How to choose a gas heater to testify: a street device

How is a good evening at the cottage. Sit on your private veranda or terrace, looking at the fire, and the stars. Create an atmosphere of comfort in the cool autumn evening, you will be gas appliances suitable for outdoor areas of heating and lighting.

We show you how to choose a gas heater for the cottages, which characteristics of the device you need to know to carry out competent purchase. We have described in detail the operating principle, dismantled their advantages and disadvantages. To help prospective buyers are the leading manufacturers in the segment.

The content of the article:

  • Gas heaters for streets
    • The operating principle of a street heater
    • The characteristic advantages and disadvantages
    • Safe operation of gas appliances
    • Criteria for selection of street heater
  • Overview of the main manufacturers
    • #1. Brand Master Summer
    • #2. Brand Patriot
    • #3. Brand Kroll
    • #4. Brand Enders
    • #5. Brand Nortec
    • #6. Brand Neoclima
  • The alternative in the field of infrared heaters
    • Catalytic heaters
    • Ceramic gas heaters
    • Thermal gas guns
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Gas heaters for streets

Gas heater - a device that emits heat waves in addition aimed at a specific subject or object, even lighting. Long-wave device heats up anything that gets in its radius of action. It dissipates wasting heat on heating the air mass, which creates reasonable conditions of its use outdoors.

Undeniable plus gas heater is operating autonomy. He is mobile and does not require connection to supply centralized networks. Distillation can be used to cool a seedling period to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter gardens, glazed.

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Gas heaters are effective outdoors

Gas heating equipment works well on platforms, not limited to building structures

Advantages of devices in the dark

At night, the gas heaters form a cozy atmosphere, in addition to supply heat even and pleasant light

Stationary heater in the form of fire

The range of gas heating equipment, there are options for permanent installation

The priority of the mobile gas appliances

However, in a holiday farm in the priority of the mobile gas device that can be moved to the premises, if necessary, be used outdoors

Gas heaters are effective outdoors

Gas heaters are effective outdoors

Advantages of devices in the dark

Advantages of devices in the dark

Stationary heater in the form of fire

Stationary heater in the form of fire

The priority of the mobile gas appliances

The priority of the mobile gas appliances

Depending on the gas burner capacity range comfort zone may be from 2 to 5 meters. A variety of models, shapes sophistication gas outdoor heaters will add flavor to the look of your garden. A gentle warmth and fresh air will not leave anyone indifferent.

line heaters

When you select a street gas heater should pay attention to the price and fuel consumption

The operating principle of a street heater

Street heater design consists of a base, and a gas line of the burner. To impart good stability rather massive base is made, it is mounted in a gas cylinder. The gas rises through the pipeline fittings, concealed heater in the rack.

In the uppermost part of the gas burner is a reflector. In combustion gas generated infrared radiation, which heats up objects, but not the air. The gas heater in the outside comfort zone raises the temperature by 10 degrees.

The hood is made of good heat and light reflective material. Therefore, cozy place not only keep warm, but also illuminated. Before the invention of an electric bulb, a city gas highlighted.

the burner is ignited, usually by a built piezoelement. The vast majority of models feature power adjustment. Devices are completely autonomous, to be connected to the power supply is not needed.

Scheme street gas heater

Most models have a height of over two meters. When installing, observe the recommended range by the manufacturer to the walls and ceiling

The characteristic advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages of a street heater is determined by its design features and the way of heating. Benefits include:

  • excellent design;
  • simple design;
  • elektronezavisimost;
  • mobility.

The gas heater is the most economical and practical in comparison with the other heaters in the form of fuel. Moreover, when the combustion gas is formed almost no harmful substances and odors.

However, due to the specific use of street forced heaters are manufactured with somewhat excessive power. According assurances manufacturers 92% of the energy produced is directed directly onto the heating device located in the field of work items, and 8% on the spent air.

several shortcomings can be identified:

  • not the highest efficiency;
  • relatively large gas flow rate;
  • high price, a reasonable use of sustainable materials to atmospheric negativity.

Use street heaters recommended at an ambient temperature of 10 +.. 5 degrees. They are not suitable for working in confined spaces.

Safe operation of gas appliances

Before you start using the gas appliance, read a few simple rules:

  1. Check the condition of rubber hoses before turning on the gas equipment.
  2. Observe the recommended distance from the ceiling and walls.
  3. Do not store gas cylinders in the house.
  4. Do not use gas appliances near an open flame.
  5. If you fire up with a match, light the first match, and then open the gas supply.
  6. If you leave, close the valves of gas cylinders.
  7. Before use, carefully read the instruction to the device.

Street gas heater is designed for the mass market, does not require special maintenance.

Depending on the design of the gas cylinderRequired for operation, it may be disposed in the lower part of the device or separate from the housing box hardware. Observance of simple rules guarantees a long and reliable operation of simple equipment.

gas bottle

Note: the gas cylinder must be periodically calibrated.

Criteria for selection of street heater

there are a few tips for choosing not to get lost in a variety of models:

  • For heating the space of 25-30 m², required power 12kW. Proceeding from that calculated output device.
  • Desirable to have a smooth change of power, not just the minimum and maximum.
  • Availability of automatic emergency shutdown, for example, in the fall.
  • Material housing preferably made of stainless steel.
  • Providing the opportunity to work on LPG and natural.

When selecting the heating gas device must pay attention to the diameter of the reflective reflector to determine the measurable area. It would be nice to heater different economical consumption of gas.

If you need to heat a large area, it is best to buy two heaters. In this way you will achieve a more uniform heat distribution. When one, but powerful heater installed in the center of the heated zone may be comfortably high temperature.

Overview of the main manufacturers

Brief information on manufacturers and offers a line of heaters will help to better define in a large range of models.

#1. Brand Master Summer

Under this brand produced Russian outdoor gas heaters. Launch of 2003. Lineup consists of two traditional types of "fungus" and "Pyramid". In line 8 colors for "fungus" and 4 different colors for the "pyramids". All heaters are given a three-year warranty.

Street gas heater fungus

Street heater type "mushroom" may be made of stainless steel or painted

Main characteristics:

  • 5-13kVt power;
  • diameter heating 9m .;
  • gas flow 0,45-0,87 kg / h .;
  • stabilization platform to fill with sand.

All models are equipped pezorozzhigom, transport wheels and automatic emergency shutdown.

Gas heater outside the pyramid

The housing of the gas heater in the form of a pyramid is made of steel. Within it lies the bulb from heat-resistant glass held by steel bars

Main characteristics of the device as a pyramid:

  • 8kW power;
  • diameter heating 6m .;
  • gas flow 0,45-0,87 kg / h .;
  • bulb of quartz glass.

Lighting is achieved through a flame height of 1 meter. There is a possibility of smooth power adjustment. To start pezopodzhigom applied.

#2. Brand Patriot

Trading markaPatriot founded in 1973 in the United States. Among the huge list of garden tools and power tools have a model outdoor infrared heaters.

Patriot gas heaters Street

Patriot Gas heaters are equipped with protection against overheating and device, unplug the appliance from accidental falls or overturning

The main characteristics of the models:

  • 6-15 kW power;
  • diameter heating 9m .;
  • gas flow 0,45-0,87 kg / h .;
  • there are models of stainless steel.

Models equipped pezorozzhigom, equipped with stepless power adjustment device. For easy navigation, the set includes rollers.

#3. Brand Kroll

The German manufacturer of heating equipment Kroll was founded in 1980. Thanks to the 100% automation of all the innovative developments almost instantly introduced into production.

Street gas heater Kroll

Street Kroll gas heaters with a wide umbrella heat area of ​​28 m². Device height can vary from 2.3 m to 1.6 m

The main features of the model:

  • 6,5-10kVt power;
  • diameter heating 6m;
  • gas flow 0,51-0,78 kg / h;
  • It made of stainless steel.

The model is equipped with a piezoelectric element for a safe ignition. There is a built-in safety block and infinitely adjustable power burner.

#4. Brand Enders

Founding year 1883. Enders German company specializes in production of equipment for outdoor recreation. The company produces a wide range of outdoor gas heaters.

Gas heater street with rotary transducers

Due to the possibility to rotate emitting device modules can significantly increase the area of ​​the device operation

The main characteristics of the model with rotary transducers:

  • torch power of 2 kW each to 2;
  • Gas flow 2 of 0,145kg / h .;
  • distance 4.5 m heating .;
  • Material: Stainless steel or painted steel.

The model is equipped with a piezoelectric element and an automatic safety block. Adjusting the combustion power is not provided.

Street gas heater fungus Enders

Heaters with stainless steel body - most adapted to atmospheric negativity embodiment

The main characteristics of the models:

  • 4-14kVt power;
  • diameter 10m heating .;
  • gas flow 1,019kg / h .;
  • Material polished stainless steel.

The model allows for fine adjustment of power, there pezorozzhigom. Built in automatic safety block.

Street gas heater bar

Heater "column" height of only 1.15 meters, but due to the adjustable reflector effectively distributes infrared

The main features of the model:

  • 3-6kVt power;
  • distance heating 5m;
  • gas flow 0,437kg / h;
  • Material polished stainless steel.

Relatively little power is compensated patented thermal energy distribution system. The model is equipped pezorozzhigom and automatic security block.

Pyramidal gas heater for outdoor purposes

The model is a "pyramid" with a light source to 1 meter. Made of stainless steel reflector without the slightest damage will last for years to come

Main characteristics:

  • 4,9kVt power;
  • the maximum gas flow rate 0,34kg / hr;
  • manufacturing painted steel material.

The device allows continuous regulation of power and flame height. Built-in piezoelectric element and an automatic safety block. The housing is equipped with wheels.

#5. Brand Nortec

Chinese group of companies under the trade name Nortec began its sale in 2005. One of the company is the production of outdoor heaters.

Gas heaters Nortec

Gas heaters Nortec for summer houses and cafes have high heating rate. Extremely quickly reach the required temperature

Main characteristics:

  • 6-12Vt power;
  • 0,6-0,98 gas flow kg / h;
  • heating diameter of 8 m;
  • using Russian tanks 27l.

Model equipped pezorozzhigom. For the convenience of moving the base is equipped with a wheel base.

Main characteristics:

  • Power 6-12 kW;
  • 0,6-0,98 gas flow kg / h .;
  • diameter heating 8m .;
  • using Russian tanks 27l.

Power adjustment has three stages. Equipped pzorozzhigom. Housing material - stainless steel.

#6. Brand Neoclima

Neoclima - a trademark of the Chinese manufacturer of HVAC equipment. Year of foundation - 2000. There are at authorized servicing centers in CIS countries.

Gas outdoor heaters Neoclima

Street heater casing may be made of stainless steel or powder-painted metal spraying firmly resisting natural adversities

The main characteristics of the models with an umbrella in the form of fungus:

  • 5-13kVt power;
  • gas flow 0,4-0,87kg / h;
  • diameter heating 9m;
  • using Russian tanks 27l.

Model equipped with an automatic safety device and for power adjustment. Ignition is carried piezo.

The main characteristics of pyramidal modifications:

  • 5-13kVt power;
  • gas flow 0,35-0,85kg / h;
  • diameter heating 5m;
  • using Russian tanks 27l.

The case of this model is made from painted metal. There are power adjustable. The device is equipped with an automatic alarm and pezorozzhigom.

The stylishly furnished outdoor gas heaters

The housing of stainless steel or a stainless steel alloy with a powder coating is virtually impossible to rust. However, fans in steel products not too much. For adherents of tastefully decorated exterior produce devices with optional wooden body

The review is not represented leading manufacturers. Their products are similar in operating principle, but differ in specifications and equipment.

The alternative in the field of infrared heaters

A Closer Look at the street infrared heaters They are best suited for outdoor use. However, due to its specialization ineffective in other applications.

For heating well ventilated verandas and terraces fit:

  • catalytic heaters;
  • ceramic heaters;
  • heat gun.

This type of heaters has a smaller capacity, generally have a wheelbase. They are not as effective for heating outdoors, but easy to use and versatile. Ceramic infrared gas heaters can be used for heating of closed premises and workshops, but require mandatory ventilation.

About, harm or benefit we get, using infrared heating devices, detailed understanding of our recommended paper.

Catalytic heaters

In catalytic gas heaters occurs open gas combustion. Due to the chemical reaction takes place in the presence of a catalyst oxidation gas with thermal energy. When flameless combustion temperature does not rise above 500 degrees. Catalytic gas heaters are infrared category.

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Catalytic gas heater cottage

Catalytic heaters - the most secure type of equipment. Their principle of operation involves processing gas without forming flame

Place a gas cylinder arrangement in the heater

In the catalytic gas facility burned affordable propane butane, which significantly increases the popularity of devices in the environment truckers

Rules of operation of the catalyst units

Operation of the gas catalytic heaters type admissible indoors if their area is greater than 20 sq. m

Supplement gas heater fan

To increase the rate of heating devices and a number of actions the efficiency of catalytic models are equipped with a fan

Catalytic gas heater cottage

Catalytic gas heater cottage

Place a gas cylinder arrangement in the heater

Place a gas cylinder arrangement in the heater

Rules of operation of the catalyst units

Rules of operation of the catalyst units

Supplement gas heater fan

Supplement gas heater fan

Inside the catalytic heater body is coated with a porous material or the catalyst powder. Typically, the porous material is a fiberglass wool. A catalyst often used platinum.

Recently, there have catalytic heaters with another type of catalyst, which significantly reduce the cost.

Due to the large area of ​​the catalyst gas or petrol fumes effectively oxidized by chemical reaction. In this case, oxygen consumption is minimal. Catalytic gas heaters can be used indoors and do not necessarily require the presence of a well-functioning mechanical ventilation.

Scheme catalytic heater

Very often, the catalytic heaters can operate not only on gas but also on other types of fuel

Advantages and disadvantages of catalytic heaters determined amount and kind of catalyst.


  • easily tolerated;
  • do not require ventilation;
  • a gas cylinder mounted inside the unit;
  • may operate on different fuels (gas, gasoline);
  • very high efficiency.

Catalytic heaters - the safest form of gas equipment with a low temperature of the radiating element. The popularity of these devices due to economical fuel consumption, continuous operation.

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The model of the portable gas heater

Portable gas heaters is small weight and size, but high enough capacity

Catalytic gas appliance in the garage

As the safest equipment catalytic option is best suited for heating small spaces: garages, cottages, camping tents and other.

Trade offers nituristicheskih stores

Find mobile catalytic heater can be in the shops selling equipment for hikers, hunters, anglers

Gas mobile catalytic heater

Heaters of this type can operate on compressed gas from a container and optionally from the standard container

The model of the portable gas heater

The model of the portable gas heater

Catalytic gas appliance in the garage

Catalytic gas appliance in the garage

Trade offers nituristicheskih stores

Trade offers nituristicheskih stores

Gas mobile catalytic heater

Gas mobile catalytic heater

However, it has the following disadvantages:

  • high price determines the cost of the catalyst;
  • limited resource, around 2500 hours.

Catalytic gas heaters have a simple design, light weight. Most models do not require connection to a power source.

When you select a catalytic gas heater is necessary to calculate the cubic content of the heated room. The most powerful modifications may warm up to 100 cubic meters., Have a capacity of about 5 kW. Gas flow in this case is up to 300 c. in hour.

The average catalytic heaters designed for about 20 m² area, consume 130-150 g / hr of fuel. This is one of the most economical types of gas heaters.

Catalytic heater for cottages

For the convenience of moving large heavy models are equipped with a wheelbase greatly facilitates towing at different distances

Heated interior space country house excellently cope carbon fiber heater. Recommended familiar with the principle of the device carboxylic devices as well as to the positive and negative sides of their use.

Ceramic gas heaters

Is used to heat thermal emission flame. It burns a lot of oxygen, and thus the use of the premises is required airing. Ceramic gas heaters are infrared heaters.

Gas flows from the container into the nozzle, where combustion occurs. Due to the high combustion temperature, about 800 degrees, a large amount of emitted infrared radiation.

To increase the efficiency of the device used ceramic panel. This panel is heat resistant and retains heat for a long time, gradually heating the surrounding objects. Advantages and disadvantages are determined by the presence of an open flame. High oxygen consumption.


  • simple structure;
  • low price;
  • high power;
  • High-speed heating.

Due to the large capacity of the structure of ceramic heaters are often added to the fans. This addition allows for greater efficiency and speed of heating.

Ceramic heaters have the following disadvantages:

  • mandatory ventilation or adequate ventilation;
  • unsafe due to an open flame;
  • increased fuel consumption.

Ceramic heaters efficiency compared with catalytic analogues below. High combustion temperature allows the use of a fan for a more effective and rapid heating.

The most powerful model for home use have a capacity of about 6 kW. Without the use of an additional fan can warm to 60 m² living space. Because of the increased gas flow completed cylinders 6 and 12 liters.

However, there are low-power heaters - hiking embodiments. Simple design and simplicity make it possible to use this type of heaters for a variety of purposes. They are the most versatile of all the varieties.

ceramic heater

It must be remembered heat radiating surface. The heater should not be placed closer than 2 meters to the subjects.

Thermal gas guns

Thermal gas guns capable, in just a few minutes to heat up a considerable amount of space. gas guns refer to devices with forced convection. This direct heating of the device.

Using the piezoelectric element is ignited gas burner, and the fan behind creates a powerful airflow. The air temperature coming from the gun is 300-400 degrees. Productivity is dependent on the burner capacity and the volume of blown air. The kit may include a temperature sensor for auto turn-off.

Although no smoke nor smell, carbon monoxide formed in the combustion products when burned gas. For this reason, every half hours is necessary to ventilate the room. The advantages and disadvantages associated high power, which usually has no adjustments.


  • high mobility;
  • simple structure;
  • not large weight and dimensions;
  • very high heating rate;
  • not a high price.

The gas burns inside the torch pipe and securely isolated from the surroundings. Nevertheless, you need to consider the heat exhaust air and heating of the pipe itself.

The use of gas guns have their drawbacks:

  • You must be connected to the mains;
  • constant ventilation;
  • noise;
  • even in the automatic mode requires the control of the person;
  • high fuel consumption;
  • no possibility of power control.

Effectiveness as a heater dwellings decreased due to the necessity of constant ventilation.

The main technical characteristics of the gas of the heat gun - the volume of heated air per hour. Typical parameters for household gas gun - 320 m3 in hour. Thus the gas flow is about 700g / hr. Not the large aggregates of different power 50kW and can be heated for an hour to 900 m3.

Scope heat gun - a rapid heating in the main production workshops and construction sites. Well suited for garages, semi-open verandas, rooms with good ventilation. When choosing a gas gun notice the presence of automation and security systems.

gas gun

Gas guns have a high gas flow rate, gas is not supplied.

Thermal gas guns are frequently used to increase the temperature to accelerate curing monolithic concrete foundation and similar designs for the plaster and finishing with a clutch basis.

Low-powered models rely on a small heating private garages, cottages, country houses. selection rules and type heat guns devoted to the recommended article us.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Due to the bulky size of the street lights are supplied disassembled. See assembly instructions:

Video demonstrating the work of automatic gas gun:

Small catalytic heater is able to work through the night:

In general, gas heaters have a high reliability and safety. The vast majority of models can operate in standalone mode. Use as a fuel gas, it is very economical and environmentally friendly devices.

Tell how selected gas heater to suburban area. Comment, please contact the information offered, ask questions, share useful information. Leave a comment can be located in block form below.

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