Growing eggplant seedlings in coconut briquettes

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Of all garden crops, eggplants have the longest growing season, therefore for early fruiting, gardeners prefer seedling methods. However, there are often situations where sown seeds sit in the ground for a long time, not all sprout, and germinated slowly grow.

Recently, a method of growing eggplant seedlings in coconut briquettes has proven itself well. Due to the special, loose and air-permeable structure of the nutrient substrate, it is possible to obtain good germination of seeds. The seedlings in this soil grows well and develops, especially if you choose the right variety.

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Selection of seeds and their preparation for sowing

When growing seedlings of eggplant at home, it is recommended to choose varieties of early ripening( not more than 120 days) and with average sizes of the bush and the fruits themselves.

Before sowing, seeds must first be prepared and to speed up germination soak them overnight or at least three hours.

The correct soaking method is to put the seeds in a wet gauze or cloth, which must then be put in a plastic bag so that it does not dry out quickly. You can not just fill them with water - so the seeds will suffocate.

Growth stimulants can be added to the water with which gauze is moistened, for example, Energen( for 50 ml of water, 1 ml of the preparation).

Seeds for seedlings can be sown starting from the second half of February.

Sowing the seeds in coconut briquettes

Coconut briquettes are very economical, because from one package after soaking it turns out 7 liters of loose mixture, in which the seeds grow well. The further procedure is as follows:

  1. Pour the prepared substrate into special cassettes and lightly tamp, and it is advisable to use not the smallest ones.
  2. Put a few seeds in each compartment and cover it with a little earth, without much interest.
  3. Sowed seeds sprayed from the pulvellator. It is better not to water the watering can, so that the seeds do not go deep into the ground with the water jet.
  4. Cover the cassettes with film to create the necessary moisture and temperature for germination.
  5. Put in a warm place before germination. It is not recommended to set up immediately on the window-sill, the temperature is usually lower there, and eggplants need at least 20 degrees to germinate for germination.
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After 3-5 days, you can check if the seeds have hatch. In the presence of at least a few shoots of the cassette must be rearranged in a bright, but cooler place. If this is not done, seedlings will begin to actively grow leaves with a weak root system. In order for the eggplants not to be stretched, the seedlings should be provided with additional illumination.

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