How to choose and cook cabbage for cabbage in the microwave?

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The most difficult step in preparing stuffed cabbage is to separate the cabbage leaves from the head so that they do not break, but they are not too soft. Cabbage for cabbage in the microwave softens so that it can be wrapped stuffing, but remains elastic. In contrast to the standard method using a boiling pot, the microwave completely bakes the leaves and retains their strength.

The recipe for softening cabbage in a microwave oven

The way how to soften cabbage for cabbage in a microwave is much easier than the standard method with boiling water. In the presence of a microwave oven, it is not necessary to specifically select soft varieties, heat a large container with water and try to withstand the right time so that the leaves are not scalded.

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You can even soften cabbage for cabbage in the microwave. In boiling water, its leaves are quickly boiled out and torn, while minced meat is wrapped in them, in contrast to the more modern method.

For the preparation of stuffed cabbage, a head of 1.5-2 kg is suitable. It can be put directly into the oven or wrapped in cling film.

  1. Before you cook cabbage for cabbage in the microwave, it must be cleaned. The stalk can be shortened, and the upper leaves are removed until clean and intact. Leftovers can be thrown away - they are not needed for cabbage.
  2. At the base of the cabbage stalk make cuts with a long knife, separating the leaves. No need to disassemble a head of cabbage - cabbage leaves for stuffed cabbage in a microwave oven will soften and be easily separated. The knife is deepened to the maximum, trying not to damage the cabbage.
  3. heading sent to the oven for 8-10 minutes and turn it on to maximum power. It can additionally be wrapped in a plastic bag or cling film — the leaves will lose less moisture when processed by high temperatures.
  4. How many minutes cabbage for cabbage in a microwave will cook, depends on its size and number of leaves. After 8–10 minutes, the head is removed from the oven and the surface leaves are separated from it, which have softened. Those that hold tight on the stalk are left.
  5. Next, head the cabbage to be placed back in the microwave for 5-8 minutes. After that, you can remove the next layer of leaves, which soften under high temperature. It is not recommended to remove all leaves - the smallest of them will not work for cabbage rolls. They can be left and added to another dish( cook borscht or stewed cabbage).
  6. Solid leaves may remain on the leaves. They can be carefully cut with a knife, keeping it parallel to the surface of the table. It is important not to damage the integrity of the sheet, otherwise such a stuffed cabbage will fall apart.

Hot cabbage after getting out of the microwave should be immediately sprinkled with cold water. So the leaves are easier to separate from the stalk, and they can immediately wrap the stuffing.

Preparing cabbage for cabbage in the microwave is much easier than in a saucepan with boiling water. The leaves soften, but remain strong and elastic. In the finished dish will taste them, but it will not interrupt the taste of minced meat. In addition, this method of cabbage preparation saves time. While the cabbage is steeped in the microwave, you can quickly stuff the first leaves with minced meat.

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cabbage recipe for cabbageHowever, many housewives prefer to use the sleeve for baking or wrap the head of cabbage in a plastic bag or cling film. Thus, the moisture does not evaporate, but remains in the leaves. They are baked more evenly and become soft even in the center.
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A head of cabbage in a sleeve or film can also be cooked in several steps, but it is easier to place it at 10-15 minutes at a lower temperature. After that, it is dipped in cold water in foil, and when it cools down a little, they start to disassemble the leaves. All the veinlets are removed with a sharp knife so that they do not spoil the taste of the finished dish. However, instead of this, the leaves can be carefully beaten off with a hammer, it is important not to damage them.

How to choose the right cabbage?

If you choose cabbage for cabbage and cook it in boiling water, you need to know a few subtleties. The shape, size, color of leaves, as well as the structure of the vegetable matter. In the microwave, you can cook any cabbage so that it was convenient to wrap the stuffing in it. However, if you follow the advice of experienced housewives, it will be even easier to cook cabbage:

  • head should not have a round, but an elongated shape - with such cabbage leaves are separated much easier;
  • cabbage should have large sheets - if they are small, it will be difficult to wrap the stuffing in them, and the cooking process will take a long time;
  • leaves should be light( white with a greenish tinge), without black spots, tears and damage, signs of fungus or mold;
  • individual leaves must be dense, thick and elastic, otherwise they will quickly tear, and the stuffing in them will not be able to wrap;
  • fading cabbage is no good — it can be drained with meat, and for cabbage rolls to get another head.

You can soften cabbage leaves not only in boiling water or in a microwave oven. Cold has a similar effect.

First you need to freeze a whole head of cabbage, and then get it out of the freezer and thaw it at room temperature. However, after processing the cabbage can be used only for the preparation of cabbage and can not be stored even frozen.

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Preparing cabbage for cabbage in the microwave for softening is the easiest way. Even the beginning hostess can cope with the preparation of the dish according to this recipe. The leaves are soft and elastic, keep their shape well and do not allow the cabbage rolls to fall apart.

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