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  • video Drafted( 14/11/09)In the culture, most often you can see three types of dracaenes, photos and descriptions of which are of particular interest to florists.

    In nature, plants belonging to the Asparagaceae family represent large multimeter trees with lignified tree trunks and leathery foliage of various sizes and colors. At home, dracaeni much smaller, but fully retain their specific features and characteristics.

    Dracaena bordered( Dracaena reflexa var. Angustifolia)

    Perhaps the most popular of the indoor varieties, dracaena bordered has many names. Often a large plant that grows in nature to 3–6 meters is called a dragon tree at home. Flower growers of this type dracaena, in the photo, called martinata dragonza or Dracaena marginata. This name is not specific, but fully reflects the color feature of the foliage of the flower. In fact, the dracaena pictured on the photo bordered is a kind of dracaena bent. And her official name is Dracaena reflexa var.angustifolia.

    The appearance of the plant is very remarkable. When potted growing dracaena forms a slender tree with a bare, gradually lengthening the trunk. The tops of the shoots, which remain for a long time without lateral processes, are decorated with stiff, pointed, narrow foliage. In nature, plants are much more powerful. These are real trees, but the linear, tightly-seated leaves on the trunk are the same, and the unpretentious nature remains unchanged. Its name is a type of dracaena, in the photo , is obliged to contrast the rim, which is present in almost all the litter of this plant.

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    At home, in Madagascar far from the middle zone, dracaena actively blooms and forms fruits, but this occurs only in adult perennial copies. At home, waiting for the formation of racemes does not have to. Moreover, it is difficult to get ripe seeds, so the dracaena bordered vegetatively reproduces.

    Leaves are the pride of the popular dracaena variety, and the photo and name eloquently confirm this. The length of the individual sheet plates reaches 70 centimeters. And their jagged edges are contrasted with a pink or purple stripe of different widths. It is the foliage - the subject of interest of breeders, offering growers new spectacular varieties dracaena bordered.

    On the crown of the dracaena bordered Colorama several shades of green, pink and white are combined at once. The color of the foliage varies depending on growing conditions and light.

    The Bicolor variety is bright foliage, which is dominated by white and green, and the pink border on the edge is almost imperceptible.

    Tricolor varieties are more red on the leaves, and besides white, there is a golden hue.

    There are varieties in which the green color is almost undetectable, and the plant looks completely pink.

    Dracaena deremskaya( Dracaena deremensis)

    One of the three popular types of dracaena, the photos and descriptions of which are discussed in the article, is dracaena deremskaya. Even at home, this culture is tall. Cultivated in a limited volume, a dracaena pot can reach a height of three meters. In nature, there are instances many times higher and larger.

    Read also: How to trim the dracaena correctly to get a beautiful plantLeaf plates up to half a meter are often variegated. Green color is combined with different shades of silver, white and yellow. The shape of the leaves is linearly extended, the surface is smooth, to the touch - leathery.

    At home, in the tropical regions of the African continent, the plants are blooming, but in the room it is almost impossible to make buds appear. The resulting fruit is a rounded orange juicy berries that hide the seeds of dracaena.

    Among the cultivated varieties, Warneckii leads in popularity. Such a dracaena deremskaya, the photo of which is presented in the article, will not go unnoticed thanks to the leaves of beautiful shape, decorated with grayish and green stripes. No less decorative is the Lemon Lime variety, on the foliage of which there are dark and light green tones, separated by a narrow white edging.

    The White Stripe variety strikes with an abundance of white color, White Jewel - with a bright light stripe along the edge of a dense green leaf plate.

    Miniature varieties of large crops are always popular with indoor plant lovers. Dracaena Derimskaya, in the photo, is no exception. Janet Craig Compacta variety with completely green elastic leaves on a straight stem is a beautiful and very picky green pet for any apartment.

    Dracaena Fragrant( Dracaena fragrans)

    Dracaena Fragrant or Fragrance got its name due to the pleasant smell produced by the inflorescences that open on adult specimens. Peduncle of almost a meter length appears from the center of the outlet, and then fluffy, resembling small pom-pom flowers open on it.

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    You can see the spectacular spectacle in the botanical gardens or in the homeland of the culture in the tropics in western Africa. At home, like other types of dratsen, the fragrant variety does not bloom.

    Wild-growing specimens are large woody plants, and indoor varieties can be quite tall and dwarf. Common in this type of dracaena, as in the photo, one thing - it is dense, juicy leaves, which sit firmly on the trunk and are often beautifully curved. Platinum leaf length is up to 60 cm, width is about 10 cm.

    Falling foliage over time opens up a powerful trunk without side branches and shoots.

    There are several varieties of this species dracaena, photos of which are presented below. Plants differ in leaf color and size, but all cultivars of dracaenes are equally unpretentious and grow well in a room.

    The extremely popular plant of the variety Massangeana can be attributed to tall dragon plants. In the house, such a green pet grows to a height of one and a half meters and pleases the owners with bright yellow-green foliage.

    The Lindenii variety is no less interesting and attractive. Its foliage stands out with a green middle and a wide creamy yellow stripe along the edges. But the most catchy and unusual can be considered a variety Surprise. It is a dwarf plant only 20–40 cm tall with a crown that combines two shades of green and a pure white shade.

    Dracaena fragrant always enjoys the increased interest of gardeners, because bright plants are perfectly side by side with other ornamental crops and easily adapt to the conditions of city apartments and offices.

    Types dratsen in video

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