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Spring forest, covered with primrose flowers, and you will have a few heartbeat and you will have an easy way to make a start-up person, and you will have an easy way to make a start-up person, and you will have an easy way to make a start-up, you will need to make a start-up person, you will need to make a start-up person, you will need to make a start-up person, and you will have to make a start-up person and you will have an easy way to make your home. Among the first and early ones, one can invariably find elegant and thin white buds of low bushes, shaken at the slightest gust of wind, nicknamed “hare cabbage” or “kukushkin clover” by the people.

Rabbit cabbage is a plant, officially called red ox, with characteristic triadic or palm-syllable leaves of light color. On the territory of the Russian Federation, there are six wild species, but it is typical for the central zone of oxygen. In the world, this plant is distributed almost everywhere: Europe, North America, the countries of Southeast Asia.

The leaf of this plant is a symbol of Ireland and is depicted on its coat of arms, and this has perpetuated itself forever in world history. In Europe, tiller is often confused with clover that grows only in meadows, which is why they gave a sort of combined name - sour clover.

The medicinal properties of hare cabbage

The leaves of the plant are pleasantly sour, tasty, and healthy. Taste plants provide the following substances:

  • organic acids - oxalic, citric, malic and succinic, giving a pleasant sweet-sour taste;
  • of the trace elements should be distinguished calcium;
  • provitamins: carotene( vitamin A) and rutin.
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For therapeutic and nutritional purposes, use above-ground vegetative parts of acidic leaves - leaves with petioles. In addition to the fresh use of them prepare broths, infusions, squeeze the juice.

Kukushkin clover is used:

  • as nettle - as a hemostatic and wound healing agent;
  • in the treatment of inflamed and pustular skin diseases, with furunculosis;
  • in anorexia: as a means of stimulating the appetite and normalizing the process of digestion - thanks to the acids contained in it, the secretion of gastric juice becomes more intense;
  • to improve metabolism, as a choleretic and antiemetic agent;
  • as an anti-zinging agent;
  • in dietetics, raw hare cabbage is recommended for gastritis with low acidity;
  • as an anthelmintic agent;
  • in case of poisoning by mercury vapors and compounds, the plant can be used as a primary antidote;
  • perfectly helps with atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

In official medicine, the use of acidic to improve health and treatment is advisory in nature with reservations for multiple contraindications: liver and kidney damage, arthritis, seizure syndrome, urolithiasis, gout and blood diseases.

Decorative hare cabbage

Ornamental ornamental sour species are willingly bred by flower growers for a reason: its very delicate and delicate flowers on high peduncles, almost white with a yellow eye and pink or purple veins, are very attractive.

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cabbage casserole At the summer cottage you can grow as a normal( wild) hare cabbage, so its decorative forms, but remember: thanks to a well-developed root system and scatter ripened seeds many meters aroundIt spreads very quickly and can flood the entire territory of the site, becoming a common weed. In landscape floriculture, it is planted to obtain a smooth beautiful green carpet.

There are two ways to dilute acido:

  1. growing from seeds that need low air temperature for germination( stratification is recommended);
  2. shoots with topsoil.

Rabbit cabbage is a plant that is demanding of moisture and does not like places open to direct sunlight( especially for red-leaved decorative forms).

The benefits of hare cabbage

With its undoubted beneficial properties, water-diluted plant sap is often used as a vitamin remedy with a high content of ascorbic acid( vitamin C).

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Acid squirrel bushes do not have special nutritional value, but contain large amounts of vitamins, trace elements and fiber. Hare cabbage is added to kvass and cabbage soup, boiled compotes and brewed vitamin teas, dried greens in small quantities are used as seasoning for salads, for egg and meat dishes.
Kukushkin clover can be used even as vinegar due to its high acidity. In large quantities, the plant is not recommended to use, because it can cause irritation of the urinary tract.

The peculiarity of acidic grass is its response to the smallest changes in meteorological pressure, temperature and humidity of the environment: for example, leaves and flowers of acidic acid make up and close to bad weather.

With cuckoo clover juice, ink stains and rust are perfectly removed, and the fabric is restored.

Thus, the most common plant, such as hare cabbage, can be very, very useful for all mankind. Nature itself takes care of people, giving them such an elegant and modest green miracle.

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