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Bulky, cabinet furniture is gradually losing its popularity. She is replaced by light and elegant shelves on the wall, made with your own hands from scrap materials or ready-made blocks. The interesting and original design of wall shelves allows them to successfully compete with many items of interior and decor, made in the style of country, high-tech or modern.

A wide selection of materials and ideas for the manufacture of such products makes it possible to use them in almost any utility, economic and residential premises.

We offer you to use the most interesting sketches in order to free up space from all the scattered things and old furniture and make your home more comfortable and cozy.

Features of wall shelves

A wall shelf with your own hands will be appropriate absolutely in any interior:

  1. In the kitchen, shelves can perform both decorative and functional role. For example, they can be used for the exhibition of decorative tableware or as a place to store a variety of cans of cereals, spices or fruits.
  2. In the hallway, the original shelves on the wall will allow you to accurately place cosmetics and all sorts of accessories.
  3. In the corridor, the shelves can be used to accommodate interesting luminaries that will make the space more comfortable and bright.
  4. In the bedroom, as a rule, hang bookshelves.
  5. In the office on the wall shelves, you can arrange letters, family photos, special literature or cups that will give the room an atmosphere of solidity.
  6. In the nursery on the shelves you can store toys, souvenirs, books and favorite books of kids.
  7. In the living room on all kinds of shelves and shelves, you can store everything that your heart desires.

The main types of wall shelves

The mounting method, material for manufacturing and items to be stored on the shelf, determine the workload on the entire structure and on the wall on which it is mounted. It is quite natural that the method for its fastening on a vertical surface largely depends on the type of product.

A variety of shelves on the wall photos, which are presented below, can be used to place pots, flowerpots and pots with flowers. In this case, care should be taken to ensure the safety of family members, since the structure is subjected to increased loads because of the ground with which the flower pots are filled. For this reason, a secure mount should be used to accommodate such shelves.

Considering the design features of wall shelves, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • closed and open( with or without doors);
  • straight and angled;
  • console type;
  • with and without side stops;
  • through or closed back;
  • in the form of one plane or rectangular;
  • single and multi-tiered;
  • fancy shape - rhomboid, oblique.

The most popular types of wall shelves include:

  1. Shelves in the room on the wall with special supports on the floor or cabinet furniture located under them. Due to the presence of additional supports such designs can be used to accommodate a variety of items. In this case, the owner of the premises can not worry about the fact that the shelf will collapse due to unreliable fastening. Designs occupy a minimum of space and at the same time can successfully replace the usual racks or furniture.
  2. Classic, rectangular wall shelves. They are the simplest to manufacture, so almost every home artist can design them. They are attached directly to the wall. If necessary, you can use not only their inner surface, but also the upper part, on which you can place various decorative objects. On the side surfaces you can place a calendar, day mode, useful notes and reminders.
  3. Unusual stacked shelves that are original and functional piece of furniture. They can be an adequate substitute for massive shelving and bookcases and bookcases. This shelf is made of wood with its own hands and is an intersection of vertical and horizontal surfaces, with asymmetrical tiers and original sidewalls. Their advantage lies in the fact that in the construction of such structures, you can give free rein to your own imagination and build something unique and unusual.
  4. Corner wall shelves provide the maximum use of every square centimeter of space. Fastening structures carried out on two walls of the room, which allows it to withstand even significant loads. In recent years, transparent corner shelves that can be made with your own hands or purchased in hardware stores are becoming more and more popular.
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In order to make transparent shelves on the wall with your own hands, you must order a set of glasses of the same shape in a special workshop. For safe use, the ends of the glasses are plastered, after which the blanks are mounted in a free corner with the help of brackets.

Glass shelves are suitable for storing books, expensive souvenirs, cosmetics, shampoos and personal care products.

Materials for wall shelves

Anyone who thinks about how to make a shelf on the wall with his own hands knows that a wide variety of materials can be used to make this interior item. Of course, the simplest and most affordable option is a regular wooden board nailed to the wall. That's just to create a modern and original design of the room will not be enough. The choice of materials, even such simple products is very wide.


Do-it-yourself wood shelves are good old classics. You can diversify the wooden structure with the help of complex shapes and non-standard fastening. For interiors in the style of loft and minimalism, a beautiful and unusual shelf made of wood will be the appropriate solution. For classic design projects, the product can be decorated with carvings, and all the structural elements should be carefully processed.

For those who want to save on the source material, we recommend the use of chipboard, MDF or plywood, which for quite reasonable money can be purchased at any hardware store.


Do-it-yourself metal shelves with photos that you find below can perfectly complement the interiors of rooms in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and fusion. Installation of such products is impossible without special skills and tools. Among the advantages of metal structures can be called their strength, reliability and durability. Special surface treatment will protect the finished shelf from corrosion and will give it additional attractiveness.


At present, plastic is considered to be an ideal material for the production of various items of interior and decor. Practical, lightweight, cheap, it can look simple and luxurious, imitating the look of natural materials and at the same time, eliminating their disadvantages. For rooms with high air humidity plastic shelf can be an ideal option.

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Glass or mirror

Glass or mirror shelf is a real decoration of any room. Elegant and glamorous designs of glass and mirrors are able to give the room grace and lightness. However, such products have one serious disadvantage - increased fragility. Accidentally fallen object or a sharp blow can lead to very sad consequences.

Types of shelf mounting

When choosing a mounting method for a future wall shelf, remember that the mobility and reliability of the entire structure depends on your solution. Specialists distinguish the following mounting methods for shelves and shelves:

  1. Wall-mounted shelves, which are mounted on the wall using anchors and dowels, which provide the product with durability and ability to withstand loads. In that case, if you plan to use structures to accommodate heavy objects, this type of attachment is 100% suitable. Perhaps its only drawback is the fact that dismantling the shelf without serious damage to the wall and the interior itself will be quite difficult.
  2. Removable wall shelves, designed to be mounted using mounting hooks and brackets. You can install the removable structure yourself, while removing the shelf and hanging a new one can be done in a matter of minutes.
  3. Modular wall shelves are made according to modern trends and requirements for functionality and mobility. Installation of such structures is carried out according to the principle of extension - the upper tiers are mounted on the lower. Such products are very easy to use, as they can be removed or, on the contrary, be increased as needed. Often they are used for dressing rooms and hallways. Special holders and removable shelf-lintels can be used for such an item of interior, allowing you to change the height and width relative to each other. Such "puff cakes" make it possible to make the most efficient use of free space.

Hanging shelves are interesting and unusual, and they are suspended from walls or ceilings. The following can be used as a flexible base:

  • braided harnesses;
  • belts made of genuine or artificial leather;
  • twisted macrame weaving;
  • decorative ropes, etc.

With the right approach, the mount can perform not only a utilitarian function, but also become an interesting and unusual decoration. For example, forged sidewalls can be used as reinforced fastenings for wooden or metal structures and at the same time they will be a harmonious addition to the room in Provence or Country style.

Design Ideas for Shelves on the Wall - Video

Tips for Choosing Shelves

When choosing a shelf for a wall, consider the following nuances:

  1. Be sure to consider the overall style of the interior of the room in which this decor item will be used. So, for example, for rooms in Provence, Country or Classic style, wooden products will be the ideal solution. At the same time, interiors in the spirit of minimalism, hi-tech or modern can complement metal, glass or plastic shelves.
  2. The choice of material for the shelf should be based on the expected loads on the structure. It is quite natural that the greater the load, the more durable and reliable the material for your shelf should be.
  3. The previous tip also applies to the choice of mounting type for the product. Reliable fastening is able to ensure safe operation of the finished structure by you and your family members.
  4. Before choosing a shelf, you should decide in advance on the place where it will be installed. In this case, factors such as proximity to electrical wiring, the presence of pipes, etc. should be taken into account. If small children live in the house, do not hang the product too low.
  5. Different types of wall shelves should be used for each type of room. For smaller rooms, wall, corner or folding shelves can be an ideal option. Large rooms will be able to decorate shelving and tiered designs. Cost-effective solutions are shelves made of chipboard, glass, drywall and other materials. For bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity should not choose wooden products that can absorb moisture.
  6. It is best to buy shelves along with other furniture in the repair process. In this case, it will be much easier to create a single interior style in the room or to withstand a certain color scheme.

Having difficulty with choosing a shelf? If there is an opportunity, we recommend you to turn with this question to professional designers who will help you choose the perfect interior item in all respects.

How to make shelves on the wall with your own hands?

The algorithm for building a wall shelf with your own hands is extremely simple and straightforward.

  • to decide on the idea of ​​a future wall shelf;
  • make a pencil sketch and decide on the size and dimensions of the future product;
  • to perform a design sketch with reference to a specific place in the room;
  • depending on the idea embodied to choose the material and type of attachment.
  • to make an assessment of the working load on the wall and construction., Depending on the load, to determine using reinforced or conventional fastening;
  • on the wall, in the place of installation of the structure, make the markup;
  • to produce cutting blanks;
  • assemble individual elements into a finished structure;
  • to mount brackets or hinges;
  • in order for the shelf to look beautiful and neatly its surface can be coated with a special coating, the ends and joints should be processed by polishing or facing;
  • hang the shelf on the prepared fasteners, check their reliability and safety;
  • to adjust the horizontal of the product;
  • arrange the decor items, books and other things that will be stored on the shelf.

If you like everything interesting and unusual and at the same time design your home interior yourself, we recommend that you pay attention to any available materials. Sometimes even the most unexpected things can be used for these purposes.

Went for a walk in the park? Pay attention to the unusual branches, rhizomes and hemp - with the right approach, in skilled hands, they can serve as the basis for the exclusive design of the shelf design.

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One can talk endlessly about the advantages of using wall shelves in modern interiors of apartments and country houses. However, we recommend not to waste time and pick up for yourself a few interesting instances that will transform the internal space of your home and at the same time add practicality and functionality to the room. With the help of this simple reception, you can effectively expand the internal area. Use angular options, asymmetric, single-tier and multi-tier shelves of various sizes, thereby hiding the disadvantages of the interior, and, emphasizing its advantages.

Doing your own shelf - video

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