Properties of essential oil of lemon and its application

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Lemon - the most popular fruit in the world, which has become the most popular fruit in the world who enjoyed the most popular fruit in the world

  • juiciness, aroma, refreshing sour taste and a lot of useful properties. But no less than the fruit itself is interesting lemon essential oil.

    The aromatic, taste and bactericidal properties of lemon are known to people from ancient times. The fruits were appreciated in China, India, Ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean. The Greeks considered lemons to be an effective remedy for fever and a natural antidote. Olive oil and vinegar were pressed on the zest of fruits, the fruit was also used for perfumery.

    Since then, recognition of the benefits of lemon has only increased. But few people think that a significant part of its properties is a juicy, fragrant fruit, which is due to the oil.

    The composition of lemon oil

    Lemon essential oil is unique. Having felt its aroma, it is practically unreal to confuse a product with any other similar oil. A transparent light yellow or greenish liquid has a characteristic acidic fruit with a bright, with a noticeable bitterness aroma, immediately revealing its origin. It contains the main value of the oil obtained from the peel of lemons.

    Two methods are used for the production of lemon oil:

    • direct cold pressing, which allows to obtain a product of the highest quality without heating or using chemical reagents;
    • distillation or steam distillation, which helps to increase the volume of the product per unit of raw materials.
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    The properties of lemon oil and the use of the product in medicine, in the perfumery area, in cosmetology and other industries are determined by the composition of the product. The main components of the aromatic liquid are volatile substances:

    • linalyl acetate;
    • limonene;
    • and other compounds that determine the beneficial properties and aroma of natural elixir.

    What are the properties of lemon essential oil and the application of this product?

    Properties of the essential oil of lemon

    The first-pressed oil is considered the most useful and valuable, keeping in its composition all the active substances incorporated by nature. This product:

    • has a pronounced bactericidal effect;
    • prevents viral infections;
    • has a beneficial effect on the performance of the heart and vascular system;
    • stimulates brain activity;
    • invigorates, removing signs of mental and physical fatigue.

    Applying the properties of lemon oil is not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology in the treatment of cracks, rashes and other skin damage, accompanied by bacterial or other infections. It is an effective whitening agent that helps even out the tone, hide the vascular pattern or remove the pigment spots of different nature. For hair, lemon oil carries away dandruff, reducing the secretion of the sebaceous glands and preventing oily seborrhea from actively developing.

    Aromatic properties of the product predetermined its use in perfumery, as well as in the food and confectionery industry.

    Applying the properties of lemon essential oil for medicinal purposes

    Lemon oil is demanded by official and traditional medicine as an effective remedy for respiratory and viral diseases, bacterial infections, metabolic disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders and other ailments. It is able to suppress the activity of pathogens of herpes and influenza, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

    Lemon essential oil is effective against many varieties of bacterial microflora, has excellent stimulating properties. The latter circumstance allows us to speak about the benefits of lemon oil in the dysfunctions of the vegetative vascular system, overwork, disturbances of metabolic processes, as well as in atherosclerosis and varicose veins.

    Thanks to its numerous beneficial properties, the use of lemon essential oil is practiced in various fields of medicine. Moreover, a valuable product can be used in several ways:

    • Baths and local baths with lemon oil are effective for rheumatic pains and for therapy aimed at reducing weight.
    • Massage with the addition of this natural remedy allows you to quickly relieve fatigue after physical activity, with rheumatism, as well as with pain and discomfort associated with varicose veins.
    • Compresses with oil are used for herpes, other infections of the skin, varicose veins.
    • Rinsing with lemon essential oil and brushing your teeth with this tool effectively combats bleeding gums and inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, helps to eliminate unpleasant odors and cope with pain in case of nasopharyngeal diseases.
    • Inhalation as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent is indispensable during mass respiratory diseases.
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    In some cases, lemon essential oil is applied orally, but this method of treatment must be coordinated with the attending physician, who determines its necessity and prescribes dosages.

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    The aroma of lemon oil perfectly tones up, relieves everyday fatigue and helps to actively start a new day. In addition, fragrant liquid can improve the quality of indoor air and create an aromatic barrier to the way of moths, ants and other insects in the house.

    Applying the properties of lemon oil in cosmetology

    Today, the properties of a unique natural remedy are highly appreciated by cosmetologists using lemon oil to treat and care for skin and hair.

    For the face, lemon essential oil can be used in situations where it is necessary: ​​

    • cleansing and disinfecting the skin;
    • softening of the coarsened sites;
    • rejuvenation and skin tone return;
    • effective and safe whitening.

    Lemon oil helps to deal not only with skin problems. It strengthens the nails, contributes to the speedy healing of wounds.

    But the most significant use of lemon essential oil for hair. The impact of this tool on the curls is effective and versatile. Oily hair by reducing the allocation of sebum become more fluffy, well-groomed and voluminous. Natural shine returns to dim curls, and hair of light shades becomes especially attractive.

    And with dandruff, lemon oil for hair becomes a real elixir. Here it copes with the source of the problem - a fungus, dries and disinfects the skin under the scalp, cares for and restores the curls.

    Video about the 10 main properties of the essential oil of lemon

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