Effective utilization of human waste products in suburban conditions. with the help of modern peat toilets

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The arrangement of the dacha always requires a lot of attention and time, and the priority is always water and sewerage.

Sewage for cottages can cost a pretty penny and often very many gardeners use a very profitable modern invention, like a peat toilet for a summer cottage or, as it is also called, a toilet.

For today it is one of the most modern and successful devices, which does not require a turn of grandiose street or interior construction.

The design of this toilet is comfortable, does not require for its installation a maximum of time, practical, compact and very effective in the work of waste disposal.

Peat bio-toilet can be arranged as on the street,and inside the house.

Advantages of a peat toilets for summer cottages:

  • high-quality processing of waste products for further use as compost fertilizers in the suburban area;
  • absence of unpleasant odors due to the availability of quality ventilation ventilators;
  • high wear resistance;
  • available for each summer resident purchase price;
  • autonomy of the toilet structure, does not require the supply of electricity and water for flushing;
  • ease and ease of operation.

Principle of peat dry closet

Natural processing of waste is due to their absorption by peat compost, laid in the internal containers of the dry closet. One kilogram of peat can absorb ten liters of liquid waste at a time. Gradually, peat dries up due to the evaporation of the liquid, causing the continuation of the new absorption process, and so this cycle of absorption - evaporation lasts until the accumulated mass is completely recycled and it can be removed from the toilet construction and used for fertilizing trees and shrubs.

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The bio-toilet creates in the end an ecologically pure fertilizer, providing the summer resident with excellent harvests and beautiful strong summer cottages.

How does peat bio-toilet work?

Very many who did not put in practice the installation of the bio-toilet are asked a specific question about how the peat toilet works after all? So, the peat structure of the bio-toilet for the dacha looks like this, in assembled form it looks like this.Any design of a peat toilets for cottages includes a reception tank, a peat tank, drainage, a ventilation outlet.

A peat toilet can not only be bought in an economic supermarket, but also made by oneself, by creating something similar on the principle of work from the devices and parts available in the household.

How does this miracle of modern discoveries work? Many of the models on the market are equipped with a lower container, into which the compost mass, the top is installed on the tank, where the peat mass, purchased specifically for bio-toilet.It is the last tank that has a regulator-dosing device, pressing on which the peat mixture moves downward, covering the waste, without giving the opportunity to spread the unpleasant odor.

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The bacteria contained in the peat begin their work of decomposition into useful waste elements, while the non-evaporating excess liquid is discharged through the drain hose, built right into the ground outside the room where a peat bio-toilet is installed, for this purpose a special container for receiving condensed liquid evaporation.


It looks like this.The duration of operation of the peat bio-toilet is dependent on the volume of the container for composting. The fifty-liter receiver provides a three-month operation of peat bio-toilet for a family of four adults.

After the total accumulation of recycled waste in the compost tank, it must be cleaned.

The contents are extracted and stacked on compost heaps or they are immediately fertilized by trees, bushes and even flowers. From compost heaps fertilizers are taken a year later for use in garden beds in order to increase the yield of vegetable crops.

Types of peat toilets for cottages

Developed and introduced peat lavatories for country houses in a life-long way were in Finland. It is this country that takes precedence over the quality of the proposed communication sewerage device.

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Often peat toilets are made of high-strength plastic, which is shockproof, not Deformed under the influence of temperature differences, due to which it is comfortable to equip outside the walls at home.

The original assembly of several parts is thought out to the smallest detail, creates comfortable conditions, both for the operation of the toilet, and its cleaning and refilling with a peat mixture.

  • Naturally, in the sale of summer cottages, plastic compact stationary versions for indoor installation are offered, allowing operation without the use of water.
  • There is a kind of peat toilet and with a flush of water, this option should be cleaned once a week when two adults, which is not a very comfortable country life. The principle of the action of this type of peat toilet is identical to the first, only the washable water with waste does not have time to be absorbed by the peat and evaporate.
  • There are options with outdoor plastic cabins in the set, replacing the erection of a wooden structure.

The modern invention of the composting biotoilet solves several problems of the summer resident at once - saving money resources on the construction of toilet construction and digging a cesspool and the acquisition of useful organic fertilizers.

A modern aesthetic solution to the most global problem of arrangement of the country sewerage - peat bio-toilet is the only ecologically correct solution for the summer resident.

Video review of peat toilet PITECO 505

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