Heat gun for waste oil with their own hands

Heat Guns - auxiliary character devices used to maintain a comfortable temperature in the conditions of production of repair and construction work. But applying them more widely: devices used for domestic purposes, and in the home used a lot of interesting homemade constructively.

We'll show you how heat gun for waste oil with their own hands is to be collected. In our proposed article presents the most popular scheme, recommendations for competent incarnation developments. Are some tips for a safe and trouble-free operation of manufactured units.

The content of the article:

  • How do Teplopushki?
  • Testing as an inexpensive fuel
  • Instructions for the implementation of the project
    • Work heater manufactured
    • Varieties circuits waste oil
    • Features of operation of DIY
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How do Teplopushki?

Heating devices related to heat gun, technologically constructed on the same principle. The design of such systems usually consists of a heating unit and a fan installed in a single housing.

Heat gun construction

The design of the heat gun is manufactured in an industrial production. Compact, safe, user-friendly device, through which you can receive the necessary heat for a short time operation of the device

Common constructive option - electric. In this case, the electric heating element of the heater is used. However, there are also heat gun, wherein heating is carried out at the expense of other heat sources such as burners, combustion engine oil.

At the level of domestic use heat gun often associated with ordinary stoves, solid fuel burning stoves. But such a structure, like a furnace, stove, differs significantly from Teplopushki as does not provide for a system of compulsory distribution of heated air.

The operating principle of a vast group of heaters, combined technical term "heat gun", considered in our recommended articleDedicated device, and species of the unit.

Homemade heat gun

Homemade oven-stove powered by liquid fuel - namely, waste oil. Design questionable in terms of security and is not quite comfortable to use. But on the basis of such constructions craftsmen make heat gun

True creating domestic appliances masters manage to attach to the stove vent module, thereby achieving the effect of a heat gun. Consider the popular designs with heating in waste oil, which is often done by hand.

Testing as an inexpensive fuel

Waste engine (technical) seems effective fuel oil for domestic heating systems. This type of energy resource saving on electricity consumption and receive the required amount of heat at the same time. But from an environmental point of view, the burning of waste oil is equivalent to chemical emissions.

Testing - fuel for guns

Waste motor oil - the perfect fuel for homemade household furnaces and heat guns. Appeal to this type of fuel can solve two tasks - to save money and recycle refinement

However, the ecological point no one pays attention. The main thing - to get cheap heat. Besides guns waste oil, made with his own hands, often they are technologically dangerous equipment.

There are many examples where the burnt out several private garages for the reason that someone from the car owners was not enough heat, and he decided to remove the problem of working out on a homemade gun.

Therefore, when deciding on the production of such a heating system, it should be with the full understanding of the matter is approached. It is necessary to calculate all the design options to protect personal property and the property of others.

Instructions for the implementation of the project

Circuitry of one of the popular designs heat gun acting on the waste oil, involves the use of an ordinary steel pipe D = 219 mm as the housing.

The size of the pipe wall of 10 mm is sufficient for long term operation of the device. A piece of 780 mm long tube with the ends closed with steel caps.

Scheme heat gun

The scheme to build a simple heat gun with his own hands: 1 - the oil tank; 2 - with the dispenser tube; 3 - the top cover; 4 - a viewing window; 5 - a side of the top cover; 6 - hatch for maintenance; 7 - an air pipe; 8 - cup oil; 9, 10, 11 - holes of different diameters (3.5 - 5 mm)

Moreover, the bottom cover is sealed tightly, and the upper enlarged in diameter to 226 mm, it is equipped with the lower bumpers and is removable. At the bottom of the body of the pipe bowl is set for oil, made from the pipe D = 133 mm and supplemented upper rim.

Outer housing cover gun equipped with two openings. One for the viewing window, a second air supply pipe. The air nozzle of the heat gun is manufactured with their hands from the metal tube D = 89 mm.

This structural detail, according to scheme is passed through an interference fit with the central hole and the upper housing cover is fixed on it (scald).

air supply pipe is fixed with the expectation that, when installed cover the distance between its bottom and the bottom of the oil cup in the pipe body does not exceed 50 mm.

air supply pipe

manufacturing air nozzle option. Distribution and diameter of the holes play an important role in this part of the heat gun design. Also it has a metal thickness value that determines the longevity nozzle

Air nozzle as supplemented oil pipe - copper tube of small diameter (6-10 mm), which extends inside the air channel, in its central part. The free portion of the tube remaining outside, is connected to the intermediate capacity - the used oil feed controller.

At a distance of 80-100 mm from the top cover to the body wall of the pipe is cut aperture D = 100 mm and is welded retraction. It is fitting for connecting the chimney. On the opposite side of the housing, in its lower part, is made with a diameter of 100-120 mm hatch for maintenance (ignition). Luc is located on a level with the oil cup.

Oven stove on working out

Variant of the final product - a heat gun for waste oil. However, reasonable to make a removable top cover, than not only simplifies system maintenance, but also technical repair, if necessary

For production work for the production of such a home gun, operating at working out enough to have under the hands of the welding machine, a standard set of handtools and pipe material according to size scheme.

Also required steel sheet and a metal bracket for supporting legs. Mainly consists of a welding process produced parts. Preparation of design elements does not take much time and effort.

Work heater manufactured

The operating principle of a homemade stove, stoves for waste oil is simple. Through a copper tube into the served portion of the engine oil. The fuel bowl is filled in the bottom area of ​​the pipe and igniting the contents through the bottom hatch.

Close the door and watched through the window. Give flare to working temperature, after which include a constant dosage (dropping) providing mining.

Prepare the gun for work

Preparing a homemade device to run. Cover with an air pipe is put on the stove body, after which there will be only oil fill system, and to burn the liquid fuel supply to adjust a dropping mining

Regulation of the drip dosage adjust operation of the device so as not to overheat the body. As the heating furnace to be heated entering the metering tube oil. Change the characteristics of the fuel flash point.

It is clear that in such circumstances, to achieve precise adjustment is extremely difficult without automation. Therefore, if there is no automation, oil heat gun can not be left unattended.

Varieties circuits waste oil

From the point of view of the design features, there are two kinds of heaters operating waste oil:

  1. Direct combustion.
  2. Insulated combustion.

Similar signs are the basis of dividing into subgroups Diesel heat guns. Construction of the direct combustion efficiency are more pronounced, but when dealing with heat emit combustion products that are harmful to health.

Cannon direct heating

Scheme direct combustion installation for industrial production of 1 - combustion chamber; 2 - oil burner; 3 - the burner nozzle; 4 - valve with electric drive; 5 - feeding tube; 6 - fan; 7 - the electric motor; 8 - Pump; 9 - unit; 10 - under the oil tank; 11 - control panel

Direct combustion device easy to make your own hands. Moreover, it is possible to implement a mobile project. Such guns are produced at industrial level. It can be based on industrial circuits to make the machine with their own hands.

To work required:

  1. Capacitance of suitable shape and size.
  2. Lightweight metal tube (stainless steel).
  3. Axial fan.
  4. Miniature fuel pump.
  5. Burner for technical oil.

The oil tank is equipped with wheels and a handle. Inside a steel tube, in its rear half, the fan is mounted with the fuel pump, and fuel supply system of fuel injection, the oil burner.

The front half of the tube (inner part) of the heater is equipped with additional protective plates. Directly at the output of the limiter is made of flame. That's the whole design.

indirect heating Cannon

Scheme insulated combustion installation 1 - combustion chamber; 2 - flue pipe; 3 - oil burner; 4 - the burner nozzle; 5 - the valve with electric drive; 6 - feeding tube; 7 - fan; 8 - the electric motor; 9 - a fuel pump; 10 - unit; 11 - oil tank; 12 - control panel

Substantially the same principle is manufactured insulated combustion heat gun. The difference from the first structure is noted only in the appendix to the front region of the flue pipe and creating an isolated combustion chamber.

When the device of the combustion chamber inside the pipe diameter of the portion of the structure to make the third lower casing diameter. Due to the execution of such channels are formed between the tubes. Blown through them the air is discharged through a heated nozzle.

Features of operation of DIY

To receive heat from the gun to the waste oil is easy. Another question - how all of this farm use to eliminate waste oil spills and the danger of his fire. Therefore, special attention in the manufacture of such structures should also be given of processing and storage system, the stove power of the working fluid.

Installing a homemade gun

Attempting to equip homemade electronics unit for heating waste oil. However, for reliable automation system must install a plurality of sensors and to use a multistage control circuit

Fuel storage desirable to use a sealable metal container, equipped with the dispensing system. Place filled with machine oil is only permitted in areas remote from open flames, including away from the makeshift stove.

Waste oil used as fuel is not recommended if it contains even a small amount of water. The mixture of the engine oil with water during combustion has properties of "burst" character.

Once in the burner nozzle, this composition is ignited and ejected at high velocity in a mass burning oil droplets. This process is often uncontrolled and causes a fire.

Industrial heater - diesel

Compact and comfortable to the same mobile heat gun operating on liquid fuel. Direct alternative homemade devices. The cost of such an installation is not so great to be able to ignore the option of buying a gun and make their own hands

Homemade direct combustion heaters are sources of propagation carcinogens. Apply such installations within closed rooms is forbidden.

If the assembly is used with an insulated combustion chamber and the output of the combustion products outside the room, you should take measures to reduce environmental pollution. For someone all these requirements are seen "useless scrap of paper," but the true designer should not ignore the standard rules.

In general, a heat gun - a thing, of course, standing. Provided build really high quality in all respects, homemade, use similar devices is not prohibited. However, the assembly of an effective system of proportional to the value of the industrial design of the unit.

About how constructed a heat gun, capable of running on different fuels, learn from next article, With the content of which we strongly recommend to read.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

How to make a heating device for a garage and increase the efficiency of its work can be found in the following video:

If there is insufficient capacity or desire to make Teplopushki their own hands, you can simply contact a specialized shop, select the appropriate device and buy without much fuss. The advantages are obvious: guarantee operational safety, high effectiveness at low fuel consumption of the material.

Do you want to talk about his own collected heat gun? There is a desire to share the technological nuances, which will be helpful to visitors your site? Please write comments, publish thematic photos, ask questions in the box located below.

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