Overview of electric heating boilers for cottages

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Despite the fact that during the heating season most summer residents conserve their country houses, some of them continue stay awake or move at all during the cold season for a permanent summer residence, enjoying the beauty of the snow-covered nature.

The banal phrase about the prevalence of electric boilers in country houses recently is already rather boring, but still it has its own rational grain. For today it is the most effective heating system for dwellings, which are visited by their owners irregularly. And since the modern house, constructed and built according to the latest standards and construction technology standards and repair, does not represent its normal existence without a source of heating, the problem of choosing a boiler is very is relevant.

Electric heating boilers for cottages are the most versatile, because with the electrification of problems in modern society there is practically no, in contrast to gasification, and solid fuel is not always available, and if the owner is absent for a long time, you can forget about using it if you do not have a regular stoker.

The description of the main selection criteria and an overview of electric heating boilers for cottages should begin with the identification of their varieties, or groups:

  • Induction boilers - electromagnetic induction is the main engine for the operation of these boilers, and the absence of a heating element is a pledge of increased motor resources of these models;
  • Tan boilers - the principle of their action is to heat the tubular heating elements inside the tank, filled with coolant. This principle is also used in conventional household electric kettles;
  • Electrode boilers - to some extent according to the principle of operation are similar to the boilers, but in this case the device An electrode is used which is a direct transmitter of electricity to water, i.e. he himself does not Heats up.
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These are not the only criteria by which electric heating boilers are distinguished. In addition, there are differences in the method and location of installation - floor or wall, the number of phases used voltage - single-phase or three-phase, and differing in basic features or features of common heating systems - single-circuit and double-circuit, where there is both a feed loop, and a reverse circuit or so-called "Reverse".

Selection of the manufacturer of the electric boiler

Acquisition of such a thing as an electric heating boiler requires special attention like any other non-expensive purchase. To choose a manufacturer should be approached very carefully, to study the feedback of users of this or that model on the Internet, on construction forums and just on the market. It is necessary to familiarize and compare the guarantee policy of this or that trade mark, to find out territorial proximity to the service centers in your city that will install or will service the boiler you have selected. And, of course, the installation features. If you are not an expert in this field and for you there is no difference in the concepts of a collector and a convector - do not rely on your own force, and in advance to take an interest and study the local market on services of installation, repair and servicing of electric appliances of such segment.

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To date, the most popular brands of electric boilers are the following:

  • KOSPEL - Polish trademark, whose products have long been known in the market of thermoelectric appliances, electric boilers of this manufacturing plant are considered the most modern in Europe for the application revolutionary technologies;
  • Protherm - Slovakia is home to products under this name, and boilers are easy to operate and maintain, which makes them one of the leaders in sales;
  • BOSCH is a German brand whose quality of goods speaks for itself;
  • DAKON - Country of origin - Czech Republic. The plant's products are made in the best traditions of Czechoslovakian tools and equipment, the quality of which was legendary.

Specific answer to the question of what brand to buy a boiler, of course, does not exist. Also, everything can not depend on the taste of the buyer, since the boiler is not a tie, which we choose in appearance. Much depends on the allocated budget for the equipment of the heating system of a country house or villa, local conditions, where it will directly function and the diversity of functions and spheres application.


In no case can one rely on the opinion of one of the acquaintances or specialists in this field, since this very specialist can be a sales representative of a trademark with the sole task of quickly selling you an expensive equipment. Monitoring and detailed study of information are your main partners in making a choice. On the question of how to choose an electric boiler for heating a dacha, the buyer must first find the answer, only on the basis of third-party advice.

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Pros and cons of electric heating boilers

The pros and cons of electric heating boilers, of course, are not always obvious when compared with competitors, but most of them can be identified by making simple conclusions and studying the analysis of the sales market for such boilers.

So, the advantages of electric heating boilers include:

  • Energy efficiency and high efficiency - the efficiency of electric boilers is incredibly high and in most cases is about 99%;
  • Simplicity in management and operation;
  • Ecological compatibility. When using electric boilers for environmental pollution, it is possible to reproach only power generating organizations, but not the user of the boiler, because there are no emissions to the atmosphere;
  • The presence of the function of heating water, when using which the boiler becomes a flowing electric heater.

Disadvantages of electric heating boilers are also available, and this is:

  • high cost of electricity compared to gas or solid fuel;
  • costly arrangement of the appropriate electrical wiring, which can withstand the required power of the current;
  • dependence on electricity. In the event of regular power outages or dilapidated equipment on distribution lines, the use of electric boilers may not be entirely justified.

Detailed video review of electric heating boilers

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