How to choose a quartz heater for the home or garden

The question of alternative heating is relevant for residents of apartments, private houses and cottages. Heaters save in a cool off season or become the main source of heating. Among the variety of models buyers are increasingly choosing quartz products.

What are the advantages, what are the features of their device and the application? The answers to these questions and give practical advice on how to choose a quartz heater for domestic use.

Thinking about buying, you need to determine the type of the unit, compare its parameters with the upcoming operating conditions and evaluate proposals from leading manufacturers.

The content of the article:

  • Classification of aggregates of quartz
  • Features Infrared Module
    • Varieties IR devices
    • The reason for the popularity of technology
  • The monolithic model: the device and the parameters
    • The design and operating features
    • Technical parameters monoliths
  • Who produces quartz equipment
    • TeplEko module plant
    • The device TeplopitBel Belarusian manufacturer
    • Quartz equipment UFO
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Classification of aggregates of quartz

Quartz heater - a practical tool for modern alternative heating arrangement, which in its composition has the elements of quartz sand. It may serve as the main and auxiliary heating equipment.

For correct operation is connected to the electrical network and provides comfortable heat by passing current through the element having a high resistance. Demonstrates impressive levels of efficiency and does not burn oxygen.

The thermostat for the heater

Progressive model of quartz heaters have a thermostat handy. It allows you to control the heating and allows the owners to put the most appropriate for themselves the temperature

It works on a resistive principle and is considered safe for most users, as it does not generate magnetic field and heats metal accessories, available on human clothes, approached too close to the unit.

Reasonable expenses electrician and gives the opportunity to save on utility bills without sacrificing personal comfort.

Heating equipment manufacturers now offer two types of quartz aggregates: infrared and solid (MKTEN). Both devices perfectly cope with the tasks and have their own positive qualities.

The choice is dependent on the customer and the financial possibilities and the future intended use of equipment.

Features Infrared Module

Quartz infrared heater Housing operates through heat output into the environment through infrared radiation. In the process of absorption of radiant energy are in the room surfaces are heated, and then transfer the heat to the air.

This principle works much more efficiently and economically than convection, as the resource is spent on heating of usable area and is not consumed in the heating unused ceiling space.

Infrared Quartz Heater

With intensive heating spiral in quartz infrared devices glows red-orange. Most people do not even notice, but some complain of pain in the eyes and discomfort

With the help of an infrared unit can heat the right building locally, that is to include equipment only in those areas that currently require heat without resorting to heating of the residential complex.

The effect is observed almost immediately, and there is still a long time after being disconnected from the wall outlet. With these capabilities, the device is ideal for heating garden where the owners do not live year-round, and only occasionally come to relax for a few days.

Varieties IR devices

A heating element in the quartz infrared heaters protrudes nichrome, tungsten or carboxylic spiral. In open devices it is wound on a base of ceramic, for which the reflector is placed.

Assemblies of this type of intense burn oxygen and a high level of fire risk. Use them is not recommended.

The modules gated operation member is the same spiral only enclosed in the sealed tube of durable quartz glass. Air is pumped out completely and oxygen burning does not occur. The device exhibits high levels of efficiency and is easy to cope with heating small spaces.

Infrared heater in the ceiling

So that the heat is evenly distributed around the room, rather than concentrated in one place, the infrared Quartz heater is recommended to hang from the ceiling or mounted on a tripod with the possibility rotation

If the heater is located in a place accessible to people, children or pets, be sure to equip radiator with additional protection: a transparent wall or a metal grid. This avoids accidents and protects the occupants from burns.

Floor quartz infrared heater

Quartz infrared heaters are stationary and portable. Stationary attached to a specific location in the room and work there continuously. Notebooks allow to heat a specific room in a specific, convenient for owners of time, for example, at the time of arrival at the unheated cottage

The main drawback of the model - excessively strong heating of the tube during operation - to + 700 ° C. The dust settled on it immediately begins to burn, and spreads in the room an unpleasant pungent smell.

If the instrument is rarely used, for example, for heating garden where the hosts visited by only input days, you need to think carefully about how to protect the phone from dust. Otherwise, immediately after the need to actively ventilate the room and "expel" burnt flavors, and together with them and useful heat.

infrared heater

When planning the purchase of a quartz infrared heater, it is necessary to ask the seller to show a health certificate for the equipment. If this document is not, and the warranty period does not exceed one and a half years, the issue of the purchase worth considering again and more closely

Another shortcoming of the instrument - the instability of the quartz tube to humidity and sudden temperature changes. Constantly working in difficult conditions, it quickly loses its physical characteristics and fails. Experts say that to repair the damaged unit is inappropriate. It is much cheaper to buy a new unit.

One of the variants of infrared heating equipment - a device with Tan, built-in anodized profile. It looks like a conventional lamp daylight and easily fits into the interior of any complexity.

The main element in the operation does not is heated to red, and creates a soft diffused light. He's harmless, do not burn oxygen and, due to the fully closed the workpiece, never provoke fire situations.

Quartz heaters in the greenhouse

Infrared heaters with Taine heat homes, cottages, greenhouses. Such equipment provides not only high-quality heating, but also a pleasant, diffused light, which is different to react as ornamental plants and vegetables or berries

Deficiencies in the unit almost no one thing that put him in reproach, it is easy to crack during intensive use. "Sound" effect has nothing to do with structural defects or some malfunction.

It arises because the stainless steel, which is made of PETN and aluminum, used in the manufacture of the plate have different coefficients of expansion when heated.

Detailed classification of infrared heaters and tips for choosing the appropriate model given in this article.

The reason for the popularity of technology

Quartz infrared heaters are very popular in the market for the following reasons:

  1. Products do not have too much weight, and almost no space in the room.
  2. For installation requires no special knowledge, experience and expensive tools. With the installation can easily handle one man, and it will not need much time.
  3. Apparatus show one of the highest efficiency levels (to 95%) and provide instant warm room immediately after switching on.
  4. Absolute fire safety of a closed type modules can be mounted even in children's rooms.
  5. The products have a thermostat and control function at a distance. Owner through the Internet or smartphone device can independently set a particular program, and then monitor its implementation.
  6. Possibility to organize a comfort zone in a certain part of the room, without resorting to heating the entire room.

In comparison with other variants of portable heating equipment, infrared quartz unit operates much faster than thermal fan or oil heater .

The monolithic model: the device and the parameters

The second type of quartz heaters - monolithic products. Let us examine in detail in their construction, principles of operation and use of the nuances.

The design and operating features

Quartz monolith heater has a simple structure and consists of such items as:

  • main heating element - a spiral of nichrome (an alloy of nickel and chromium enriched silicon, iron, aluminum and manganese) having impressive resistivity, high level of heat resistance, good ductility, durability and reliability;
  • monolithic plate - heavy (about 12 kg) a rectangular portion made of quartz.

When assembling unit Nichrome spiral equip respective connecting parts and fasteners, and then placed in a zigzag form and pour a liquid solution of quartz sand.

Then, the blank is placed under a press, formed into the desired shape, thoroughly dried and subjected to an intensive high-temperature treatment in an oven. The finished product has a distinct length and width parameters (60 * 35 cm), and the plate thickness is 2,5-3 cm.

Monolithic Quartz Heater

Monolithic Quartz heater applies to stationary devices, and does not provide for permanent transfer in different rooms. Manufacturers equip their models with special sturdy brackets for easy wall mounting unit

The equipment turns absolutely fireproof, as the heating element is inside a quartz plate and not in contact with the external environment. Area fixing the power cable is also completely closed.

This design feature eliminates the interruption of the heating coils and eliminates the risk of a short circuit in the system.

Quartz heater in the interior

Durable nickel-chromium alloy, which is made of the heating element, allows the device to heat up to 100 degrees and burnout reduces the chance spiral minimized. This prolongs the life of the appliance and makes it more reliable

Almost all current models of monolithic heaters have a special coating that provides a high level of water-resistance device. This quality allows you to mount equipment not only in living rooms, but also in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Quartz heater in the room

Silica sand quickly accumulates thermal energy and then releases it for a long time in the space of the room in the form of infrared radiation. Even after disconnection from the power supply device still continues to emit about one hour and useful heat to warm the room

For all its merits monoliths are bright and cons.

Lack №1. Weight separate models reaches 13 kg, and this significantly limits the range of places to install the unit.

Subtle interior partitions or false plasterboard walls simply will not withstand the load and go cracks, forcing the owners to additional spend on redecoration.

Lack №2. The surface of the monolithic plate in use is heated to + 80... + 120 ° C. Touching it inadvertently, can cause harm to themselves and badly burned.

In places where families living with small children or pets to install such equipment is not permitted without special protective screen, which will make the fire plate not available, had no effect at the same time the level of efficiency of the instrument.

Lack №3. No remote control also creates some problems. But in most of the devices do not even have the on / off button, and they are directly connected to an AC outlet using a conventional power cable with a plug.

Some manufacturers still displayed on the external switch panel to activate the equipment, and in addition offer customers buy thermostat controller that monitors the level of warming and more economical use of electricity energy.

As a variant, can be connected through a heater outlet with thermostat.

Technical parameters monoliths

Standard monolithic heating device has a size of 61 * 34 * 2.5 cm, and weighs about 10 kg. Heating starts immediately after the cable is plugged in. After 20 minutes the plate reaches the maximum operating temperature (about + 90 ° C) and fills the room with a comfortable warmth. The nominal capacity of the unit is 0.5 kW.

Poor quality monolithic heater

Qualitative heater monolithic type well holds its shape and does not crack during the operation. If the plate is detached and lost integrity, then it is a forgery, and was used in its manufacture is not purified quartz sand, and gypsum, whitewash, marble dust or cement

For heating a 16-meter room with normal ceiling heights is enough of one monolithic module. Included with the equipment are three brackets (two lower and one upper). With their help, you can quickly and securely attach the unit on the wall and immediately begin to operate it in full mode.

The thermostat for the heater

Do not freeze in the winter, but sparingly electrician allows the thermostat. Sometimes it comes with the original equipment, or it can be purchased in a specialty store and set the house with his own hands

If the heating needs in qualitative large room or a house / apt, from several monoliths create whole a heating system with parallel connection of each device in general complex.

such equipment is operated in an automatic mode through thermostatic devices.

Who produces quartz equipment

In the market of heating equipment quartz units are offered in a wide range, but many of them brought of China and do not have any documents confirming the quality of the product and its suitability for use in the home conditions.

Buying such models are not too sensible, so no one knows how safe they emit radiation.

Quartz heater from China

Quartz heaters from China attracted by its appearance and low price. However, they are virtually impossible to obtain warranty service centers because these companies do not operate in the territory of Russia

To protect yourself and family from further problems, it is better to take the equipment in retail stores, where the product offered by the official Russian, Belarusian and foreign producers.

TeplEko module plant

TeplEko - only Russian company, manufacturing cost of a heating technique natural quartz sand of high purity.

Products, descended from the conveyor of the brand, is fully compliant with TU and GOST 3468-001-89101774-2009 RMEK 60335-2-30-99, 51318.14.1-99 GOST R, GOST R 51317.3.2-99, GOST R 51317.3.3 -2008. Devices are safe (Class 1 for elektrozaschite and fire) and are suitable for use in residential areas.

Andrei friends enjoy heaters TeplEko

Quartz aggregates TeplEko are in great demand. Even such a famous person, as a member of the club of connoisseurs and owner of Crystal Owl Alexander friends heats his house with the help of TeplEko products

At the company's site contains all the permits for the right to the production of heating technology, as well as certification certificates, patents and hygienic certifying environmentally friendly products and its complete safety human health.

Quartz heater TeploEko is a practical heater, providing high-quality warm room with loyal electrical consumption.

The following parameters relate to the distinctive features:

  • Base Power - 400 W
  • actual energy consumption per day - 2.5-3.5 kW / h
  • weight - 12 kg
  • textured pattern on the front side
  • frame on the edge of the product treated with white powder-coated to ensure reliable electrical protection
  • on / off button is located so as not to strike the eye
  • a power cable which can withstand the intense operating loads (up to 380) and as high as possible (about 120 ° C) operating temperature

The basic package thermoregulatory device is not included, but you can be purchased at an additional cost and by setting, to make use of the equipment more convenient and comfortable.

The device TeplopitBel Belarusian manufacturer

Belarusian producers and suppliers of heating equipment, entrepreneur Roman Goncharenko M. offers customers who can not be organized in the home or at the cottage gas heating system, quartz devices for comfort heating premises.

The company creates modern competitive equipment. Their main "trick" - a large area of ​​the radiating surface, increased by the application of natural quartz chips.

This technology is unique and is the property of the manufacturer (patent №11053, registered in the public register of useful inventions of the Republic of Belarus).

Representatives of the firm at the fair

Quartz heaters are manufactured Belarusian manufacturer, are made in a variety of colors solutions and, in addition to space heating, can be spectacular and eye-catching element of the interior decoration

The heating element is made of pure quartz sand quality (quality certificate validated) having high thermal conductivity. The marble chips present in models from other manufacturers, and significantly reducing the thermal conductivity index in Belarus not in use.

Unit TeplopitBel quickly accumulates electrical energy and converts it into heat. Through a combination of small consumption and high efficiency refers to the energy-saving heating systems. Awarded a diploma of the construction of the exhibition "Euro-2016" as a unique heating device.

Heated quartz module TeplopitBel - a cost-effective purchase for the house and for the garden.

Among its main advantages, such items as:

  • rated power - 0.25 kW
  • electrical consumption per 1 hour - from 0.25 to 0.4 kW / h, depending on the model
  • a large heat-radiating surface size - 312 mm
  • temperature data unit (CAP) - 75-98%
  • ability to heating area of ​​10-12 m
  • complete cooling after shutdown - 40-60 m
  • fire safety
  • environmental friendliness
  • heat-resistant lacquer coating to enhance the strength of
  • Wall mountable equipment
  • attractive appearance (available in any color on request)
  • weight - 11 kg

Economical energy consumption and high efficiency level can effectively heat the room without spending a lot of money on utility bills.

Quartz equipment UFO

Turkish company NNR It is making heaters for many years. Since 2004, the manufacturer is working on the Russian market and offers customers a wide range of infrared quartz aggregates of different sizes and configurations.

The models are available for installation on the floor, mounted on a wall or ceiling, designed to create a comfortable environment in homes, weekend homes or in manufacturing plants.

The new heater UFO CITY suitable for heating any kind of area up to 23 sq.m. Minimum resource heating lamp is 6000 hours, and power does not exceed 1700 watts.

Installation is available in three ways:

  • floor - placed on a vertical post having chetyrehlopastnym base;
  • wall - on brackets attached to the supporting wall;
  • vertical or horizontal - may be located in both embodiments, depending on the wishes of the hosts; Efficiency loss is there.

The device has a user-friendly thermostat that allows you to adjust the level of warming and economical use of electricity. Waterproof IP 24 allows use of the device in the bathroom without the risk of short circuits and other unpleasant situations.

The front of the panel for the purpose of security is protected by solid bars and available for accidental contact.

Infrared quartz apparatus by UFO

Infrared quartz apparatus of UFO does not emit during operation no harmful substances, safely withstand heavy loads and provides a round the clock room comfortable heat

The unit is easy to disassemble / assemble and requires no specific maintenance. It can be packed in the car trunk and take with you to the cottage, where there is no central heating. Just 15 minutes later, he warms up the room and will keep the temperature as long as the owners did not gather to go home.

On our site there is a series of articles devoted to the selection and characterization of various household heaters. If you have not yet decided on the model of the device, we advise you to read:

  1. What is better to choose a heater for houses and apartments: a comparative review of units
  2. How to choose Micatermic Heaters: a review of species and tips on choosing
  3. How to choose a convection heater: a comparative review and recommendations before purchasing

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to choose a quality quartz heater and do not run into a Chinese fake? Helpful hints and tips from the representative of the company TeplEko, for many years engaged in the sale of heating equipment in the Russian market.

Details of the installation and operation of the infrared quartz heater in the bathroom. Review and honest opinion of a real person, install equipment at home.

Detailed Description of quartz heaters and methods for power saving in domestic heating systems.

Choosing a quartz heater for a cottage or home is not complicated, but requires attention. When purchasing you need to know on what specific area designed module and acquire equipment based only on the price.

Too weak device can not cope with a large heated space and create large-sized hot and stuffy atmosphere in a small room.

It is better to focus on the numbers specified by the manufacturer in the accompanying documents, and to acquire the heating device is clearly within the parameters of their homes. Only in this way will create a house, apartment or cottage for a really comfortable and cozy conditions.

Look for a quality and effective quartz heater? Or have experience in the use of such devices? Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. Contact form located below.

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