Which outdoor air conditioner is best for your home?

  • What is a mobile air conditioner?
  • How does such a device look like?
  • How to choose the best air conditioner?
  • Review of the best manufacturers and most popular models of

The variety of home appliances is amazing. And if the complexity of the processes performed - washing, washing dishes or cooling the air in the house, is hardly a surprise to anyone, then the device's mobility and ease of installation come to the fore. It is this type of technology - mobile or portable air conditioners, we want to devote our review. In addition to general information, we have prepared for you a rating of the best mobile air conditioners of 2017-2018, to make it easier for you to make a choice when buying.

Let's find together the answers to the most popular questions related to mobile air conditioners, and also determine which air conditioner will suit you best?

What is a mobile air conditioner?

A mobile air conditioner for the home is a monoblock device that performs tasks related to maintaining a comfortable microclimate in the house. As a rule, modern electronic devices successfully perform the following processes:

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  • decreasing or raising the temperature in the room;
  • air purification;
  • air drying.

The best models can perform all the listed operations, more budget options are just some of the indicated ones. Various models got into our rating - and those that have wide functionality, and samples are simpler.

Inside this device there are fans, a motor and a refrigerant. Centrifugal fans draw air from the room and drive it through the cooling circuit. Heat is removed outside the room, and the cooled air returns to the room.

As a rule, a good air conditioner cools the air in the room to 18-20 degrees. The most productive devices can lower the temperature to 15-16 °, if, of course, the room has good thermal insulation. When selecting a particular model, you can always read the reviews of real buyers about this or that model, to know how the declared effectiveness of the mobile air conditioner corresponds to reality.

How does such a device look like?

Externally, the mobile air conditioner is a rather weighty device, about 60-70 cm high and weighing about 30 kg. However, it is very easy to rearrange it from corner to corner or even from room to room, since any model is equipped with rubberized wheels. Of course, complete with a floor conditioner, you will also need to transfer the air vent, but this is not a laborious operation at all, which can be done by any adult.

Absolutely all mobile air conditioners are equipped with a condensate collection tank. And you will need to empty this tank in a timely manner so that water does not leak to the floor or carpet. In modern models during the filling of this capacity protection is triggered - and the air conditioner is automatically turned off. So, it stops cooling the room.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a device?

If you are not able to install a full-size split system, then the decision to buy a mobile air conditioner is the most reasonable one. This unit has several advantages:

  • mobility, even if conditional or relative;
  • ease of installation;
  • lack of cumbersome and technologically complex connections( drainage, freon, etc.);
  • is an excellent option for placement in rented homes or offices.

There are also several nuances - for example, noise, because the air conditioner compressor is not brought out, but inside the room itself. Also, the compressor heats the space around it, and the whole air conditioner as a whole is struggling with this. But if you live in a rented apartment or a cottage, or if you cannot install external structures on the facade of a building, then it is floor air conditioners that will be your salvation from heat or humidity. What factors will be decisive for you?

How to choose the best air conditioner?

Now you can find a huge amount of information on the network, various ratings of the best equipment manufacturers and lists of top models of mobile air conditioners. You can read the reviews and just buy the model, which often put positive marks. And you can go the other way and figure out what criteria to pay attention to when choosing a mobile floor air conditioner. So, let's see how to choose a mobile air conditioner?

  1. First of all, the power and performance of the are important. The more air will take the device, the faster the room temperature will drop. We look at the power of the motor - for a room of 10 sq.m. You will need a motor with a power of 1 - 1.2 kW.Remember, the air conditioner “works” only with the room in which it stands, the air in the adjacent rooms is unlikely to become noticeably cooler, even if you install a more efficient version of the device. As a rule, the "top models" of floor air conditioners are designed for 20-25 square meters, while at the same time they will wind up at least 2 to 3 kW on the meter.
  2. Capacity of the condensate collector .The greater the capacity - the less it will have to be devastated. Some models have the ability to evaporate condensate, but this is not always an advantage. Although, models that occupy high positions in different ratings on the Internet, as a rule, use exactly this method of dealing with condensate.
  3. The noise level of the .As already mentioned, it is the presence of a condenser and fans inside the room that create the working noise of the device. In most units, this figure is in the range of 50-52 dB.The best air conditioners in the rating are noisy at 44-46 dB.You can slightly reduce the noise of the air conditioner - if you buy a model with a tangential rather than a blade type of fan. By the way, such a device and electricity consumes slightly less than usual.
  4. Refrigerant - it is better to have R 410A freon circulating inside your domestic mobile air conditioner - this is the safest option to date.
  5. Pay attention to the presence or absence of automatic controls and switches - the less automation inside the floor air conditioner - the longer it will last.

Additional options - ionizer or dehydration, remote control or the presence of a timer will be a pleasant addition to the main functional task of a mobile air conditioner. But sometimes, for them it makes no sense to overpay. Which option to give preference - you choose. And now it is time to consider in detail our rating and name the best mobile air conditioner for 2017-2018 year.

Review of the best manufacturers and most popular models of

When buying any home appliances, you should give preference to proven trademarks. Simple advice, but it is the authority of the manufacturer that can provide you with an affordable warranty repair, high-quality assembly and durability of equipment.

The top of our rating of manufacturers of mobile air conditioners is the brand Electrolux. The most popular, most discussed and best quality models are offered by this manufacturer.

BALLU supplies inexpensive, but reliable samples to the market.

The Zanussi brand also hit our top 2017.If you want to choose for yourself a stylish and multifunctional device, then pay attention to the innovations that this company produces.

If you analyze user reviews, you can make up another rating - now the most successful and popular models of household floor air conditioners.

And open our list of the most popular models among online buyers: Electrolux EACM-14DR / N3 ( A-class energy efficiency, remote control, only 54 dB of operating noise) and Electrolux EACM-12 AG ( several modes of operation, coolingpremises up to 25 sq. m, 50 dB).

The cheapest models in our rating: conditioner BALLU BPAC-07 CM ( A-class energy consumption, 4 modes of operation, 45 dB) , Zanussi ZACM-07MP / N1 ( mobile monoblock with air drying and ventilation functions) andCooper & Hunter CH-M09K6S ( timer, interlock, cooling room at 20 sq. M.) .

One of the quietest working devices - Timberk AC TIM 07C P6 ( 5.5 cubic meters air flow, three speeds, air flow direction adjustment) and Carrier 51AKP009H ( the model cools and heats the room to 25 square meters.m., the noise level - up to 45 dB) .

Novelties in our rating: mobile air conditioner BALLU BPAC series and model SATURN CS-12R ( compact, powerful and inexpensive, cools the room to 35 sq.m.) , ZANUSSI Marco Polo ZACM-09 MP / N1(automatic condensate evaporator, 20-30 sq.m. serviced premises, cooling, air drying).

Low-power model in the top: SATURN ST-09CP / 11 ( drives 300 cubic meters of air per hour, works both for cooling and for heating, has a nice design and convenient dimensions) .

Multi-tasking device with an optimal combination of price and functionality: Cooper & Hunter Mobile СH-M12K6 ( air drying, timer, display, low noise, vertical blinds and self-diagnosis function) .

So, unequivocally choosing the best floor air conditioner is difficult, all modern models may interest the buyer in one way or another. The same models in some situations will be the best solution, and in others - not the best choice. Therefore, you still have to choose, relying on your own taste, our advice on choosing high-quality equipment for the home and on our rating of the most popular models on the Internet.

We will be glad if our rating of the best mobile air conditioners-2017 will help you to make your home cozy and comfortable in any weather. Successful shopping, dear readers!

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