Pigs of breed Landras on a country residence

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Landrace pigs are obtained by crossing a Danish Fold with a white English. Subsequently, the Mirgorod and Welsh pig breeds participated in the hybridization. The result of selection was the creation of a hardy meat breed with rapid physiological development.

Proper breeding of pigs

The condition for the preservation of livestock is the correct maintenance and feeding of offspring. Deviations in the breeding of piglets from the first days of life will further affect the fecundity of the female and the ability to fertilize the boar. A pregnant pig bears up to 12 piglets that require special care. Births last several days and the presence of a breeder is mandatory.

. Each of the emerging piglets is wiped by Landras, the umbilical cord is processed and applied to the nipple so that from the first minutes it receives colostrum. Three days of newborns are kept under heaters in a separate pen, bringing them to their nipples for feeding, even during ongoing labor.

Pigs have a good ear, they distinguish melodies. Therefore, soft, melodic music in the pigsty has a beneficial effect on the appetite of animals and the assimilation of food.

Care of piglets continues for 2-4 months while they feed on sow milk. In the future, the offspring fatten or sell. Difficulties arise with the appearance of newborns. The large size of the pig makes it clumsy and able to crush babies. During childbirth, she may have aggression and the uterus is able to eat a brood if she gives birth without a look. That is why the piglets of the breed Landrace after birth must be cleaned in the manger.

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Feeding piglets in different conditions:

  • sow has enough milk;
  • artificial feeding;
  • combined feeding.

If the uterus has enough milk for all babies, feeding takes place naturally after all newborns have dried. It is important that each baby in the first 45 minutes receive his portion of colostrum. It helps to obtain immunity. Weakened piglets are attached to the first nipples, there is a greater intake of milk. At the same time, weak babies need to be supported. Worse, if the piglets are larger than the chicks. In this case, you should adjust the feeding and use additional feeding.

The structure of the internal organs of pigs is similar to that of humans. They and the disease have similar symptoms - cough, runny nose, fever.

What to feed the pigs if the mother does not have enough milk or she died during childbirth? In a large farm, you need to try to give the newborn at least the first portion of colostrum, in order to put the stomach into operation. Artificial feeding start with small portions( 50 g) around the clock, after half an hour. Drinking should be warm. In order for numerous offspring to develop quickly, you need to use the recommendations on how to properly feed the pigs at home. Top dressing suckers includes cow's milk, egg, sugar and vitamin supplements in certain proportions.

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Suckers are on dairy feeding until they reach 8-10 kg of weight. But further content up to 4 months next to the mother is welcome. Piglets are fed with milk, even if they are with the uterus after two months. Male sterilized at monthly age.

Weaned mice continue to be fed on dairy products, including regular mixes in the diet. To learn their taste is offered to pigs, since five-day age. Care of the piglets at home suggests the following result:

  • at 2 months the weight of the piglet will be 16-20 kg;
  • four-month copy weighs 40-50 kg;
  • later the youngsters are fed.
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The frequency of feeding babies up to two months of age 7 times a day, later they are transferred to four times a day diet. A balanced diet includes concentrates, animal products, roots and dairy waste.

An important component of the feed are premixes. Piglets have a need for an increased dose of iron, the drugs are added to feed or administered by injection. In addition, all weaners are vaccinated against diseases.

Cultivation conditions for piglets Landras

Growing piglets of a productive breed requires special housing conditions. Indoors should not be drafts, the temperature of 20-22 degrees is most comfortable. The litter should be dry, hygienic conditions must be observed.

Natural lighting of the pigsty is provided by glazing one fifth of the area of ​​the walls. Walking should be organized for piglets, overcrowding of animals will lead to diseases. Bathing piglets is one of the mandatory methods of growing young stock. Therefore, the barn is divided into premises for maintenance, walking and swimming.

When keeping conditions, piglets of the breed Landrace quickly gain weight and move on to fattening.

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