How to make diesel heat gun with their hands

Warm in a short time a vast space and allow heat generators Teplopushki that can run on different kinds of fuel. Such devices are represented in the stores, but the presence of some of the technical skills of their work can be made independently. Doubt?

We show that the diesel heat gun with his hands going easy enough, if the contractor has experience in welding and metal processing.

The article described in detail how the work and the liquid fuel assembly, which species are represented in the market. For lovers of DIY, we have prepared detailed instructions for assembling a simple thermal device. For those who prefer to use factory equipment, useful overview of the best manufacturers of diesel teplopushek.

The content of the article:

  • The principle of operation and types of teplopushek
  • Varieties diesel teplopushek
  • Independent production diesel guns
    • The main structural elements
    • Assembly instructions
  • What to use instead of the homemade?
    • Biemmedue: Quality + Italian design
    • Master: a company with extensive experience
    • Kroll: innovative technologies
  • Safety precautions when using Teplopushki
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The principle of operation and types of teplopushek

Heat gun, got its name from a specific form, are considered one of the most effective ways to increase the air temperature in the premises.

The principle of operation of such devices sufficiently elementary: by means of rotating fan blades cold air from the surroundings is blown into the unit. Passing through the heating element, the air stream is heated to a high temperature, after which it is expelled into the room and gives off heat.

Using Teplopushki for heating greenhouses

Teplopushki running on different fuels used for heating of industrial facilities, greenhouses, warehouses. In case of emergency they can be used for emergency heating entrances and apartments

All units can be divided into two major categories.

  1. Small in size and power appliancesUsed for heating relatively small spaces (basement garage).
  2. Large and powerful industrial devicesCapable in the short term to raise the temperature of the air in a large room.

In addition, Teplopushki differ in the type of fuel used.

According to this criterion are the following types of units:

  • electric guns. Organic devices operate odorless, noise and emissions. Their disadvantages attached to the power grid, as well as the consumption of a large amount of expensive electricity.
  • gas gunsRunning on different versions of natural gas, most commonly used in industry, agriculture or construction activities.
  • steam gun emit heat, forming a saturated stream of hot steam. These eco-friendly devices have been successfully used in everyday life: not only do they heat the room, but also improve its microclimate saturated with water vapor.
  • infrared guns. The special design of these devices allows to transform heat energy into infrared radiation, by means of which heating is conducted. Such devices are often used in open spaces, for example, for heating a restaurant or a holiday site terraces.
  • multifuel gun, Which are used for the most cheap fuels: transport used or household oil. thermal gun on working out versatile and economical to maintain.
  • diesel guns. Work on these kinds of fuel like diesel, diesel oil.

Despite the general principle of operation, the above-mentioned each type has its own design features and the recommended scope. Detailed classification of heat guns with a description of their operational characteristics given in this article.

Varieties diesel teplopushek

The guns of this type are also referred to as liquid-fuel: as fuel for them can be used as diesel and kerosene or diesel fuel. It is strictly forbidden to use such devices for filling gasoline, alcohol and other flammable liquids.

Diesel stationary Teplopushki

Diesel heat gun can be not only mobile but also fixed. Such designs have outlet tube connected to the flue, through which combustion waste removed

By the choice of fuel must be approached very carefully, because the use of low-quality or contaminated fuel can clog the nozzle and / or the filter, which would require the intervention of repairmen.

Diesel guns are characterized by high power, high efficiency and compact size, whereby these units are mobile enough.

All units operating on diesel fuel economical, can be divided into Two groups teplopushek: Direct and indirect heating.

Devices with direct heating. The basis of operation is put elementary principle within the housing is arranged a burner flame which passes through the air blowing fan. As a result, it is heated and then pulled out, giving heat to the environment.

Diesel direct heating gun

Diesel Teplopushki open heating can not be used for domestic heating, as its design does not provide for the exhaust pipe. As a result, the waste matter, including carbon monoxide, enter the room, which can lead to the poisoning of people are in it

Such devices have a high power of 200-250 kW and substantially 100 percent efficiency. They are inexpensive, easy to install, but have an important flaw in the outdoor space gets not only warmed the air flow, but also the products of combustion: soot, smoke, fumes.

Even good ventilation will not be able to completely rid the air of unpleasant odors and tiny particle, and when it is complete absence of living beings are in the room can get strong poisoning.

A device with indirect heating much more difficult. In such models the air is heated indirectly through a special chamber - heat exchanger, where heat is output to the air flow.

Diesel gun indirect heating

Diesel Teplopushki with indirect heating are a large cost and less efficiency compared with similar products with a direct heat source. However, they are widely used because of the best indicators of environmental and safety

In such units the heated exhaust gases together with the heat exchanger to get where they are displayed in the flue, to which is connected a special pipe. With its aid the combustion products are discharged outside the closed space, providing a heated room fresh air.

Teplopushki with indirect heating is often used for heating the garage.

Powerful diesel gun

Model diesel heat guns, having a lot of power, can have major parameters. They are used to heat large buildings: warehouses, factory floors

The advantages of such models are:

  • Mobility. Although the size and weight of these devices is slightly larger than the analogues with open heating, they have all the same sufficiently compact size that allows them to be transported on the premises within the length of the connecting element and chimney.
  • High power. Although this figure is higher for devices with direct heating, indirect power diesel guns enough to for a short time to heat a large space.
  • Reliability. Such devices have a thoughtful design that minimizes the risk of fire, and also enhances the durability of the guns.
  • The presence of the protection system. In many models, the factory has a security complex, which automatically shuts off the gun as soon as the room temperature reaches the set target.
  • Reducing the risk of burns. The products manufactured in the factory, insulating spacers are provided that prevent the body heat, which reduces the likelihood of injury to the user.
  • duration of work. On some models provide large volumes of tanks, which allows to use them for a long time, without worrying about fuel.

The disadvantage of such structures can be calculated high noise levels, especially in high power units.

Independent production diesel guns

The unit is working on a diesel engine and diesel, you can not only buy in the store a special equipment, but also to make their own hands.

It is important to know that the assembly of the device is somewhat complicated. It is available only experienced handyman who knows how to handle the welding machine and other sophisticated equipment.

A schematic representation of the apparatus diesel Teplopushki

Presented in Figure scheme is not the only possible embodiment of the heat gun design. Arrangement of parts may be varied based on the convenience in use of (+)

Having decided on the creation of a handwritten diesel Teplopushki primarily be engaged in selection of design models. The best technical characteristics are devices with indirect heating, but to collect them significantly more complicated than the device with an open heat source.

The main structural elements

For the manufacture of diesel devices with their hands is necessary to take care of the three constituent parts, each of which is an independent structure.

These include:

  1. housing (Housing) of the device, which would require a thick sheet or thick-walled metal pipe.
  2. The combustion chamber - zinc or other refractory thick-walled pipe, the diameter of which is twice less than that of the casing.
  3. Fuel tankEquipped with a pump and filter. This element, which normally resides on the bottom, is made of refractory material which is desirable to further cover the insulator.

Also need the fan impeller with a desired power of 220 watts. Such an item is necessary for the air flow, which, after wrapping the heated combustion chamber will escape.

Teplopushki for installation, you can use ready-made component parts or materials at hand to do. In the first case, the cost will be higher improvised device, however it will be close to the quality of the factory.

Assembly instructions

Before assembling diesel guns need to prepare all the instruments and materials, and then carefully inspect them for possible defects.

From pipe or metal sheet (in the latter case it should fold and connect the edge), the device casing. Through the opening in the housing is mounted inside the fan, whereby the room air will be injected into the inner space of the device.

Diesel gun with their hands

All assembly operations diesel Teplopushki conducted in a strict sequence. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of welds, fasteners and joints to prevent leaks of fuel

Strictly in the central portion of the casing installing and securing the combustion chamber, in which the end of the nozzle fixed. The element is sealed on both sides, while it is necessary to perform two technological holes, one for the chimney and the other for the injector.

For comfortable use, and it is desirable to mount the fire in the combustion chamber pezopodzhigom. For this fit a factory option, which can be purchased in a specialty store.

Fuel tank proper size and located below the container body. In the connected space to fix the high pressure fuel pump and the fuel filter tonkoochistnoy.

Using a dimmer, you should connect the fan to the mains. Such an element can adjust the temperature of the heated air without increasing fuel consumption.

It should also be welded to the combustion chamber pipe for chimney, which combustion products are removed.

Assembly of diesel Teplopushki

When designing a diesel thermal device should take into account that the distance between the fuel tank and the burner with the tank must exceed 15-20 mm

At the end of the thick metal grid must cover the end faces of the device (it is possible in two layers). This is necessary to ensure the security, since the air mass temperature at the outlet may exceed 250 degrees.

All connections must be performed very carefully, without allowing leakage, the effects of which can be fatal. Before pouring diesel fuel into the tank intended for it is important to check all is well instrument components. If you are not confident in their knowledge, better take the help of a specialist.

Homemade heat gun for garage

Homemade diesel Teplopushki - effective means of heating the garage during the cold season. It is important to ensure that the heating elements are not in contact with the frozen parts of the machine

The advantage of the self-made thermal diesel guns is their low cost, while at the same time, their technical characteristics and comfort in use inferior models of factory assembly.

Another drawback is the complexity of such samodelok in determining power Teplopushki, made with his own hands, which is why the device can not enough or too much heat room.

What to use instead of the homemade?

If you are in doubt about their technical skills, consider purchasing the finished model generator running on diesel fuel.

Despite the relatively high cost of such a unit, such a purchase is beneficial enough: if meet the required operating rules diesel heat gun can work for ten and more years. Below are the leading manufacturers of such equipment.

Biemmedue: Quality + Italian design

The Italian company, established in 1979, specializes in the production of heaters, generators, dryers and other heating equipment.

Products in stock which are presented as household and industrial models are durable, reliable and excellent quality.

The producer pays attention not only to technical characteristics, but also design. All lines developed by specialists BiemmedueThey differ compact size, mobility, aesthetic appearance.

Master: a company with extensive experience

The US firm, which is more than half a century has been manufacturing portable heating systems, including various types of teplopushek. For manufacturing and processing units used exclusively high-quality material, so that the company's products are characterized by high technical characteristics.

Thermal diesel Gun Master

Diesel Teplopushki Master BV 110 possesses excellent characteristics (power 33 kW, 65-liter fuel tank, fuel flow rate of 2.71 per hour). Within an hour, the unit can heat 460-1000 cu. m air

Thanks to innovative technologies, which are used in the production of the models have a variety of useful Teplopushki additional options, for example, the function of controlling the flame or emergency automatic shutdown in the event of non-standard situation.

Kroll: innovative technologies

The heating technology, which is engaged in the production of well-known German company Kroll, Has a high level of assembly and use of high quality materials, especially stainless steel. At production, including thermal diesel guns are widely used the latest engineering and research and development.

Teplopushki company Ballu

Popular products of other companies (Vitals, Ballu). Products manufactured on production lines of these multinationals is reliable and long service life

Every year in the range of products you can see some interesting trends: so, for the latest models of the company teplopushek It provided heat heating function, so that the device can operate successfully even at low temperature.

Safety precautions when using Teplopushki

Heat guns, especially the home-made, refer to the instrument, representing an increased fire hazard.

safety measures when using a diesel heater

Since diesel heat gun is used outdoor fire, it is desirable to have at hand a first means of fire extinguishing (with sand tank, a tank with water, the fire extinguisher)

When using them it is important to follow safety rules:

  1. Should be deleted from the nearby presence of the heating device of flammable and combustible substances.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to direct the hot air flow towards the gas cylinders or containers with flammable liquid (e.g., gasoline).
  3. Homemade gun housing made of metal, usually heats up during operation, since unlike the factory models, they can not accommodate insulation. To avoid trouble, it is better to provide in the design stable base to prevent rolling of the cylinder, as well as the handle is not heated when the appliance.
  4. Firing Burner Piezo lighters better to use a long-handled, or to provide built-in device.
  5. Before turning off the heat gun, it is desirable to provide fan idle run for several minutes without supplying fuel. This will help somewhat to cool the unit.
  6. Heat guns (especially direct heating) may only be used in well-ventilated areas. Thus it is necessary to give preference to forced ventilation.
  7. If the unit has a horizontal layout, you should not change its configuration.
  8. Never turn on the device to the network with wet hands.

As a makeshift, and in factory models important to periodically inspect the pipeline to spot fuel leakage.

Never leave the appliance unattended. It is undesirable to use diesel Teplopushki in the room where there are children or pets.

On our site there is a block of articles devoted to the production of heat guns on different kinds of fuel, we advise to read:

  1. Thermal gas gun with his own hands: step by step assembly instructions
  2. Heat gun for waste oil with their own hands: Step by step instructions on making
  3. Electric heat gun with your hands: the pros and cons of homemade + assembly guide

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In the presented video you can see the assembly process of a diesel burner and guns using readily available materials.

Although the installation of the diesel guns no big deal, such work requires accuracy and responsibility. Thoroughly hand in the matter, it is possible in a short time to create an efficient heater, which can be used not only in the garage, but in other outbuildings.

When the qualitative performance of the assembly and correct operation Teplopushki diesel will serve more than one season.

You have experience in manufacturing and operation of thermal diesel guns? Please share the information with our readers. Comments, ask questions, and attach photos of their homemade can be in the form below.

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