit? Be patient, as caring for babies requires a lot of time and knowledge.

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