We grow and collect carrot seeds

Many gardeners annually buy root seeds in horticultural stores. But these seeds can be grown independently.

It is possible to collect seeds only from cultivated crops, the seeds of hybrids do not carry new sprouts, therefore, the hybrid variety cannot be grown from seeds.

Preparation of seedlings

Grow carrots for seeds in the spring, when the roots of green tops appear at the root. At this root cut off one-third of the tops. Next, this part is planted in a pot with drainage holes and fertile soil. Sandy soils with a high content of lowland peat are best suited for growing carrots. After planting part of the root in the pot, the soil is well watered. After three weeks, the carrot will take root, forming an earthen ball. Saplings with a closed root system take root well, such plants are less susceptible to fungal diseases. Planted seedlings planted in open ground in May or June.

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Transplanting seedlings in open ground

When the soil temperature rises from + 10 ° C to + 15 ° C, seedlings with a closed root system are transplanted to a sunny place. At the landing site, dig a hole 2 cm wider and deeper than an earthen ball in a pot. Sawdust or hay should be placed in the planting hole. So the root system of carrots will be warmer and more comfortable, in addition, the moisture will last longer. Due to the excess moisture the tops will develop faster. In the middle of summer the carrots will throw out the arrows, and by the end of the summer the seeds will ripen.

Cut the lateral peduncles of carrots. They will not have a large number of seeds, and the nutrients they pull on themselves.

After removing the lateral inflorescences of carrots, apply organic fertilizer to the soil. Thanks to fertilizers, each seed will be fully weighted, and you will get high-quality planting material.

In this way, you can get seeds of only one variety of carrots, since during flowering there is a high risk of over-pollination of two different varieties.

In order to obtain seeds of several varieties of carrots, beds with root crops are arranged at a distance of 100 m from each other. You can also plant seedlings of different varieties of carrots in individual greenhouses.

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From each plant you can get from 50 to 100 seeds, depending on the variety of carrots. Manufacturers of factory seeds clean them from dried sprouts. Homemade seeds can not clean, but only dry.

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