Heating water heaters: types of rules for choosing and popular models

Functional and practical water heaters use if you want to create an efficient and economical heating system in any room. Such equipment is reliable, it can work decades without any problems. However, for a sense of the benefits you need to know the rules of the instrument of choice. Do you agree?

All about choosing convector type water for construction or modernization of heating systems, you will learn from our article submission. We describe in detail the specifics of convector type heating equipment listed existing varieties. Led the criteria on the basis of which you can make an informed choice.

The content of the article:

  • As heat convectors?
  • Classification of water convectors
  • Existing types of equipment
    • Features wall-mounted models
    • Description convectors Floor Type
    • Embedded products for heating
  • Advantages of convector in front of radiators
  • How to make the right choice?
    • Calculation of power - a mandatory procedure
    • Material - it is important to always
    • What else to pay attention
    • Operating temperature and dimensions
    • How not to get lost in the technical specifications?
  • Review of popular models
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

As heat convectors?

All water heaters are traditionally used to heat all kinds of premises with Convection - a physical phenomenon in which heated air rises up, it is important is cold masses.

This process occurs continuously until the temperature equalization in all layers of a closed volume. To ensure maximum efficiency heaters have a special design.

They are made up of these elements:

  • a pipe through which coolant flows (the so-called hot water);
  • a heat exchanger, which is a metal plate (ribs) placed on the pipe.

All major parts are covered with a casing, special slots (pound) allow air to circulate freely. The design of this part of the device is performed without sharp edges, protruding parts to prevent injury.

Classification of water convectors

Modern water heaters for heating is divided into species, indicating the specifications. And to understand all the features of easy, since they differ by only two parameters: type of convection and method of installation.

In water heaters such as convection can be:

  • compulsory;
  • natural.

All equipment with a natural convention has less power, cost, and is suitable for heating a variety of small rooms with low ceilings.

Furthermore, it is often used as an auxiliary for heating large spaces, such as shops, or with a significant area of ​​the glazing. To solve these problems convectors are installed in doorways and windows.

Convector natural convention

Wall convector with natural convention the most demanded kind to be installed in living rooms and offices

Having forced convention assumes that the heater includes a fan, which accelerates the circulation process air and, consequently, the rate of its heating, which ensures quick heating of even large commercial and industrial premises.

As well as products of this type have been used successfully for heating restaurants, offices, swimming pools and different property with a complex configuration. They provide an effective heating system when using other types of equipment it is difficult to do, for example, when installing traditional radiators.

Additionally convectors divide by the process of installation. In this case, the following types:

  • Wall, recently often used their version - ceiling appliances;
  • floor;
  • recessed into the floor, sometimes the equipment is mounted in place of the baseboards.

In either case, the product may be used as part of a centralized and autonomous heating systems, and coolant is extremely liquid. And every modern device can be used in basic or auxiliary network.

Existing types of equipment

In addition to full function space heating, additional heaters are often installed near the places where a comfortable climate is particularly important, for example, in a cot.

Additional equipment is required to be included in the job when the main heating devices can not cope with the timely air warming. Such a situation may arise for large frost or poor performance of public services.

Features wall-mounted models

The most popular are wall heaters. The reasons for this are several - they are affordable in cost, easy to install. Also, such equipment can be placed anywhere.

Convector in the interior

Floor convector can be installed anywhere in the room to provide a comfortable environment in a selected area

Such an opportunity is given a small weight that allows you to mount equipment even on lightweight partition walls, and a large range of models. In most cases, such a product is intended for heating by natural convection.

For a more efficient operation of devices are often equipped with covers, which are aimed in the right side of the air passages, which significantly improves performance, heating speed.

Description convectors Floor Type

Floor devices are used for heating applications where wall mounting is not possible models, for example, when the glazing starts from the floor, or the need to heat large areas in industrial buildings.

products are often related to a class outdoor water convectors, Equipped with fans, which improves performance, heating speed, but makes the job somewhat noisy.

Convector type water

Convector type water is easy to install, but it takes a useful place. This should be remembered at the stage of selecting a suitable model

Embedded products for heating

So called recessed into the floor model fit into any decor. They do not take up valuable space, can heat the room of any size.

But the installation of such equipment is the most expensive, the reason: for this procedure is needed niche in which the convector is installed. For securing it first need to make the floor screed or install a reliable raised floor.

If the model is not equipped with a fan, it is necessary to use insulation. This is to prevent heat loss, which will go on the floor heating. If we ignore this requirement, the efficiency of the device will be much lower.

There is another important feature: the housing of such devices is accumulated, and quickly, a sufficient amount of dust, which must be addressed, but it is not difficult to do.

Additional advantages Embedded Hardware is the largest among all kinds of service life and a variety of sizes. An important advantage is considered high decorative qualities. Although the device is located in a niche, but the protective grille is easily visible on the floor background, so he gives all sorts of colors and shades.


Water convector is an effective thermal barrier and can serve as exquisite detail of the interior

Yet it is worth remembering that the installation of such devices easier to perform during the repair or construction of the building. Since the dismantling of the special floors for laying pipes and installation of underfloor products would be costly pleasure.

Advantages of convector in front of radiators

Although the CIS residents are mostly out of habit used for heating any premises traditional iron battery or the more modern bimetallic radiatorsBut this trend is now changing. Convectors have a list of significant advantages, which makes them more practical solution in some situations.

Their main advantages are:

  1. economy - for heating the same premises, such devices spend only a quarter of the heat energy which is necessary to the radiators.
  2. High efficiency - in many cases the products are capable of high-grade heating premises of all possible at a temperature of coolant (water) at 50 ° C. According to the standards customary radiators at the same temperature water well can heat the room when outside only 5 ° C, and -5 ° C require longer warm heat medium to 78 ° C.
  3. Rapid heating of premises - thanks to the heating of any room convention takes place much faster than in the radiator. Since they just radiate heat. Furthermore, heat propagation velocity promotes rapid heating heat exchanger (tubes, ribs). For example, such a procedure in these devices occurs at times quickly than with friends all cast iron products.

In addition, all heaters are easy to maintain, lightweight, compact, with high fire safety. Get an idea of ​​the benefits compared with convector fan heater Recommended article will help us.

They may be the only source of possible danger - fan. But it is not installed on all models, as well as a low voltage. Such equipment is rarely becomes a source of trouble. Its surface is always cool jacket, which excludes burns.

Convectors in the apartment

Convectors are increasingly being used in homes, as the main or additional heating devices. In the photo mounted device serves as a thermal barrier at the entrance to the balcony

They are not deprived of the product and faults, but their list is quite short. Thus, the Convention creates an air flow, which contribute to more dust.

And moving air masses can create a light draft. This phenomenon is not critical, but undesirable for people suffering from different types of colds. These shortcomings are compensated by important advantage - convectors never dried air.

The biggest drawback is considered to be non-uniform heating of rooms with very high ceilings. The reason lies in the fact that under the Convention warm air collects under the ceiling and down can only cool, is not conducive to creating a comfortable temperature.

The same situation, if in the heated room of moderate height ceiling, but at the same time heating is used forced ventilation.

How to make the right choice?

To get the expected result, the potential buyer should find out whether it is possible in the selected room to install heaters. It is necessary to consider whether it would be used to create the desired climate forced ventilation and if the ceiling height is allowed.

And it should also make sure that there is a technological possibility to put the necessary equipment. For example, in many cases mounted equipment in a residential area is inappropriate to place, due to the complexity of installation.

Calculation of power - a mandatory procedure

If the heaters can be installed in the room, will calculate the power. This procedure can not be ignored - otherwise it will be impossible to create the desired climate. That is, housing office or any other object he be hot. Quite often there is another extreme - the heat, which is also the buyer will not be happy.

To perform the calculation yourself, fit this formula: for every 10 square meters of any premises must fall a minimum kilowatt output. But we must understand that not all so simple - this formula will determine only the average value.

The design of water convectors

The design of water convectors simple and reliable, that provides them with service life of more than one decade

Water heaters should be selected with dvadtsatiprotsentnym margin. And even better - to invite an expert who will conduct an accurate calculation based on heat loss buildings, premises. That is, it will take into account all the features of the object that is to be heated. This includes glass area, ceiling height, and so on.

And the specialist will be able to specify the exact location of the equipment, tell you where to install additional equipment.

Material - it is important to always

When you select should pay attention to the material production - it affects the efficiency, cost, durability, and even decorative quality. And the last item on today has become one of the most important.

For example, devices can be:

  • steel;
  • aluminum;
  • bimetallic - in this case two types of metals are used for the manufacture.

Also, copper is often used. today considered to be the most effective bimetal and aluminum utensils. But steel devices also have a weighty advantage - their most affordable cost.

Built convector can enter the interior

Built convector can be perfectly fit in any interior thanks to a rich color palette of most equipment manufacturers

It should pay attention to the decorative elements of the equipment, they can be different: metal, wood. A painting using powder paints of different colors, which makes the offer even more diverse.

What else to pay attention

Each heating (central, autonomous) has operating pressureIn addition, there is another feature - the test pressure, so the heaters should be purchased based on such values.

Particular attention should be paid to the test pressure, the reason: it is an order of magnitude longer working. The important point is that these characteristics vary considerably in different systems.

For example, the old "Khrushchev" systems are tested under the pressure of 5-7 atmospheres. This parameter newly systems may reach 12-15 atmospheres impressive performance during testing. Accordingly, the possibility of convectors must comply with the specified values.

If this is not provided, then the damage to the equipment can not be avoided. As a result, you have to spend money to buy a new, heated space repair, and in the worst case and compensate the neighbors.

Operating temperature and dimensions

And you should pay attention to the maximum temperature coolantWhich can withstand the convector. For example, if the auxiliary heating boiler is able to heat the water to 95 ° C, there is no need to buy items that can only operate at 70 ° C.

An important characteristic is the size of devices and their correct selection will effectively heat the room, to avoid fogging glass and other problems. For the convenience of industry produces heaters of different depth, length, height.

As well as the equipment is vertical, horizontal, allowing it to be placed almost anywhere, but the buyer should determine the size.

installation of convector

convector size can be anything, most importantly, his right to choose, otherwise the installation will be difficult

Increase efficiency and create the most comfortable environment shutoff valve, thermostats. This allows tooling to disconnect part of the device at high temperatures in the heated room. Moreover, this occurs in an automatic or manual mode. But there is a drawback: all sorts of additional equipment can significantly increase the cost of the product.

How not to get lost in the technical specifications?

While all manufacturers are making their devices passport, which shows their name, capacity, but often people make mistakes in the selection. The reason lies in the fact that virtually the same abbreviation can sell a whole line of products from dozens of products.

Striking confirmation that is sought family convectors XK-20, where the same name is made more than 40 units, differing only in size.

Moreover, there are products of the same size, in which the plates (fins) for heat transfer are arranged at a greater distance from each other, and this significantly degrades performance. And such details are sometimes confused potential buyers who are in a variety of products may make the wrong choice.

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And we must remember that the same power and size, devices are wetted and end. Convector relating to the first embodiment, can operate at any heating systems (autonomous, centralized) and products ranked as the second group, are built only in the standalone system.

All this indicates that the buyer will need some theoretical knowledge to make the right choice.

Review of popular models

On the market there are an impressive number of models of all types of convectors from different manufacturers. And in this area are actively engaged in the activity of domestic companies. For example, in the niche of inexpensive heating equipment, they are the traditional leaders.

So, if the buyer need reliable, affordable wall-mounted devices, it is necessary to buy a proven time and a large number of users of the product KSK-20, which produces the famous Togliatti plant. He has decades of making popular and inexpensive units for heating.

Convector KSK-20

Convector XK-20 is an efficient, reliable, and low heating device

These heaters can cover the needs of all categories of users, as they are of different capacities, sizes, configurations. For example, the length of the instrument is in the range 60-160 cm, and the weight starts from small 8 kg, which allows you to place the product on any walls, partitions without risk of damage.

The power of the heating equipment is in the range 0.4-2 kW, which allows warm like a small living room and large manufacturing, commercial premises. high-quality steel that ensures the device service life at least 25 years, used to make.

Such heaters can be used in any heating systems, because they are able to withstand exposure to temperatures up to 150 ° C, a working pressure of 10 atmospheres. It protects the device from minor damage and gives it a modern, pleasing to the eye, the appearance of high-quality powder paint, which covered all the products.

The only KSK-20 small drawback is the lack of complete brackets used to fasten it to the wall, the other vertical surface. Some buyers pay attention to the poverty of the color palette - heating equipment, most often, you can only buy in the traditional white or gray color, so it does not always fit in perfectly interior.

If you want a more beautiful instrument, it is necessary to apply to the product line of other domestic producers - Techno. So, on its Moscow plant for decorating apply various colors and decorated with a variety of product design elements. For example, a customer demand model Vita Bench KBZ.

Its main feature - the execution. Outdoor unit is a bench, and wooden elements can be made even of the most popular and valuable wood, which makes it a decoration.

In this case, Vita Bench is durable and efficient convector, which the manufacturer equips the thermostatic valve. But the disadvantage of the presented model is the price - it is much higher, similar in power, KSK-20.

Covectors as benches

Covectors may have decorative qualities and serve as a decoration in hotels, offices, housing,

In recent years he became known for another Russian manufacturer convectors - Varmann. The reason: its products are functional, practical, high decorative qualities.

So, its line of embedded devices Qterm HK is equipped with air channels and tangential fans, which enable bleed air only from the correct side. This feature significantly improves the effectiveness, efficiency.

adjusts fan speed microprocessor, and if necessary, the convector can be connected to the "smart home" system, or use the remote control. The reason is simple - the thermal power of the fan depends on the performance

Quality materials used in the manufacture, provide an opportunity to maintain an impressive pressure during crimping, amounting to 16 atmospheres, and stably operate with the coolant being warmed to 90 ° C.

Landmark selection heater of convector type acquaint next articleDevoted to this interesting question.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In this article specialist shares information on how to calculate the power of heaters:

This video clearly shows how an installation built convectors and that it should be taken into account:

Convectors are reasonable and practical alternative to customary radiators and, just as importantly, affordable. But the buyer must understand - the ability to create a comfortable microclimate in the house, office or production depends on the choices you can make, having the theoretical knowledge about the instruments heating.

If you do not want to waste time to receive them, then you can contact the experts, this will help avoid needless financial expenditures.

We will be glad to read your story about the choice of water convector. Share the criteria based on which person you made the purchase. Leave, please comment in the box located below, ask questions, publish pictures of the article.

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