Overview of gas boilers liquefied gas balloon: how to choose

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If you connect to a central gas pipeline is not possible, some owners of private homes are solved on the arrangement of autonomous gasification. The heart of such a system becomes gas boiler liquefied gas - the unit is connected to the gas tanks or cylinders with propane.

The boiler plant is able to heat a room of any size. To the boiler could provide an adequate living standard of comfort, it is necessary to pay attention to the question of his choice.

We'll tell you how the gas train, what types of boilers on the market, what are the characteristics of their installation and operation. So that you can decide on the purchase, we have listed the main selection criteria and have prepared an overview of popular manufacturers of heating equipment.

The content of the article:

  • General Description and Operation
  • Types of boilers on propane
    • Features single-circuit devices
    • Nuances of double-products
    • How do the condensing units
  • Types of products by location
    • Option # 1: outdoor equipment
    • Option # 2: wall unit
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of units
  • Important selection criteria
  • Rating popular models and manufacturers
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

General Description and Operation

Liquefied Gas type - is a natural resource, for storage and transportation convenience artificially cooled to -160 ° C temperature.

The boiler is using this type of fuel, according to the appearance, design and type is a traditional heat source. He burns the fuel gas, and the resulting heat is directed to the heating heat exchanger.

Tractor-mounted boiler on LPG

Boilers operating on LPG in the future can be transferred to a traditional gas-line, if such communications will be near the premises. You will need to replace several work items and reconnect the equipment to the centralized gas system

From there, a useful resource, "picks up" the heat carrier and transfers it to the contour communications, making in such a way home heating and domestic water heating, if this is by design equipment.

Specific features of the operation

The first major difference from analogues unit operating on the traditional trunk gas - is the ability to qualitatively function even at a reduced pressure of fuel. The second - a special nozzle, wherein the nozzle holes have a reduced diameter that is suitable for propane-butane mixture.

Installation of a propane tank

To cope with the boiler heating of an apartment house and the heating of water for sanitary and domestic use, it will need to provide the necessary amount of fuel. It will have built the gas tank on the site (reservoir located under the ground), or connect the equipment to a propane tank

Some manufacturers traditional gas boilers bundle their products with injection systems that, if necessary, customers can transfer the equipment to the liquefied fuel.

However, in addition it will have to put a special nozzle, reconfigure the gas valve and replace some of the parameters in the electronic board thermal generator. But after all these steps, the boiler will work in the new regime, and customers will be able to effectively heat the liquefied gas from their homes.

underground gasholder

Construction of the gas tank - one of the most effective ways to ensure the boiler work with fuel. Storage capacity can be chosen so that it will have to refuel once a year or even less often, spending on it from 20 to 60 minutes

Smooth operation of the device guarantees a continuously supplied fuel. This can be conventional gas cylinders, combined in groups of 2 to 15 pieces, or different kinds of gas tanks.

Connecting communications feed to the boiler is carried out by gas reducer. It controls the supply of fuel and ensures a reasonable rate - within the 1.8-2.0 m3/ч.

mobile gasholder

To quickly and not very expensive to equip the fuel tank, you can buy a mobile gasholder. He instantly solve the problem of storage resources and allow to supply heating the cottage or country house too dimensional

The basic functionality includes the security unit consisting of the safety valve, temperature controller, flame and pressure sensors. System equipped with these elements, easily operated and does not create any problems to owners during use.

Types of boilers on propane

In the market of household appliances are three types of units. This single-circuit, dual-circuit, and condensing boilers. They perform similar tasks, but differ on the basis of devices and functionality.

Features single-circuit devices

Boiler with only one circuit is intended for room heating and is usually made where water heating solved some alternative route.

Single-loop boiler LPG

The cost of single-loop boiler is somewhat lower than that of similar devices with two circuits. This is due to the fact that the equipment performs a single-minded focus function - heating homes

The module is provided with a closed combustion chamber, and during operation of the boiler with oxygen enriched flames coming from the room where the equipment is located. Waste materials in the process of burning are discharged to outside through a vertical chimney, specially equipped for this purpose.

Nuances of double-products

Instruments, equipped with two loops, efficiently fired with accommodation of any size and provide household hot water. Heated coolant two burner ignited via ignition, equipped with piezoelectric elements integrated system.

When the flame is lit in operation include a temperature sensor. To achieve certain performance it gives a signal to automation, and access to the combustion chamber is covered.

coaxial chimney

If the unit has a closed combustion chamber, to work correctly and timely removing the products of combustion is necessary to equip the chimney coaxial with the thrust force type. This design provides a uniform flow of oxygen to the wick and take care of the stable combustion

Waste materials and acidic impurities out of the room by the chimney or through the vent outlet.

How do the condensing units

Condensing boiler supplies housing and heating, and hot water for domestic use, but does it a little differently than the bypass. In the condensing device the cold water, being in the heat exchanger is heated by the burner and hot air.

condensing boiler

Condensing boiler refers to high-tech equipment types and very economical fuel consumption. off-gas temperature of the burner is 40 ° C, and at this level of efficiency is 97%. Thus heat loss does not exceed the 0.5%

Then half of the liquid is in the communication of the heating system, and the other half goes to the taps for washing, washing and other household needs. Coming full cycle of water from the radiator back into the heat exchanger and the whole procedure is repeated again.

Types of products by location

Equipment using LPG fuel is a floor and attachments. Each option has specific characteristics that make it attractive and practical in certain circumstances.

Possessing this information, owners can self-determine which device is best suited to them, and then buy it from a retailer.

Option # 1: outdoor equipment

floor type apparatus most widely distributed. This high-power units capable of providing comfortable heat and hot water not only standard homes, but also large country cottages.

The main active element of the charging device is a gas burner. It has a good degree of efficiency and is distinguished by large amounts of heat.

Floor-standing boiler

Floor devices exhibit stable operation even at high gas pressure drop in the system and reliably serve the intensive mode of operation from 15 to 25 years depending on the manufacturer

The boilers are equipped with a cast-iron or steel heat exchanger. The element iron is heavy and long service life. Steel object is much easier, but it shows fragility, sensitivity to mechanical damage and shocks and lasts shorter period of time.

Floor-standing boiler with LPG

The advanced modules in addition to the basic elements has every possible accessory which increases operational safety. This thrust level control sensors, water volume and the presence of flame, as well as thermostats, emergency locking operation at high-level working fluid warming

The device according to the manufacturer's system is equipped with a piezo or electronic ignition. In the first embodiment, the device is started manually by pressing a button.

In the second case the activation is automatic, and the boiler during operation does not consume too much fuel, since the system does not igniter the flame burning continuously.

Details about the selection and installation of floor gas boilers are presented in the articles:

  1. Floor gas heating boilers: types, how to choose, review of best brands
  2. Installing underfloor gas boiler with his hands according to the technical installation standards

Option # 2: wall unit

Boilers provided for wall mounting, is compact and modern appearance. They occupy a minimal amount of space and are suitable for placement in small spaces difficult layout.

Master boiler mounts

Installation hinged boiler always provides the master with experience of such a plan. The equipment must be installed in compliance with safety requirements for domestic gas systems

functionally mounted gas units do not differ from the floor, however, are slightly less power and to be used in large, spacious houses are not too fit. Instead, they spend sparingly fuel resource, while providing a high level of comfort in the living room.

Advantages and disadvantages of units

Liquefied gas boilers are cheaper than devices using other types of resources.

Among the advantages of the equipment parameters such as:

  1. complete independence from centralized supply of fuel and the regular price increases for utilities services. Autonomous system ensures that no emergencies.
  2. The high level of efficiency - an average of 92-95% and to 97% in some models.
  3. Silent burner - for comparison, a diesel boiler burner device produces noise effect size of 60-75 dB.
  4. Ease of maintenance. The equipment does not require laborious and costly maintenance, the replacement of the fuel filter and nozzle, and cleaning the burner migration exchanger.
  5. Ability to work through the main gas - you can not buy a new boiler and transfer is available at a centralized supply of natural gas in the future.
  6. duration of operation - the life of flooring - up to 25 years, wall - 15-20 years, provided proper installation, normal usage and timely service.
  7. Safety devices on LPG - fuel does not ignite even when heating vessel in which is contained. Combustion takes place only at the moment of mixing the substance and oxygen, and it happens directly in the burner, and only therein.

On sale are completely non-volatile products, allowing to organize a full-fledged system heats in difficult conditions, for example, in a remote wooded area or in the mountains.

Of the minuses devices are the most important the following positions:

  • the need for continuous quality work to connect the boiler to 3-4 propane cylinders through gear and the ramp;
  • liquefied gas tank is undesirable placed near the boiler - it is better to place them in the premises of next door equipped with a good ventilation system or stand out and be integrated in the special box;
  • care and caution needed when the cylinder is connected, since all operations are performed manually and require the application of physical force;
  • the subsequent conversion of certain models of boilers for regular gas is expensive (burner replacement costs about 30-40% of the total price of the boiler);
  • installation of the unit and the connection to a gas supply communication should make a licensed professional with experience.

The ratio of the pros and cons should be considered in each case and on the basis of conclusions to take a decision regarding the advisability of buying a particular type equipment.

Important selection criteria

When planning to purchase the device, you need to consider this option as a base power. This indicator is measured in kW and is indicated in the documentation supplied with the boiler. Heated area typically 9-10 times higher than this value. For example, the acquiring unit capacity 10,5-11,3 kW, will be able to fully heat a house size of 100 sq.m.

Heating the house in winter

Experts recommend that, when calculating the ratio of power / area of ​​the house, to make allowance for the possible severe frosts in winter and acquire pot with some margin (15-20%). Otherwise, in a period of intense cold system is not physically able to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room

The efficiency of the unit is also very important. The higher the score, the more economical boiler consumes fuel resource, while providing the most effective impact. In the public line models coefficient typically varies in the range 90-94%.

In more advanced products with premium it reaches 96-97%, but the cost of such units by an order higher than the average price.

Another key position, which can not fail to take into account - it's fuel consumption. The data that indicates the manufacturer in the accompanying documents are considered provisional.

What actual gas flow running on the propane gas boilers, depends on the efficiency and power units, the set temperature in the living room, the actual heat losses of the building and other factors.

More precise figures will only be able to determine the profile specialists, but even their information will have an accuracy of 10-15%.

Propane tank for heating

Equipment liquefied fuels must be operated at a low pressure level in the system (no more than 3-5 mbar). Only these values ​​allow to develop effectively from gas cylinders in full and without reserve

If plans include the organization of a heating system, single-loop boiler is suitable for purchase. When required to ensure even supply of hot water, have to buy or condensing Turbofan gas unit with open or closed combustion chamber.

For large-sized residential cottage better to choose a floor machine. It has a larger capacity and be able to provide useful heat and space necessary amount of hot water.

For medium or small house or an apartment on the ground is quite compact attachment. When you place it does not take much space and will fit harmoniously into the interior solution of any type.

Rating popular models and manufacturers

Boiler SiberiaManufactured by domestic enterprises of JSC "Rostovgazoapparat" - the most sold unit among all currently available on the market of gas equipment.

Is a non-volatile unit with highly reliable automation system Eurosit, made in Italy and is fully adapted to the domestic operating conditions.

The device is Siberia

Siberia device consists of durable high quality materials. Layer shielding, available on all models, makes the operation safer and protects you from burns and other injuries of potential

It boils heat exchanger tank in the automatic mode and thereby has greater strength. Combi boilers equipped with flow copper loop for efficient heating and subsequent hot water supply system.

module is controlled by an intuitive level, and does not create problems even for those users who are not "friends" with the technique.

Models presented in the wide range and variety of dimensions, safe and quiet. High quality products is confirmed by certificates of the established sample certification, and reasonable cost of the devices makes them doubly attractive to buyers.

Quality and competitive in all respects equipment to the Russian market provides an Italian company Ferroli. Products of this company are stylish, modern design and a convenient control panel, which provides a common display mode of the equipment and temperature characteristics.

boiler Ferroli

Ferroli boiler is equipped with advanced and user-friendly system, which protects the equipment from freezing. The design provides the possibility to connect the user desires a room thermostat and remote control function

Among the main features of the equipment compact heat exchanger made of copper created on technology patented by the company. It consists of 3 communication tubes connected in series in a single complex.

Inside them are located DHW serpentine elements, and the outer part has a corrosion-resistant coating, made of an aluminum alloy. The boiler is the small-sized and easy assembly of all, on the market.

German corporation Bosch It offers a convection turbo boilers, designed for wall mounting. They work correctly at low gas pressure in the system and to provide the necessary volume space full heat.

Bosch hinged boiler

The controlling unit assembly comprises a temperature limiter, which prevents overheating heat exchanger and the pressure sensor, protecting equipment from operating in the absence of the system coolant

No less quality and practical boilers for LPG supplies industrial group Viessmann (Germany). The product range presented as outdoor high power modules and mounted compact units for small size premises.

Boiler German manufacturer «Viessmann»

Devices German manufacturer «Viessmann» work silently, demonstrate a high level of efficiency and reliably serve for many years

All processes are fully automated, and in some premium models have the opportunity to connect SMS-notification or open access to management via the Internet.

In addition to classic, the company also produces condensation products. They consume fuel marginal economically and provide heat in the amount of 97%. Heat exchange device therein is made of steel, and the presence of the controller enables the user to install an additional temperature controller.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to organize the gasification of the dwelling, using gas cylinders. Connecting boilers, especially building capacity of the system in case of increase in energy demand of customers:

Features of floor heating boiler that operates on liquefied fuels:

Installing modern. liquefied gas balloon boiler - this is the best way of arrangement of the heating system in a house away from the centralized communication networks. The equipment is practical, durable, reliable and copes with the tasks.

If in the future there will need to switch to the main gas resource, completely disassemble the machine does not have to.

Simply call specialist pay for replacement of the burner, make some changes to the electronic control unit, reconfigure the valve, and the equipment will begin to fully operate in the new mode, without causing any problems or owners inconvenience.

Look for efficient and reliable gas boiler for the house? Or have experience in the use of such facilities? Leave, please, comment on the article, and share your impressions about the use of gas equipment. Contact form is located in the lower block.

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