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A huge assortment of seeds is presented on the modern planting marketpersonal cucumbers. The choice is very rich and it is not uncommon for a gardener, especially a beginner, to decide on which grade to stay. There are varieties of cucumbers for growing in greenhouses or in open ground, most of them can be grown in both ways.

They differ in terms of cleaning and the possibility of preservation, a tendency to disease, size, color, etc. Some of the varieties are intended for fresh consumption, others are canned, of course, there are many varieties of cucumbers that can be used for canning and for salads.

Review of universal hybrid varieties of cucumbers

One of the proven varieties should recognize the hybrid gherkin cucumber Herman f1.A description of its advantages can confirm this successfully.

This is a self-pollinating variety. The combination of super early ripening( about 40 days) and high yields( up to 35 kg. From 1 sq. M.) Makes it one of the most successful for growing in the country.

The fruits of this cucumber variety have excellent taste, good density and texture, they crunch even after processing.

The size of srednebugorchatyh with white pollination and without bitterness of greens up to 10 cm and they no longer grow! These qualities of Herman f1 cucumber make them an ideal raw material for canning and salting. They do not turn yellow and are stored for a very long time.

Strong-growing plant:

  • grow to 5 meters in length;
  • easily woven on the trellis;
  • easily bend;
  • does not break under the weight of the crop;
  • resistant to many diseases.

Care and harvesting facilitates the fact that the plant is quite open. Cucumbers Herman f1 are used for cultivation in open ground and in greenhouses and greenhouses. Products are intended for fresh use and for processing.

Merengue F1 Variety

Among the universal self-pollinating cucumber varieties, it is necessary to note the Merengue cucumber f1, which has a high simultaneous yield.

The resulting green leaves have a beautiful appearance:

  • fruits are homogeneous cornish type;
  • the correct form;
  • large;
  • dark green;
  • without bitterness;
  • is not deformed and does not turn yellow.

The first harvest of cucumbers of this variety can be started on the 55th day after sowing, the main harvest of products falls on the 60th day. The yield from one bush for three months, with proper farming, about 8 kg.from the bush.

This cucumber variety is resistant to most common diseases. Cucumbers Meringue f1 have excellent taste, allowing you to use them fresh and for processing. They tolerate transportation.

Grade Adam F1

Cucumber Adam f1 is a high-yielding, early-maturing, self-pollinating variety that has proven itself in cultivation both in the greenhouse and in the open field.

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The plant is medium thick and resistant to cucumber mosaic, powdery mildew and olive spot. The first Zelenka appear 6 weeks after the emergence of plants. Productivity is high, reaches 10 kg.from 1 square.

The cucumbers of the Adam f1 variety are cylindrical in shape with small tubercles with white pubescence, sometimes green with white stripes, that is, they have an excellent presentation. The average fruit weight is up to 95 g, and the length is up to 10 cm. The main fresh application, and can be preserved. When processed also have a good taste.

Variety Marinda F1

The gherkin’s cucumber Marinda f1 is very popular in Europe and Russia, and can be salted or used for salads.

This variety is self-pollinating with a high yield( up to 30 kg per sq. M.), The first cucumbers appear on day 56.

The plant is very powerful and open, just for him to care for and harvest. Even under adverse weather conditions and minimal care, you can get a rich harvest.

Zelenki have a dark green color with large tubercles, up to 10 cm in size, crisp dense pulp without bitterness and small seed chambers. Marinda f1 cucumber is grown in open ground and in greenhouses. This hybrid variety is characterized by complex resistance to many diseases.

Claudia F1 Variety

Early ones suitable for growing in greenhouses or in open ground are Claudius f1 cucumbers.

The ripening period of the first crop is about 50 days from germination. The plant is self-pollinating and resistant to most diseases on cucumbers.

Cucumber Greens Claudia f1:

  • without bitterness;
  • small;
  • straight;
  • are small-celled;
  • crispy.

These gherkins are ideal for pickling and processing.

Variety Prestige F1

Unpretentious to growing conditions in open and closed ground is a highly productive hybrid of cucumbers Prestige f1.

A strong-growing plant with medium branching forms several ovaries at each node. It is characterized by a long fruiting period.

Its brilliant greens are distinguished by good keeping quality and excellent presentation. Cucumbers Prestige f1 is a classic mid-tubery gherkins with great taste, fragrant, juicy and strong, used for canning and fresh.

Review of varieties of cucumbers for open ground

For growing in unheated greenhouses and in open ground, the hybrid variety of cucumbers Masha f1 is an ideal choice.

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This is one of the earliest varieties and does not need to pollinate insects, as self-pollinating.

The plant is potent and disease resistant:

  • for perinospora;
  • cladosporiosis;
  • powdery mildew;
  • cucumber mosaic virus.

Under normal nutrition, up to 7 Zelentsi are formed in each node - fruiting, hybrid and long-lasting. Zelenki ripen very amicably and early harvest can be started 40 days after the friendly shoot. Cucumber Masha f1 has a lot of positive feedback, according to the observations of gardeners, he responds well to agricultural machinery and gives a bountiful harvest.

Cucumbers of this variety with remarkable taste, without bitterness and with a good consistency, short( up to 8 cm.) And with a dense tuberous skin. The products are intended to be consumed fresh and especially suitable for salting.

Variety Ekol F1

With a growing season of up to 46 days, Ekol F1 cucumbers, this variety has a high setting, therefore it is suitable for the production of pickles( cucumbers up to 4-6 cm in size)

.Can be used fresh.

Hybrid Characteristics:

  • high yields,
  • early ripeness,
  • good presentation,
  • resistance to diseases common to cucumbers.

Variety of Siberian garland F1

Impresses with its high yield and the ability to bear cucumber Siberian garland f1 before frost.

Scourge plants hung entirely with cucumbers, gathered in a bun. The variety is early ripening, self-pollinating bouquets.

Zelentsy as if specially selected - all from 5 cm to 8 cm in size. Juicy, crunchy, very fragrant and sweet cucumbers have a great taste in salting.

The only drawback is the need for regular harvesting of green leaves, as otherwise the yield decreases.

Connie F1 Variety

Connie f1 cucumber, an early hybrid that does not need pollinators, is grown in the open field and in film greenhouses.

The plant is medium climbing. Ovaries on the plant appear at 45-50 days after shoot. A lot of Zelentsov up to 80 g, they are short, small tuberous with a bright green color and without bitterness. Suitable for salting.

Grade Murashka F1

Cucumber Murashka f1 is intended for cultivation in home gardens and in small farms in open ground and under film cover.

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A strong-growing plant with medium branching and strongly leafy, at least three flowers are formed in each node. Enters fructification for 45 days after a shoot. Productivity to 12 kg.from 1 square.m. .

The striped cucumber has the correct form, with the average size of tubercles with black spines. The weight of green leaves is about 100 g, diameter is up to 4 cm and length is up to 13 cm. It has high taste qualities, suitable for salting. Hybrid resistant to diseases.

Amur F1

The very early cucumber is Amur f1, which comes into fruition by the 38th day after full germination.

Characterized by massive fruiting in the 1st month. The branch is poorly developed, so the hybrid can be grown without forming.1-2 nodes develop in the nodes. Cucumbers tuberous with white thorns, the length of greens to 15 cm. Suitable for processing and fresh consumption. Cucumber f1 is disease resistant and cold resistant.

Hybrid varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses

Cucumber Kurazh f1 has proven itself to be cultivated in glass and film greenhouses.

This hybrid, which forms a powerful root system, forms a stable assimilation surface for feeding the plant, which provides it with enhanced growth. The plant is self-pollinating and forms up to 10 ovaries in one node. Their number depends on the light and age.

Zelentsy have a diameter of about 4 cm, weight up to 140 g. They are often tubercular with white spines. The products have up to 10 days and a universal purpose. The variety successfully competes with the production of open ground and film greenhouses. Hybrid cucumber Courage f1 resistant to real and downy mildew and root rot.

April Grade F1

The April cucumber f1 recognized as another popular hybrid for greenhouses, abundant fruiting in the first month - up to 13 kg from 1 square meter.m., it is friendly and long.

Early self-pollinating variety, but fruits better when pollinated by bees, the yield in such cases rises to 30%.The first crop ripens in 50 days from germination. Zelentsy standard form with bumps. Reach a length of up to 25 cm, weight - up to 250 g. Thanks to its high taste, it is used fresh and for processing.

Cucumber April f1 can be grown on a glassed-in balcony and as indoor culture. It is cold resistant and disease resistant.

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