What materials to use for interior finishing baths, saunas


  1. In the best traditions of the Slavic holiday
  2. Safety of materials for construction and interior finishing of the bath
  3. What materials are suitable for the insulation of the ceiling in the bath
  4. From what materials to make a floor in a bath, a sauna
  5. Materials used for interior decoration of the bath walls
  6. Safety of electrical wiring in the bath

In the best traditions of the Slavic holiday


Bath is not just a great way to carefree pastime on vacation, but also a useful procedure that can strengthen health. At present, mankind has invented several types of baths, among which are the Roman, Turkish hammam, Japanese and Finnish baths, whichcan be either dry-air or dry. In the first variant, the humidity does not exceed 30%, and the air temperature is raised - about 100 degrees, inraw(for example,Russian bath), on the contrary, the temperature is close to 60 degrees, andhumidity reaches 100%. Here we will consider the options for interior finishing of the more familiar baths and saunas, with little digressions and comparisons.

First of all, it is worth recalling the saying "What you sow is what you will reap". This directly applies to the construction of the bath. The service life of the structure depends on the quality of the materials used for its construction. Incorrectly selected materials can limit the validity of the bath up to several uses, since Some wood species are completely unsuitable for interior finishing of premises with high humidity.

The effectiveness of the bath in the health plan is closely related to the nature of the materials from which it is built and finished. Artificial components not only will not improve health, but can have a negative impact. Such absolutely inappropriate materials, such as plastic or otherrefined products canonly poison visitors, decrying the purpose of the bath. All the "ingredients" of interior decoration must be made exclusively of "right natural and environmentally friendly building materials.


The pores of a person's skin open under the influence of high air temperature in the steam room, this phenomenon is called "skin breathing". Through opened pores, natural and pure ethers enter our body if the finish is done correctly, orpoisonous vapors released by refinery products, if synthetic finishing materials have been used. There should not even be sealed plastic luminaires, which, according to the manufacturer, are environmentally friendly. We must immediately understand that any product from oil by its nature becomes an artificial and harmful product. The same applies to metal-plastic windows, the installation of which is extremely undesirable both in the bathhouse and in a separate sauna.

In the Slavic bathsThe main component of interior decoration has always been a tree.

In the Turkishthe same institutions, all the walls are lined with stone. But since we are the northern inhabitants, we will also be built from wood.

The most suitable option for a separate bathhouse-this is a wooden frame. In this case, the lining of the lining inside the room is not needed. Initially, the seemingly expensive option, in fact, is not at all more expensive than a brick bath, which needs both interior decoration and exterior.

Safety of materials for construction and interior finishing of the bath


Returning to the theme of finishing, it should be noted that some producers, in order to save money on construction and more earnings, can applysynthetic "ingredients"when erected. Therefore, in no case should you be ashamed to ask questions if something seems suspicious to you. A minute embarrassment can turn into a tragedy for the health of all who will be in the bath. The same applies to "turnkey" baths - one must always ask what materials they are made of, and request supporting documents.

Woodcan not be covered with paint or varnish. Even if the performer assures you that you need to process the tree with linseed oil - do not let it do it. Drying oil, as well as most modern primers, is a product of oil refining. One word can not stand next to the word "health".

Harmless liquid for processing wood in paired, are sold in specialized stores, although they will have to denote their high cost. But, as you know, save on health - drive yourself into the grave ahead of time.

Wood in the steam room should have such indicators as the lowest possible conductivity of heat, It contributes to good thermal insulation, and low thermal capacity, preventing excessive heating finishing. It is worth repeating that for other rooms such strict requirements are not presented.

What materials are suitable for the insulation of the ceiling in the bath

Warming of the ceiling surface needs to be given special attention. The ceiling passes much more heat than the walls. To do this, it must be insulated to avoid the loss of warm air. And here many self-taught people make the biggest mistake - they makesheets of foam plasticabove the final ceiling finish. itgross error, which, one way or another, will play a cruel joke with visitors. Polyfoam is a gas-filled plastic made from... oil. Remember the previously read.

The onlyA more or less safe solution for thermal insulation of the ceiling can be mineral wool. It uses limestone, dolomite and basalt, which are natural components. It is a durable material characterized by refractoriness and hygroscopicity. But still, natural aggregates made from straw blends will be the best solution, although they will require more effort when installing them. Decoration of the ceiling can be done by the same lining as on the walls.

From what materials to make a floor in a bath, a sauna

Sex in the steam room can beconcrete, with wooden grating(the so-called flowing), which will allow it to be in it without sneakers. The flowing floor is an inexpensive structure - flooring from planks with gaps for water drains. It is worth considering that this is a cold floor, so nothing special is to be expected. Removable construction is attached to the lags only in the grooves,notnailing, which will, in the future, take her outside to dry. The floor of concrete is made with a slope to the center, where a sewer pipe will be installed, which removes the liquid outwards.

Non-flowing floorrepresents two layers of boards. The top layer does not have the slightest gap and is made of hardwood. Between the top and bottom layer is laid a heater, which, coupled with a quality ceiling insulation, minimizes heat loss.

Another option when laying the floor can betiling. It is easy to clean, not afraid of moisture, but not so pleasant in contact with the feet and you can slip on it, which can lead to terrible consequences.

Materials used for interior decoration of the bath walls

In the vast majority of cases, interior decoration,in the form of lining lining, is made of hardwood. note thatconiferous treeshave a rather specific smell and, in addition, they havelow resistance to moisture, because of what is very rarely used in the performance of finishing. It is also not recommended to mix hardwood with coniferousbad combinationfor this type of construction.

Lime woodcharacterized by low heat capacity, so it is best suited as a lining for the steam room. Also, this tree is characterized by such an indicator as low density, which makes it the first number for a given purpose. However, for plating used andalder, which can be a good alternative, in the absence of the aforementioned linden.

Shelves can be made from aspen, which is not as heated as some types of wood. Lime shelves or shelvesfrom Abash woodare the best solutions for a given goal - the chance to burn is reduced to zero.

Washroomcan be trimmed with larch, which has a peculiar yellowish or orange hue. Larch retains its properties even at the highest possible humidity.

The very sameThe room for passive rest can be trimmed with any wood, t. walls will not be exposed to high temperatures. Valuable breeds in this place will be, rather, an elite decor, rather than an important component.


Let's go directlymaterials used to decorate the walls of baths and saunas in the Russian expanses. The main indicator of the healing bath is the naturalness of the tree. No substitutes, or materials "under the tree" in our case are not suitable. Only a lining of hardwoods can ensure complete confidence in the effectiveness of procedures. Only the arrangement of the tambour can be a relaxation, but if you want to get a real health center as a result, you'll have to fork out.

  • Let's start with the exotic -African Abash Wood. The imported wood, as it became clear from the place of its growth, is not a cheap thing. Nevertheless, this is the most suitable option, both for the upholstery of the walls, and for the arrangement of the shelves. Abash has the least thermal conductivity, which allows it to remain cool, even if the steam room has a hell temperature. The likelihood of burning on the surface of such shelves and upholstery is excluded.
    If you can not afford such a luxury, you should pay attention to more affordable wood that grows in our region. At the same time, it is impossible to combine different breeds in the construction of a bath. And then it's not in favor, but in aesthetics - different breeds can be differently modified during the life of the plant.
  • Lamella boardFor today one of the most widespread at construction of pair and internal furnish as a whole. It is characterized by a light tint, quite pleasant in sight. With the correct workpiece, it becomes soft, which does not allow the formation of cracks on the surface. This tree is unique in that it produces a pleasant aroma filling the entire room with fragrance.
  • The next option will beaspen. Its cost is lower than that of the linden, it also withstands high humidity and has good strength indicators. The only downside can be only the darkening of the wood with time, and this is more likely a rule than an exception. Nothing is worse than alder - it has similar qualities and will also be an excellent raw material for construction.
  • But about such a luxurious finish, ascedar, from the North American continent, or from red cedar, it is worth paying tribute to its healing property. Cedar has a wonderful aroma and, in addition, is considered a kind of air sterilizer, which is facilitated by its antiseptic properties. Expensive wood has a unique texture, and also pleases the eye with a gentle shade.
  • We will recallconiferous, however strange it may seem, based on the above information. For a rest room and a dressing room, provided the thermal insulation of the steam room is complied with, it is possible to use, for example, pine wood. This is a relatively inexpensive raw material, which is allowed for finishing rooms with low humidity and air temperature.
  • Any difficulties with the selection of wood are eliminated if we deal with the constructionTurkish bath. With the choice of wood, but not with the cost, because the stone is sometimes even in the highest price category, which blocks the way to the realization of designs for many "countrymen".

All these are general principles and principles. If you want to build an interior decor based on your own ideas, we recommend stickingseveral unshakable rules, observing which you do not have to redo the work again:

  • Lining, which will remove the steam room, should have a low level of heating (low heat capacity) - wrong the selected material can burn the skin and, instead of taking a wellness routine, you will suffer a week burning of the skin.
  • Coniferous woodwill allocate resins, which, evaporating, negatively affect the body; The exception may be a dressing room or a lounge.
  • Lining can fitboth vertically and horizontally, but there is one rule: with horizontal orientation, the slats are placed upward with a spike (commercial option), this allows Avoid accumulation of moisture, and when vertical this parameter does not matter; The maximum span between the bearing racks with horizontally paving should not be more than meter.

Safety of electrical wiring in the bath

In this topic, we also mention the coverage. No plastic is a pledge of a healthy steam room. In the rooms for rest, plastic shades are allowed, but, again, we visit the bathhouse for the sake of acquiring health, Therefore, if you build a relaxation complex without the use of artificial materials - this will be a "plus" for both karma and well-being. Glass plafonds in stainless steel cases will become an inexpensive solution for the bath.

Given the latest trends and recommendationslimited to 12-wiring, you can fork out for modern fiber-optic systems that conduct light from outside the steam room, i.e. In the steam room itself, there will be no conductive elements at all. If you decide to limit yourself to conventional hermetic lamps with 220V lamps, then you need to approach the issue of electrical safety very seriously. All Conductorsmust have a doubleisolationand be hidden under a wooden box. Switches are always outside the steam room (except for waterproof switches of the 12-volt system).

Bath - a place of fire, so that the laying of the wiring should be carried out by specialists, in compliance with all the rules for installing electrical equipment. If the interior finish can have some errors, then in the case of electricity, even the smallest defects are not allowed.

Avoiding such non-harmful materials aslinoleum or wood plates, and adhering to the basic principles of construction and safety rules, you can build an excellent Bath or sauna and enjoy a well-deserved rest for many years, paving their way to a healthy life.

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