9 best steamers according to customer reviews

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The use of healthy food today is not only useful, but also fashionable. Devices that help us prepare delicious, varied and harmless dishes flooded the domestic market and it can be difficult for the average consumer to navigate this diversity. Fortunately, our experts are not asleep - we are ready to tell you which steamer is better according to the 2017-2018 rating, based on user feedback and statistics of sites selling.

A few words about the device

Steamer - a fairly simple device. Water is poured into the lowest reservoir. Heating elements boil water, after which it turns into steam and acts on the products that are placed on the upper tiers. Products retain all their beneficial properties and original taste. No cholesterol or carcinogens.

Well, if your steamer has the ability to rearrange the baskets for food, for example, you can speed up the cooking of the dish by rearranging the upper tier to the bottom, where the temperature and intensity of the steam exposure is much higher.

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Types of steamers

Steamers are round and oval. Designed for different volume - from 0.2 to 40 liters. From plastic or metal. The first ones are light and cheap, the second ones are practical and durable. In some models, baskets for products have removable bottoms - this is very convenient if you often cook a bird for a couple.

Steamers differ in the number of tiers. The more of them - the more functional the device becomes - at the same time you can cook several different dishes. For example, meat and side dish to it. If you plan to cook several dishes at the same time - pay attention to the steamers with separate pallets for each tier - this way you will prevent the mixing of taste and smell of products and you can prepare a full complex lunch with dessert.

And, of course, do not overlook the division into autonomous and embedded devices. For those who pay special attention to the appearance of their kitchen, a steamer hidden behind a neat furniture facade will become both a reliable and inconspicuous housekeeper.

Important Details for Choosing the Right Steamer

What should I look for in the store - which steamer should I buy? Here are some simple recommendations that will help you make the right choice. Also, these criteria served as determining factors for those models of steam boilers, which are included in our ranking of the best.

  1. Power is the primary indicator that will help you choose a functional and productive model. The range of indicators - from 400 W to 5 kW.The higher the power - the better, then the products are prepared faster and do not risk falling apart. However, remember - your wiring must withstand such loads.
  2. Number of tiers. Requires special attention to this parameter. On the one hand, a greater number of baskets will allow you to cook several dishes at the same time, and this is a saving of time and effort. But on the other hand, to calculate the correct time that will be required for cooking products at different heights is a rather difficult task, especially for the novice chef.
  3. Management and functionality. As with any device, you can control the operation of the steam boilers using mechanical or electronic control. Mechanics - simple and reliable. Electronics - more versatile and convenient. What kind of steamer will suit you - depends only on your personal preferences. The functionality of different models can also be standard or extended. The delayed start, timer, automatic shutdown, power controls, operation indicators - this is what is needed for comfortable use of such a device at home.

Well, now is the time to find out which steamer is the best in 2018.

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Rating of the Most Successful

Steamer Models

We will consider the most popular models of double boilers in ascending order of price and tell you about both the advantages and the shortcomings, if any, described in consumer reviews.

Tefal VC 1006 Ultra Compact

This is a model that attracts attention, primarily low cost and excellent build quality. It has 3 tiers, volume - 9 liters, power - 900 watts. Of the possibilities - a timer for 60 minutes, auto power off, modes of cooking and defrosting products, sterilizing dishes. Among the shortcomings - it is impossible to add water during the operation of the device, and there is no delay in starting. But in general, feedback from owners is positive, they note the following advantages: good volume;simple operation;It is convenient to wash, basically, only a removable bottom.

Zauber X-560

Another good model with a democratic price tag.3 tiers, power 700 W, electronic control. At its low cost, this double boiler boasts an impressive array of options and features - timer, delayed start, thermostat, quick steam mode, auto preparation. One of the most frequently purchased gifts for the elderly is a simple menu, ease of care, a full set of functions for preparing various dishes for a couple. Some owners complain of a short lifetime, but these are isolated cases, mostly - the boiler works for a long time and regularly.

Braun FS 3000

The next position, which continues our ranking of the best. Roomy, multifunctional and at the same time - not very expensive. A model of only two tiers is being assembled, but thanks to the separator, you can cook 4 dishes in it at once. Power - 850 W, the volume of the entire steamer - 6.2 liters, the water tank - 2 liters. There is a security system( auto power off, water level indicator, temperature controller), a timer, the “quick steam” mode and temperature and time settings for 6 recipes. Of the major flaws described in the reviews - the draining of fat in the tank with water. This complicates the care of a double boiler.

Philips HD9140

One of the most popular models, which combines a wide range of options, a fair price and a decent quality of performance. Without a doubt, in 2018 this steam cooker will continue to occupy high positions in sales ratings. This double boiler has 3 vertical tiers, power 900 W, electronic control. In it you can cook both side dishes and meat, and first courses. You can add water during cooking, use one of 5 modes of operation( double boiler, cooking, stewing, egg boiler, heating), do not worry about burning food.

Tefal VS 4003 Vita Cuisine Compact

Nice looking, compact and at the same time - quite roomy double boiler. The total volume of the device - 10 liters, three tiers, mesh bowls and pallets for different consistency of dishes. Functional advantages - timer, delayed start, mode of keeping the dish hot. You can add water directly in the process of cooking and not worry about safety - the device will turn off if all the water from the tank boils away. However, according to users, during the cooking time, the water in the tank does not decrease by less than half. Owners of this particular double boiler say that it is easy to wash and pleasant to use - thanks to the “vitamin +” mode, products reach readiness 2 times faster and do not lose their natural taste, color or smell. By the way, you can fearlessly cook at the same time such scattered dishes like meat, garnish and baked fruit, and not be afraid that smells will mix. Such a double boiler will last for a very long time, because it is assembled, as they say, “conscientiously”.

Philips AVENT SCF870

Steamer-Blender. An interesting solution for those who want to save on the purchase of two devices. Convenient, compact and durable option, a reasonable purchase for a small, young family in which a small child grows. Sterilization of children's dishes, cooking a variety of mush and mashed potatoes, steam meatballs and fish dishes - all this is easy to prepare if you have AVENT SCF870 in your kitchen. Power - only 400 W, one tier for cooking, a timer for 20 minutes, a small water tank - only 0.2 l. However, this steamer is almost impossible to incapacitate with intense loads, it is also easy to wash and convenient to store even in a small-sized kitchen or a rented apartment.

Braun FS 5100

Reliable, functional and stylish round-shaped steamer for quick and easy cooking of tasty and healthy dishes. The materials from which the cooking containers are made are absolutely safe and non-toxic. Moreover, they have a tinted, darkened color to products such as beets, spinach, carrots, etc.did not paint the plastic and the device as a whole looked neat. In a double boiler - two tiers, power - 850 W, durable and simple mechanical control. The manufacturer has taken care of comfort and practicality - in this double boiler you can interchange baskets, there are also indicators of operation, extra-steam mode and the ability to wash baskets in the dishwasher. Under each basket has its own pan, which means that the smells of different products will not affect each other. However, as noted by some owners, for such a cost of a double boiler, the functionality could be expanded. However, for those who do not plan to often cook culinary delights for a couple, this is the best double boiler.

Bosch Serie 8 CDG 634 BS1 / BB1

One of the most low-priced models of built-in food steamers. Total volume - 38 l, power - 1900 W, made of stainless steel and enamel. It has four types of heating and twenty automatic modes of operation. It is protected from accidental clicks, has an automatic self-cleaning mode and a low water level indicator in the tank. Bought this type of technology will be able to recreate any design in their kitchen, without fear of spoiling the appearance of one or another device. This Bosch steamer can be easily compared with the oven, as well, this model stands out with its interesting design, wide range of functions and high professional performance.

Smeg SC745VAO / VPO

In 2017, it became a hit among recessed steamers. Total volume - 35 l, power - 3200 W, electronic clear control, bright informative display. It can warm, defrost, sterilize, boil or extinguish. The security system has been carefully thought out and executed - the control lock during cooking, cessation of steam supply, if the door is not closed, indication of the water level in the tank. Included are a baking sheet, a lattice, a cleaner and a special sponge. In auto preparation mode, you can use one of 15 ready-made recipes. In general - a stylish, modern and efficient double boiler, which for many years will pleasantly surprise you with a variety of useful delicacies.

Now, you know, which steamer is better according to the rating of 2017-2018, we hope, answered all your questions that you might have when choosing the most suitable model of such an important kitchen device. Successful purchases and useful gastronomic delights - with a good steamer it's easy and simple!

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