How to plant a pineapple to grow a beautiful plant

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Overseas fruit pineapple is a herb from the bromeliad family. This species is characterized by the fact that the plants are adapted to live in drought conditions, have fleshy leaves forming a funnel in the center. Morning dew flows into an improvised container and nourishes the plant from above. This property to absorb moisture through the leaves at the top of the fruit, their connection with the heart of the plant suggested a way to plant a pineapple. To root the top and get a new plant at home is possible, if you observe the conditions of reproduction.

Pineapple Cultivation Methods

In an average climate, pineapples can be grown only in greenhouse conditions, greenhouses or on a windowsill. One of the reasons is the long-term cultivation of pineapple until a ripe fruit. A few years, up to 4, passes in anticipation of the formation of inflorescences. And half a year is required for filling and ripening. Later, the plant dies off, leaving behind a large number of shoots, with which the plant is bred commercially.

At home, fruiting begins after 26 months of plant development. After removal of the fetus, the plant dies off, leaving many offspring with which it propagates. In room conditions, the plant blooms at a height of 25 cm and at the age of 16 months. Flowering will begin in two months, lasts two weeks. One flower blooms for 1 day. The fruit is formed and ripens up to six months.

So, you can grow a pineapple:

  • seeds, obtained from a ripe fruit;
  • from an adult or dead bush;
  • topped with ripe pineapple.
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The seed method of breeding is rarely used, as this is due to the lengthening of the growing season. For those who like to start everything from scratch, you need to know that you can collect seeds from a ripe exotic fruit. At home, for cross-pollination, it is necessary that two adjacent plants simultaneously bloom. In the future, the seeds are sown in light ground and after germination they are grown to 6 cm and planted in a permanent pot.

How to plant a pineapple from the tops of

The most common way is to get a pineapple seedling from the top of the crest at the top of the fruit. Pineapple is selected from a freshly received batch of fresh crop. A sign will be a powerful bunch of leaves on top of a pineapple cone. Leaves should be alive, not dried and as less wrinkled as possible. The fruit must be mature in all ways.

  1. Firmly grabbing the fruit with one hand and the other with a smooth screw motion, unscrew the rosette of leaves from the base. Better to do it together. If this is not possible, then the top of the head is cut with a sharp disinfected knife. Then gently remove the soft part from the resulting cone so that it does not rot in the ground during rooting.
  2. Base cleaned by 2-3 cm, carefully pinching off the leaves. In this place the roots will appear and grow, as in the bottom of onion or garlic cloves. Sprinkle the slice with crushed coal or ground cinnamon.
  3. For a week, we dry the plant at room conditions, hanging the scalp with the cut part facing up. This is to speed up the formation of roots.
  4. Drop the bottom of a pineapple seedling into the water and wait for the roots to appear. Place for a jar you need to choose a light and warm. Drafts and temperature drops are unacceptable. Glass must choose dark or wrap the container in black paper. Vodichku change every two days, not allowing souring.
  5. We choose a pot for a young seedling with no more than a volume of 0.5 liters, with a good drainage hole. The soil is composed of equal proportions of sand, peat and leaf humus. You can buy soil for bromelium, but any composition pre-cleaned from pathogens and possible insect pests. Before planting, watering with hot potassium permanganate and subsequent drying is mandatory.
  6. We plant pineapple with roots in a pot with a pre-laid drainage layer. The land should be wet but not soggy. If the plant is already with roots, then leave the plant open and monitor the humidity. If, after drying, the pineapple seedling was not placed in the water, the rooting is carried out under the hood to create a microclimate.
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How to plant a pineapple from the top is clear. It remains to wait for the results of rooting. If the plant is accepted, young leaves will appear. And only then and in the subsequent it is necessary to water the young plant from above so that there is always water in the leaf funnel.

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How long to wait for the results of rooting depends on external conditions and on compliance with all conditions. The plant can take root for 6-8 weeks. When rooting, the leaves will gradually dry out and the tips should be trimmed. At the same time, the replacement green is growing. Over time, the bush will lose the old hair completely. Water the plant should be once a week to a year. Flood transplant in a larger pot in the ground for cacti.

In winter, pineapple leaves will not grow, it is a period of rest. Hence, watering and dressing should be reduced.

How to plant a pineapple at home - video

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