Top 10 Bottle Warmers

  • Philips AVENT SCF355 / 00
  • B.Well WK-132
  • Miniland Warmy Plus
  • Avent Philips Scf256 / 00
  • Canpol 9/271 as well as being able to put things into place in order to make yourself able to make things into( 1);42214481

Breastfeeding is definitely the best option for feeding a baby. But what about those who are forced for one reason or another to resort to artificial feeding? A special bottle warmer comes to the rescue. Strained breast milk or a special nutrient mixture reaches a comfortable temperature for the baby in a few minutes.

A small rating of the best bottle warmers will help you choose a good device based on the opinions and feedback of those who have already appreciated all the advantages of these devices.

Philips AVENT SCF355 / 00

Opens the TOP popular model from a well-known manufacturer of home appliances. After only 3-5 minutes, the infant formula will be ready for the baby. To control the device does not need any special knowledge. It is enough to turn the control knob to the desired position and select one of four possible heating modes. On the readiness of the mixture signals a special light alert. Heating takes place through hot water.

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The device has a built-in gentle defrost function. Pre-frozen milk or baby food is evenly heated by gently mixing the liquid. To ensure careful maintenance of the unit, a special self-cleaning function is provided, which significantly increases the service life of the device.


  • high speed heating;
  • compatibility with all Avent branded bottles;
  • light indication;
  • self-cleaning;
  • careful defrosting;
  • wide bowl.


  • missing thermostat;
  • costs a lot.

B.Well WK-132

Heater from a fairly popular brand with a basic set of features and a nice design. The type of control is mechanical. You can set any of three levels: from 40 to 100 degrees. Just a few minutes and warm milk for the baby will be ready.

When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heater automatically shuts off, so that the likelihood of overheating of the liquid is completely excluded. In addition, this design not only saves time, but also allows you to significantly save energy. The completion of the process is signaled by a light indication. As in the previous case, hot water is used to heat the mixture.

Using a branded heater is absolutely safe. The device is made of high quality food grade plastic. And to eliminate the possibility of accidental burns, a special tray-lift is provided. He will protect his hands when removing the bottle from the hot water.


  • 3 heating temperature levels;
  • thermostat;
  • fast heating;
  • security system;
  • low power consumption;
  • wide loading opening;
  • long cord;
  • stylish appearance;
  • reasonable price.


  • is not suitable for very pot-bellied bottles.

Miniland Warmy Plus

Heater of this brand can be used both at home and in the car. It is expensive, however, it justifies its cost by 100%.Infant formula warms up very quickly, in just 3-4 minutes. You can use it for sterilization. This process will take about 10–12 minutes.

A special timer is used to monitor the degree of heating. About the expiration of the specified time is signaled by a light and sound signal. Touch control, very convenient.


  • suitable for use in the car;
  • light and sound alert;
  • quick warm-up;
  • can be used as a sterilizer;
  • timer;
  • interesting design.


  • rather high power;
  • uncomfortable to use low bottles.

Avent Philips Scf256 / 00

Continues the top of the best bottle warmers another model from the popular company Philips. This device can warm the mixture to a comfortable temperature in just 2.5 minutes. In addition, the device can keep warm for a long time( up to 6 hours).This heater is very convenient to take with you for a walk. It is completely independent of the presence of a nearby electrical outlet. True, the presence of hot water is mandatory.

The heater is compact, lightweight, durable and can be used with bottles of almost any format.


  • is completely safe;
  • compact;
  • is blocked from children;
  • can be taken for a walk;
  • cute;
  • 3 modes of operation.


  • there is no auto power off;
  • is expensive.

Canpol 9/271

Universal heater for different types and sizes of bottles and jars with infant formula or mashed potatoes. The device provides rapid heating, and the temperature controller monitors the process. The kit includes: lift-lift for bottles, 2 spoons, a plate for heating. Maintaining the desired temperature "manages" comfortable thermostat.


  • wide equipment;
  • thermostat;
  • wide neck for a different type of bottles and jars;
  • plate for solid food;
  • fast heating.


  • short cord.

Chicco Home

This heater provides uniform heating of the mixture. At the end of the process, the water cools down to 37 degrees. Mechanical control, 2 modes to choose from. The sound and light indication will “tell” the end. Even if you have not heard the signal, you should not worry. At the end of the process, the device will turn off automatically and nothing will overheat. The device is able to maintain the specified parameters for an hour.


  • is convenient for bottles of any shape;
  • 2 modes;
  • keeps set parameters;
  • interesting design;
  • "pulls" a little electricity;
  • sound signal at the end of the process;
  • suitable for plastic and glass;
  • compact.


  • can slightly overheat the milk( subjectively).

Beaba Bib’bain-Marie

An excellent baby food warmer that can be used at home and when traveling. In the latter version, the device is switched on via a special car adapter. There is also a special compartment for storing the cord.

The device has as many as 5 different modes, very compact and easy to use. Automatic shutdown at the end of the process ensures safe operation. The heater has a patented system to maintain the desired temperature, so that the device is guaranteed not to overheat. High-precision thermometer ensures the correct heating temperature. For best results, a dual programming system is provided. First you need to select the initial temperature of the product( room or from the refrigerator), and then set the volume of the heated mixture.


  • compactness and ease of use;
  • ability to work on the "cigarette lighter";
  • cord storage system;
  • patented thermal mode;
  • selection of the initial temperature of the product;
  • selection of the volume of the mixture;
  • accurate thermometer;
  • attractive appearance.


  • there is no instruction in Russian.

Chicco 60082.00

Interesting, simple and intuitive digital heater for bottles and jars with baby food. You can use containers of various sizes and sizes, as well as set the initial temperature of the heated product. At the end of the process, a special timer will turn off the device on its own, and a large digital display and audible signals will allow you not to miss this moment.

This device looks very organic in any kitchen. This contributes to the elegant and elegant appearance of the product.


  • digital control;
  • stylish appearance;
  • 3 levels of heating;
  • the ability to use different utensils;
  • beep;
  • lift-holder for bottles;
  • good power;
  • fast heating;
  • function to maintain heat;
  • selection of the volume and initial temperature of the contents;
  • easy operation.


  • is expensive.

Brevi Vivalapappa

This heater can be classified as "smart" devices. In it, the maximum heating force gradually decreases depending on the temperature of the milk in the bottle. Thus, at the exit you get the ideal temperature of the mixture for feeding the child. Heating occurs quickly enough.150 ml of liquid is prepared in 5 minutes, and the same amount of mixture takes about 7 minutes. This is a little longer than some previous models. But due to the gradual equalization of temperature, you can keep a maximum of nutrients in the product.

A thermostat is used to fine tune the parameters. When the heating is over, the device turns off automatically. You do not have to be on watch with a stopwatch.


  • special heating technology;
  • PTK heaters;
  • thermostat;
  • innovative design;
  • overheating protection;
  • automatic shutdown at the end of the process.


  • has no particular minuses.

Tommee Tippee 42214481

This heater does an excellent job with its functions, in fact, like all previous ones. He will help mom quickly warm up the milk or a small jar of baby puree. The whole process will take no more than 4–5 minutes.

Using the mechanical controller, you can select one of 3 modes. But for sterilization, the device is not suitable. The maximum heating temperature is 78 degrees. On the completion of the process can be judged by the light indicator. There is a function to maintain the specified temperature parameters.

You should not worry about security either. The device is made of durable food plastic and can be used without problems in “children's” processes. To protect against overheating of the milk mixture, a device shutdown function is provided at the end of heating.


  • rapid heating;
  • light indication;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • temperature maintenance function;
  • resistant legs;
  • ease of use.


  • short wire;
  • is quite expensive.

Decide for yourself, you need a modern bottle warmer, or you will manage with old grandmother’s ways. We tried to tell in detail about the best models of bottle warmers.

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