Is it better or convector heater? comparative review

In the off-season, when it's cold and damp, soaring sales of electric heaters. The most popular types of devices - heaters and fan heaters. They are inexpensive, compact, well-heated room and enjoy about the same demand.

Yet between them there is a significant difference. In this article, we shall understand what is better - or convector heater to heat your home, carefully examined every type of heater. Also focus on the principle of operation and design of each of them, and give a list of the best manufacturers of equipment for the customer opinion.

The content of the article:

  • Features of use of heating devices
  • Structure and working principle Heaters
    • Which premises are suitable instruments?
    • Pros and cons of equipment
    • A few words about the trusted brand
  • Main characteristics heater
    • The principle of operation
    • Advantages and disadvantages of fan heaters
    • An overview of the best brands
  • What type of heater is best to choose?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features of use of heating devices

Fan heaters and convectors are more likely to buy for apartments in high-rise buildings, but sometimes they are necessary and in the homes. The flat heater performs main heating operation in cold weather and in a private home owner may use it as additional and / or alternative.

Also appliances are installed in rooms that require special temperature conditions (children, bathrooms, etc.).

A handy little fan heater

Fan heaters are ideal if you need to quickly warm up the air. They are indispensable in the cold season on summer residences, garages, workshops, etc. Convectors takes more time, however, their work is more stable and less energy consumption for heating

Basis meaningful select any device - an understanding of the principle of its operation, the device, drawbacks and advantages. Ideal and universal technology does not exist, so you need to find out which models are better suited to the specific operating conditions. You should also decide on their own needs, priorities and expectations.

Structure and working principle Heaters

To create a favorable microclimate, you need to take care of a comfortable temperature and sufficient humidity in the room.

If the central heating is turned off or the power is not enough, the room gets cold and damp. Electroconvector perfectly solves this problem. He serves as a heater, and removes excess moisture without drying the air.

Convector for heating homes

Convectors are often installed in areas where no radiators are provided. They include severe frosts, when the power of heating devices is not enough to heat all the rooms

The principle of operation of the heater is based on heat transfer by convection. To a cold air intake openings are provided in the lower housing. The stream passes through the heater, its temperature instantly rises and warm air masses are distributed throughout the room. This circulation occurs until incorporated convector.

The circuit operation of the household electroconvector

Circulation and high shear mixing warm and cold air warms up the room. Yet heaters cope with this task faster

Due to the large area of ​​the heating element, the air is quickly heated. However, the heater does not hold the temperature, so after turning off the convector room as quickly and cools down.

If you want to achieve sustained temperature, you should choose high-quality modern model with thermostat and overheating protection.

Apparatus electric convector

Most modern convectors are equipped with temperature sensors, thermal protection systems. It is convenient to use and safe models, which can safely be left on at night

Manufacturers produce models of various types - electric, water, gas, but is most often found on sale Heaters. They are in demand from domestic buyers. Gas or water model occasionally become owners of private houses, villas and apartments for these devices is usually uncomfortable.

Detailed analysis of the types of convector heaters, how they work and recommendations on the choice we have brought in next article.

Heaters vary by accommodation type, there are floor and wall. The former are usually long and narrow, and the latter is bigger, but it does not take up space on the floor.

Convenient wall electroconvector

Sometimes the wall electric convectors used as a main heating. They are set in the same way as conventional radiators, - under the windows. The only disadvantage of this heat - the high cost of energy, so this option arrangement of the heating system is more suitable for summer residences, where the owners only occasionally visited by

When selecting a model of the type of arrangement should take into account not only their comfort, but also features warm air. Floor convectors evenly heated rooms, and attachments are suitable for people who want to create a warm area to the room.

In more detail the question of choice of the electric convector, taking into account the most important criteria we We considered here.

Which premises are suitable instruments?

Convector makes sense to install anything there, where it comes from cold air (near a window), or in areas that you want to warm up carefully (next to the sofa, in the cot, etc.). You should also consider the height of ceilings, since warm air goes up. The greater the distance, the more it cools and flows to the heater was too cold.

Heaters are ideal for small spaces with low ceilings or standard. If the ceiling height of 3 meters or more, it is better to choose one or more heaters that are instantly heated and stirred the air, avoiding the strong cooling.

Wall convector in a small niche

Many modern appliances look so attractive that they can serve as interior decoration. If the convector will be installed in a conspicuous place, you can select a design for original model and use it to further decorate the room

Pros and cons of equipment

The main advantages of the device:

  • High velocity air heating. For this indicator, convectors, fan heaters are inferior, but they quickly heated room heaters and oil heaters.
  • Security. The housing is always relatively cool, which eliminates the possibility of burns or fires. If electroconvector defective, it can be safely put in the children's room, without worrying about the health of the child.
  • Uniformity of warm air. One of the most important criteria for the selection of the heater. For local heating of individual areas of premises can be used, or infrared heaters heaters, and in order to achieve approximately the same temperature in all parts of the room, it is better to put convector.
  • automatic shutdown. Even the cheapest modern convectors are equipped with protective mechanisms and temperature sensors. If you select a quality instrument proven brand, you can be confident in the reliability of automation. convector work do not have to be controlled.
  • Quiet operation. Unlike heater convector stripped blades which make noise when rotating.
  • Storing normal humidity. One of the advantages compared to convector fan heaters is that they do not desiccate the air. Too low humidity can impair the health of the people no less than the constant dampness.

The advantages of the convectors should include easy installation. Floor simply set in a convenient location, and the wall is mounted on two strong attachment that usually come with the device.

Wall convector loft interior

Most popular convector stylistically neutral, thus fit well into any interiors - from classic to hi-tech. Design model - an exception. They may be of different shapes, sizes, colors

However, in the installation and operation is not much difference with a fan heater. But convector repair often costs less. Many faults can be corrected independently because design is simple and there are no moving parts.

A few words about the trusted brand

When choosing a brand name, it should be compared not only the technical characteristics of the models, but also the producer countries. has the meaning prefer domestic heating appliances, ceteris paribus.

Firstly, it is generally cheaper. Second, the manufacturers of household appliances in the former Soviet Union account for the possibility of power surges.

Among the best producers of users and experts call the following brands: Noirot, Nobo, Timberk, Electrolux, Heater, Atlantic, Roda, Balu.

image gallery

Photo of

Electric convector brand Noirot

Models brand Noirot always occupy the first position in the rankings of the best panel heaters. Their efficiency reaches 90%. Devices do not desiccate air, equipped with "intelligent" automation, numerous storage configuration. After a sudden blackout convectors start work immediately after the start and operate in the same mode as before the problems with electricity

Convector Nobo in the interior of a country house

Household Appliances Nobo - not a cheap purchase, but feel sorry for her will never have. Ultra fast heating (from power on and up to the full warm-up pass 60 seconds), it is absolutely silent operation, accuracy and high power settings are in order to for them to overpay a little. Convector brand Nobo maintains a constant temperature in the room area to 27 square meters

Timberk - warmth and aesthetics in one housing

The top three manufacturers of convectors closes trademark Timberk. The models of this brand even set in the bathrooms - they are so well protected from water. Technique is safe, effective, feature precise electronics and still looks amazing. It fits perfectly into the ultra-modern interior in the style minimalism, hi-tech, modern. Convector suitable for heating rooms of 10-13 square meters

Electrolux - quality equipment of famous brand

Brand Electrolux is popular in the market. This is a good home appliances at an affordable price. The company produces quite decent convectors, but strongly flatters himself, filling the technical documentation. Many buyers say that the real area that is able to heat convector, about 20% less than stated

Scoole - high power at a reasonable price

Especially popular among buyers enjoy Scoole HEATER series model. This powerful heaters, which are perfectly cope with large areas of heating. In some cases, they are able to compete with peers, the value of which is 5 times higher. The manufacturer has achieved this efficiency thanks to the unique design of the hull. Additional advantages - a nice design and high-quality thermostat

Atlantic - meet the expectations of customers

Atlantic brand trust. Under this brand produced a good technique, and the prices - always available. Atlantic convectors are safe, comply with strict European quality standards, are characterized by high moisture protection. Design - stylistically neutral, so the devices fit perfectly into any interior

Roda - cost-effective solution for large premises

The main advantage of convectors Roda - the possibility to heat large areas (up to 28 square meters) with minimal effort. All models are well protected against moisture, therefore suitable for bathrooms, swimming pools. Another feature - low temperature heating appliance housing (60 degrees). Convectors Roda often bought for children's rooms, classrooms

Vallu - stylish heaters with remote control

Convector Ballou - a multi-heater with multiple functions. Its only drawback is that the owner is more convenient to control the operation of a remote control, instead of using the buttons. Other - continuous advantages: several modes of operation, an aluminum heater, a high efficiency. An important plus - chic design. The faceplate is made from glass ceramic convector

Electric convector brand Noirot

Electric convector brand Noirot

Convector Nobo in the interior of a country house

Convector Nobo in the interior of a country house

Timberk - warmth and aesthetics in one housing

Timberk - warmth and aesthetics in one housing

Electrolux - quality equipment of famous brand

Electrolux - quality equipment of famous brand

Scoole - high power at a reasonable price

Scoole - high power at a reasonable price

Atlantic - meet the expectations of customers

Atlantic - meet the expectations of customers

Roda - cost-effective solution for large premises

Roda - cost-effective solution for large premises

Vallu - stylish heaters with remote control

Vallu - stylish heaters with remote control

Domestic heaters typically maintained without any problems even abrupt voltage drops from 150 to 242 V.

Some models are equipped with separate control units, which are designed to control multiple devices simultaneously. They allow you to regulate the temperature in every room. This technique is ideal as a main home heating.

Main characteristics heater

Heaters - cheap and effective devices that are buying for heating of residential, administrative, industrial premises.

To choose the right model, you can for a few minutes to create a warm area. To do this, you only need to send the heater in the desired direction and turn.

Small inexpensive heater

This is a great choice if you need to quickly warm the air in a separate area of ​​the room. Such heaters are installed next to the bed, desk. They are also used if you need to urgently dosushit the laundry

Overall stationary models placed on the floor or attached to the wall, and easy to carry mobile, rotate, rearrange to another location.

instrument case, do not overheat, so no special requirements to the surfaces not. Heaters put on any floor coverings, tables, cabinets.

Compact outdoor heater

The ideal option heating residential or office premises in the off-season. The model can be set so that it would produce heat curtain at the entrance to the premises or at the window

The principle of operation

The principle is simple: the cold air is supplied to the closed or open heating element warms up instantly, and the fan throws him out.

It turns out the effect of the warm wind that blows people and objects in the room. The heated air flows are mixed with the cold, so the room to quickly set a comfortable temperature.

The principle of operation of a fan heater

Hot air is moved forward - in the direction the pointing device, and then rises. The distance that overcomes heat flux depends on the capacity and design features of the model

When choosing guided by the desired power level of noise. see also detailed recommendations optionally heater based on key criteria.

Also affects the choice and type of heating element heater, depending on which distinguish these kinds of devices:

  • spiral. Heaters made from a spiral of nichrome wire. In the operating state of the temperature can reach 800 ° C. Despite the high efficiency of these heaters are considered to be not the best choice, because when the burnt dust and moisture.
  • TENovye. The temperature of the heating element does not exceed 200 ° C, but this does not affect the quality of the work because of its large area. Models are fireproof, comfortable, but more expensive spiral.
  • ceramic. The elements are heated much less - 200 ° C, no air is burned. They are completely safe and easy to operate.

Spiral model almost lost their popularity among buyers. Because as a result of their work, the air becomes overdried, there is an unpleasant smell.

The most preferred embodiment of users called ceramic heater. This is the best choice for today. If you buy a reliable brand model, it will be a long and trouble-free.

Advantages and disadvantages of fan heaters

The advantages include a compact heaters, high velocity air heating. Almost all models are equipped with panels of adjustment modes, temperature sensors, and some also provide a remote control.

Features of the heater

In some cases, the uneven heating - that's a plus. If any area of ​​the room in need of more intensive heating than the rest, it is necessary to prefer heater

We have heaters and drawbacks: noise at work, and the uneven heating of premises.

As for the noise, it is completely impossible to solve this problem. Rotating fan blades in any case will make sounds. Noise can be more or less, but will always. With this will have to accept.

An overview of the best brands

In the rankings of the best producers of heaters lead the same companies that produce the most reliable convectors: Ballu, Timberk, Vitek, Electrolux, Saturn, Polaris, AEG, NeoClima, Scarlett, «Teplomash" and others.

image gallery

Photo of

Ballu - inexpensive spiral model

Spiral heaters Ballu Timberk and are considered the best in terms of price and quality. This reliable and easy-to-use devices in which there is nothing superfluous. The only negative - does not provide the ability to work in an ordinary fan mode in some models

Electrolux - the best wall model

Lineup heaters Electrolux brand is diverse, but buyers pay special attention to the wall fixtures. They differ from analogues of other brands original design, compactness and ease of installation. Universal model, suitable for installation in the premises for any purpose, but sometimes it is necessary to increase the lead, as it is too short

Vitek - robust outdoor heaters

If you are looking for a trouble-free outdoor heater, look for models and brands Vitek AEG. They are compact, efficient, pleasant look and has many additional features that simplify management. Some models can be rotated, and all disabled rollover. Great for home or office

"Teplomash" - the best TENovye heaters

Not so many manufacturers produce heaters with heating elements of electric heaters. Among the particularly noteworthy trademark "Teplomash". Model can hardly be called attractive, but they are perfect for heating large private houses and industrial premises. An additional advantage - can be used as a full-fledged powerful fan

Ballu - inexpensive spiral model

Ballu - inexpensive spiral model

Electrolux - the best wall model

Electrolux - the best wall model

Vitek - robust outdoor heaters

Vitek - robust outdoor heaters

"Teplomash" - the best TENovye heaters

"Teplomash" - the best TENovye heaters

When choosing a convector heater or should bear in mind that many of them are going to China. It is better to pay attention to the manufacturers, strictly controlling the quality of products, and buying patterns of those brands that have a well-organized work of service centers.

You have decided to acquire a fan heater, but do not want to pay extra for the brand? In such a case it is possible assemble a homemade heater from scrap materials.

What type of heater is best to choose?

It all depends on the landlord purposes. If you want to achieve uniform heating throughout the area, and the speed is not critical, it is best to put a convector.

If the main goal - to get a directional hot air flow and instantaneous heating a specific area in the room, the best choice would be a heater.

Miniature fan heater on the table

In a home office or working in the office without any problems, you can install the heater. Dimensional buzz blades will not interfere, but only helps to focus on cutting off the external auditory stimuli

In accommodation, usually mounted convector due to the absence of noise, and for the office, where there is always some sounds, appropriate heater.

You do not fit into any one of the devices discussed? We recommend you visit the most popular types of heaters for houses and apartments, and tips on choosing the best.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Heaters much - good and different. An extensive range of confusing and hype only confuses choice. We offer videos that will help determine the priorities and buy a model that is suitable for you.

To choose, you need to clearly understand what exactly do you expect from the device. The video will help to determine the following parameters:

household appliances efficiency is crucial. How to choose the most efficient model described below:

Honest reviews of actual users always have the value:

Machinery sometimes breaks. We offer a service manual heater:

Videoinstruktazh convector repair their own hands:

If you have already decided that it is better to buy - or fan convector, pay attention to some nuances. Any heater should be compact, cost-effective, to have a system of protection against overheating.

Look for models with air ionizers, remotes. It is very convenient extra features that make heating not only effective, but also convenient.

You have chosen the best for themselves the type of heater? Or are still in doubt and want to clarify one point? Ask your questions below - our expert will try to help you.

Or maybe you want to add useful information on the topic of the article, point out the inaccuracy or discuss controversial issue? Write your opinion in the comments - our experts and visitors who own theme, with pleasure will support a constructive dialogue.

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