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People who have their ownVilla dacha, they know firsthand what a good rest. After all, a summer house far from the city, where there is clean air, peace, and most importantly, there is no city fuss, which strains so much on weekdays - a great place to relax and enjoy it in full. For a child, rest is first and foremost a game, and a good idea would be a playground to give yourself. Cottage is really a great place for the construction of an improvised playground, a remote place and for this purpose a safe, and most importantly - spacious.

The layout of space for the

area. Starting the creation of a playground should be from the most important point, choosing a more suitable site for it. Of course, you should choose wisely, and first of all take into account the safety of children. For these purposes, it is worth excluding from possible areas where the pond is already located, or simply there is a fence with barbed wire or sharp spikes. In addition, there should be enough light for children’s play areas.

It is advisable to choose a place where more light will be in the morning, when the guys are full of energy and want to play, and closer to noon the sun will stop covering the site and the children will not suffer from annoying heat.

But the playground shouldn’t be fully submerged in the shade either, because a small pool can be positioned in an open area under the sun and somehow protect it from the rest of the platform. Under the sun, the pool water will warm up faster, which is quite convenient and efficient.

The improvised scheme correctly allocated the place where adults are located and at the same time they have a full view of the site itself. This is also an important point of markup, because you should not forget that children must be supervised so that in case of that adults can protect them from potential threats or some “unsuccessful” game.

It is important to take into account the factor of the review, and arrange the site designs so that they fit into this review and as a result the children remain visible.

Choosing the size and layout of the

The size of the territory itself is included in the nuances of territory preparation. They should be carefully selected and adjusted carefully and wisely, because this is important not only for the children themselves, but also for you. Obviously, the construction of such a site is far from simple. You will greatly facilitate your task if you are able to plan and place all the necessary objects in a relatively small area, at the same time saving time and space and creating a cozy, compact corner for children. This option is much better than building a large area that the children will not be able to occupy the whole.

As a rule, an area of ​​8–9 square meters in size will be optimal for children up to 7 years old, and up to 12 years old for older children. Accordingly, more space is needed, because their desires and preferences change, the playground should turn around about 15 square meters.

It will be easier and more sensible to build a platform, so to speak, for growth, while keeping a few meters in reserve, which will fall, by the way, when the child becomes older.

After the place is finally chosen, it should be processed, let's say, to do everything so that the presence on the playground and on the “attractions” themselves are not just safe for children, but enjoyable and fun. It should start with the foundation, as in any work, in the structures at the site it is important. All supports swing, houses, slides, which will fill the area, you must tightly secure. To do this, the details of the playground should be recessed into the ground by about 50 centimeters. Of course, you should build on situations, because they are different, but there are universal measurements and different rules that will help you do the work more professionally. In addition, after the parts are firmly embedded in the ground, they should be fixed by means of concreting, that is, they should be poured with concrete to ensure that the swings of the slides and houses do not in any way overturn or harm the children.

As for the individual elements of the playground, for every entertainment there is a certain standard and a certain device that is worth adhering to.

When installing a swing, leave behind and in front of them a space of 2 meters or more. This is the so-called security zone, and it must be free.

Choosing a place and installing a ready-made playground complex - video

Coverage for the playground

There is one more, no less important than all previous point of safety and comfort, that of the playground. The materials that cover the playing space deserve special attention in the discussion and planning of the children's recreation area. The fact is that the coating affects many factors, and it is worth thinking about it.

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It should be noted that most likely children will often fall, forgetting about control during a fun game or carelessly, and may specifically jump from a swing, at high speed to roll down slides, run, not thinking about what you can stumble, and eventually fall. Based on this, we can conclude that the coating should be chosen more practical. Falling on such a thing will not bring pain, but at the same time it should not be something soft like a trampoline. Such material easily interferes with the game and entertainment, since it is inconvenient to run and jump on it. For these purposes, there is a trampoline specifically, which, by the way, can also be installed on the playground separately.

Also, it must be either moisture-proof, or contain elements, or consist entirely of material that dries relatively quickly. This is necessary to ensure that the surface does not accumulate moisture and moisture, from which children can catch a cold in the next game, because they have been on this surface longer than necessary. It's no secret that children, especially small ones, like to just lie down or crawl on the ground. Therefore, the playground, namely its coverage, should cope well with the task of protecting the child, preventing it from freezing or damaging the knees during a hard fall.

In general, the rubber coating perfectly complies with all these requirements, however, its first minus is in price, the second is in appointment. Coverage is quite expensive, but in addition, it is not particularly suitable for the site, which will be located to give. After all, at the dacha, I don’t really want to watch the synthetics of the city, I want something that will be pleasantly combined with the dacha motif - like, for example, a lawn. Using reliable grades of grass, it is not difficult to ensure such coverage, however, in the area where slides and swings are located, it is advisable to pour, or completely fill, the sand alone, which, as mentioned earlier, will easily soften the blows and falls, which often occur insuch places.

As a result, you need to remember and take into account:

  1. The size of the territory.(do not measure too much territory).
  2. Nearby buildings( does something interfere with construction or not).
  3. Child Safety.
  4. Surface coating( ground).

A paradise for children in the country - video

Cleaning the territoryor the game of your children.

Once the place is selected, it is necessary to proceed to the clearing itself. To begin with, completely level the territory, remove all kinds of mounds and hummocks. Then save the site from large stones, cobblestones, sharp roots protruding from the ground, and other small debris, which can also interfere or harm in every way.

Clean and pay attention to:

  • large and medium stones and cobblestones;
  • roots and snags;
  • hillocks and hummocks;
  • other small debris.


Probably there will be many wood elements on your site, this is a very serious moment, since all this wood and its parts should be carefully polished, and ideally they should be coated with non-toxic varnish. So they will look fresh and pleasant, and most importantly, this procedure helps to eliminate the risk of splinters or any other undesirable consequences.

Next, you need to take into account the fact that when you create a platform and install a swing, metal fasteners are used, because you cannot do without metal in such a structure. This metal must be of very high quality and very durable. He must necessarily fasten all the details. By erecting such a platform, in no case should you save on such trifles, since during the game, the health of children will be supported precisely on such metal hangers, and the more reliable they are, the more reliable the protection for their own health.

After installing metal or any other parts, you need to remember to check them all at least once every six months. Any tool, any mechanism tends to wear, no matter how durable and reliable it is. You have to change, if necessary, and, if possible, lubricate and "care" for all these capricious materials.

After the final marking and clearing the area, when everything is already firmly marked and decided, you can finally think about what to equip the next corner of fun. And here the options are really many, you can choose any kind of entertainment, and it will appeal to the child, this is something new, and most importantly, your own, which will definitely bring pleasure. You can build a whole playground for yourself.

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Choosing components for the platform

You should also think about the fact that you can start creating the entire entourage of an entertainment platform from ready-made objects. Here we will move on to the specifics, and immediately recall the trampoline, the trampoline is really what will make the kid to rejoice and be distracted for a long time. And it, at a very affordable price, can be purchased on the market or in a specialized store, of any shape, size, and most importantly, quality.

In addition, you can install a children's basketball hoop on the court, it can also easily arouse children's interest, and they will gladly try to throw the ball therein, while no threat still appears.

Trampoline and rings are great, but on this the entertainment and options for arranging and choosing are not finished yet, because we have not considered the most obvious and acceptable option. We are talking about the pool, on the children's, inflatable, of course. It can also be purchased as a finished product, and it will also delight your children when they splash around in it on a hot day and arrive in a good mood.

An excellent option that does not require much time for installation and purchase is a tent, or a tent-house, as you wish, but the degree of comfort will not change. It will be a great addition to everything that is already on the playground.

Children's House

We all loved children as children love, and now, start your own house, building it with pillows and blankets, save your children from such torment and set up a playground in which they are full of fresh air.great pleasure will be to spend time and relax.

Just at the tent, or anywhere else on the site there is an option to install some kind of a small table and bench. Children could also have a rest with him, just like adults, that during this time they are watching the game. A table will never be superfluous in a place like this, a bench - especially after a long game, you just want everyone to sit next to you and discuss something, or take a breath.

Well, the last object that can be installed without outside help is a slide, an ordinary, plastic, as is usually the case - a slide, a safe descent from which will give children a lot of pleasure and laughter, and this is the main thing on the playground.

The advantage of all these things is mobility, because you do not have to spend time on installation, repair and other trivialities, the object is simply set, and the children enjoy the game. All these elements are compact, fit perfectly in the size of the site, and will appeal to children. The only thing that needs to be considered is how to properly arrange all these rides and tents. After all, it would be illogical if the hill is located at the table and the children, rolling down, touch each other. And even more logical way, it will be thought up in advance which objects should be installed and which are not needed at all, of course, all this needs to be discussed with the site owners themselves - children.

Self-made buildings and installations

There are times when you want to modify or build something from the very beginning with your own hands. For example, a sandbox, or any other of those objects that were given in the example above, to make to your taste. For such cases, you will need explanations, tips, and, of course, drawings.


And again, the most popular thing that can be placed on the playground is the sandbox, which all children undoubtedly love. There will be a lot of joy and benefit, and at the same time a very small amount will be spent on building it.

It is best to make a sandbox of boards or logs, there is also an option to use stumps, which may take root on the site and serve as an excellent original decor.

The following is an approximate installation diagram of the sandbox:

Installation begins with the fact that the ground on the place where the sandbox will be located is dug 30 cm and filled the bottom with pebbles or rubble - draining material. The sandbox is also not worth planning large sizes, 150-200 centimeters is enough.

It is very important to make a shelter for the sandbox or just a cover so that animals do not penetrate it at night and do not use it as a toilet, moreover, in case of rain, the sand will remain dry.

The same purchased tent can be replaced with a home-made children's house. This is a great choice for a homemade design, because every child wants to have his own territory, and such a cozy, modest house will fulfill the desire of any child. To build it, of course, you need a tree. The frame will be wooden, and curtain it should be thick cloth.


The most appropriate extension to the house will be a homemade slide. Great entertainment that will bring joy to any child. But this design is one of the most difficult. When installing a slide is also required to remember a variety of factors. The main thing, of course, will be the height, which should not exceed 3 meters in height, and if the children are very small, then the best option for them is 1.5 meters. Steps on the stairs should be extremely wide, and preferably covered with something that will not allow children to slip off them if the stairs get wet, for example, during the rain.

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The most difficult thing in this construction is to install a ramp, which, of course, can be made of plywood, bonded to the layers and covered with varnish, but it would still not be as effective as buying a plastic descent and installing it to the prepared ladder.

Or you can make it even more interesting and buy a helical ramp that takes even more pleasure than a direct descent. But the main thing is still correctly perform the ladder and the platform on which the child will stand confidently.

Video instruction for making a wooden roller coaster


Besides the roller coaster, the most ordinary swing that gives us joy at any age can be an excellent and fun entertainment. But now we need them exactly on the site, which we build completely ourselves.

The first thing you need to do to install a swing is to choose a spacious place, because you need to take into account the swing deviation, and in both directions, as stated at the very beginning, a distance of 2 meters behind and in front of the swing should be spacious and empty.

It is clear that a strong branch on any tree on, or at least close to, the site is best suited for this purpose. On it will be easy to fix the rope swing, which will easily withstand the kids.

We will design the swing ourselves. To do this, we will need the following materials:

  • board or seating boards;
  • two hooks or any carbine;
  • strong cable( rope).

If there is no tree, you can use homemade mounts. In order to build such a framework, we need:

  1. Two racks of wood, thicker, 3 meters in length.
  2. Cross bar of the same diameter with a length of 1.5 meters.

The construction of the total will look like this:

Probably, we have described almost all models of objects and entertainment that you can fit on the playground with your own hands. Purchased houses made of wood, slides and sandboxes, swings and basketball rings. All this can be made by yourself or purchased in a special store, and it would seem that you can still place and add to this list.

Sports Wall

A great solution would be a climbing wall for children, on which they will be happy to climb, try, and enjoy the process. Most importantly, such a wall, besides joy, brings great benefits to children, it develops them physically, improves coordination and dexterity, but for this you need to properly install such a wall.

First you need to prepare hooks that will be mounted on the wall with screws or nails. They can be made from everything that comes to hand, but they should be convenient, you can also buy them in a specialized shop, but if we design everything ourselves, then you can use gypsum, which can be mixed with quartz sand for strength. Such a mixture is easy to shape, and we can make any hook that we want.

Then you should fix them in a random or less planned order on our wall, it can be made of wood, but it will take a long time, and this method will be impractical, it is easier to fix ready hooks on a real tree in the garden, in which childrenwill be able to climb. Or attach them to the wall of the house, but not too much and high, so that when they reach a certain level, the children could not climb further and descend.

It is important to choose the surface on which they will land, it must be something soft, so that in the event of any fall or unforeseen breakdown, the children do not hurt themselves, even if the height is small, the child should not be afraid.should be confident in their actions.

This is a children's play complex to the country house. On this article comes to an end, but now you know how to conceive and make a playground in the country with their own hands. You have an idea of ​​what kind of entertainment you can prepare for children, and most importantly, how to make it easier and more profitable. We hope the kids will be satisfied and will surely thank you for the wonderful platform.

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