Autumn work in the garden with raspberries in September

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Autumn bought a cottage. Inherited from the previous owners, we got a good raspberry, but I have no experience in taking care of raspberries. Tell me, what autumn work in the garden to spend in September with raspberries, to prepare it for the winter?

The work in the garden does not end with the arrival of autumn. September is the time to pay attention to raspberries in order to prepare the bushes for winter rest. For this sweet berry for the next season will thank a bountiful harvest.

Pruning of raspberries

Autumn work in the raspberries begins with pruning early varieties of berries, and late varieties of raspberries are best left for October. In order for pruning to benefit plants and not to reduce yields next season, the following guidelines are followed:

  • to completely remove last year’s and thin young shoots, as well as dry, thin and diseased plants, in order to prevent diseasesburn it;
  • on a single bush to leave no more than 10 strong young shoots, if they are too high - shorten;
  • in black raspberry varieties also shorten the lateral stems to 50 cm;
  • left for wintering shoots must be completely clean of leaves;
  • thin out all the raspberries, leaving a distance of 60 cm between the bushes( it is better to dig up young growth around the bush).
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In autumn, the soil in raspberries especially requires attention.

Serving its mulch( especially straw) should be harvested and preferably burned so that small pests like mice are not divorced in these layers.

Next, dig up the area with raspberries. The depth of cultivation in the rows should not exceed 10 cm, and between them - 20 cm, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the root system of the bushes.

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Autumn feeding of raspberries

Simultaneously with digging up raspberries fertilize with a choice:

  1. Birds litter. The most suitable fertilizer for raspberries is chicken manure, it can be applied to the raspberry tree immediately after harvest.
  2. Manure - at introduction on 1 sq.m.plot use up to 6 kgIf fresh manure is used as a fertilizer, then when digging, it will mix with the ground and will also serve well for warming the root system of raspberries in winter.
  3. Ready compost from the leaves left after weeding and litter.
  4. Peat. The advantage of peat is its ability to improve the structure of the soil, which has a positive effect on the amount of the harvested crop.
  5. Siderata. The raspberries lupine blue or mustard that were sown in the beginning of summer are dug up in the fall and will feed the soil well in spring.
  6. Organic fertilizer - no more than once every two to three years.
  7. Mineral fertilizers. They are made either simultaneously with organic fertilizers, or alternating after one year.
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As for nitrogen fertilizers, when applied in the fall instead of resting, raspberries will continue to grow, which will lead to the destruction of the bushes in winter. Therefore, this type of fertilizer is better to feed the plants in spring.

Protection from snow and frost

In order to avoid raspberry bushes in winter from snow and frost, they should be bent. To do this, tie the remaining shoots, bend well to the ground( 30-40 centimeters) and fix with wire, folded in the form of a bracket.

The most common mistakes at this stage of work are when the stems are only tied up in bundles and left standing or slightly bent to the ground.

In both cases, this will cause the bush covered with snow to freeze out.

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