Halogen heaters - what is it?

  • Design and principle of operation
  • Advantages and disadvantages of halogen heaters
  • Where they use halogen heaters
  • The best outdoor models

One of the most common ways to warm in the winter at home or in the country is to use special heaters. In the market of goods offered a huge number of varieties. All models are quite modern and practical to use, have a wonderful design. But still, what type of heater to buy? After all, they differ not only in external data and brand, each of them has its own principle of operation.

Let's take a closer look at a specific category and understand what halogen heaters are and how they work?

Device and principle of operation

It can be said that this type of heaters has long been on the market. At the heart of the design of a halogen heater, as the name implies, is a halogen lamp. Depending on the power of the heater, one or more halogen lamps are laid.

The body has a reflector element, which forms the direction of heat flow. In process of safety, in order to avoid burns from a source of heating, halogen lamps are closed by a grid.

Powered by electrical connection. Provides for different power modes, which is regulated by switches on its panel. The case of such a heater is made in a concise modern form.

Principle of operation

Actually, the function of the heating element and the direct source of heat is performed by the halogen lamp. It is a tubular flask from 20 to 50 cm long. In the middle of the shell, it is filled with buffer gas, which does not allow the tungsten filament( coil) to burn out when heated from an electricity current.

Heats up very quickly. A couple of minutes is enough for this. The incandescent lamp takes place: the tungsten atoms are detached from the helix, and then they are deposited on it again and contribute to strong heating.

When you turn on the lamp emit light and infrared wavelength. According to the principle of operation, thermal energy is directed not to the air, but to heat objects in the room. From them heat and leaves the room as a whole.

The heater is very light and therefore comfortable to move from place to place. It serves to heat a certain area, or it can be concentrated on the heating of a specific object. With long-term use it is able to dry the air, therefore along with it it is recommended to use an air humidifier.

Advantages and disadvantages of halogen heaters

Like all devices for heating, halogen heaters also have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a halogen heater, the pros and cons are the criteria that give the best opportunity to understand the basic properties and choose, in comparison with others, the necessary type of heater.


  1. Heats up very quickly. A couple of minutes is enough to feel the effect of heating.
  2. Silent, does not produce sounds during operation. An exception may be models with a built-in fan.
  3. Uniform heating method.
  4. Thanks to the principle of operation, this type of heater can be used outdoors.
  5. Absolutely affordable. Adequate value for money.


  1. Not recommended for a long time under the influence of shortwave radiation. This adversely affects the condition of the body.
  1. Produces a pronounced light. For some, this is not a minus, and perhaps vice versa. However, it should be noted that the lamps emit a bright yellow light. It may interfere at night.

After analyzing the characteristic properties, you can clearly determine whether this type of heater is suitable for your requirements.

Where use halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are widely used. In particular:

  • In the technological direction. Often used for drying surfaces after repairs. They have quite strong power, therefore they are effective as an express drying of technical and residential premises.
  • As a street heater. Often used on the outdoor terraces of pubs and restaurants.
  • Household heater. As a domestic heater, it is not recommended to use it for a long time, at least to avoid the direct effect of its waves.

This type of heater is rather an aid and does not replace the main heating. However, when the need arises quickly and to heat the room effectively - this is a very good option.

The best outdoor models.

. A floor standing method of using a halogen heater is considered the most common. Easy to move using the wheels or the handle. By weight, the heater is one of the lightest. This allows you to install and move it, as it is convenient. In addition, heat may be an additional source of light.

Of the models that have distinguished themselves the most in demand and recognition among consumers, the following stand out:

Saturn ST-HT0491 - the heater has horizontal placement on the vertical leg. You can choose the type of installation: floor or wall. The 2500 W heater is designed to heat an area of ​​up to 25 m².Perhaps used as an outdoor heater, with the spread of heat over an area of ​​10 m².Powered by three power modes.

Enders Barcelona - the heater is similar to the previous one, however, with a lower power of 2100 W, it works in three modes. It is intended for heating a room of 16 m², or for 10 m² outside.

Runwin New York Gold Time - similar to the previous type of floor halogen heater. With a given power of 2100 W for heating a room of up to 20 m², or as an outdoor heater for an area of ​​10 m².Equipped with a work countdown timer.

The specified type of heaters has its own characteristics. Excellent, with a possibility of application both in the housing sphere, and as a source of heat and light at various technological processes. Therefore, in certain cases, its use will prevail among other types of heating aids.

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