Aphids on roses - how to quickly get rid of?

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The first appearance of aphids on roses coincides with the period of appearance of stepsons on tomatoes and arrows on garlic. Therefore, both of these vegetables are an excellent raw material for the preparation of aphid remedies. Enough to fill the green mass with water and insist 24 hours, then strain and the resulting infusion process roses.

Aphid sucks sap from roses, and as a result, in the absence of care, the bushes affected by aphids dry out. They are easy to recognize. They look like this:

How to deal with aphids on roses?

There is a chemical treatment with various chemicals, traditional methods of treatment for pests and mechanical cleaning of aphids. Each method has its own efficiency and technology of influencing pests, therefore, choosing what to splash on roses with aphids, the advantage should be given to those of the methods that have the least negative impact on the growth and development of roses.

Mechanical removal of aphids

The easiest and innocuous way to remove aphids. It is recommended to use it at the first appearance of aphids. It is enough to put on gloves designed for working in the garden and crush the creeper with your fingers. There is nothing disgusting and difficult about cleaning. This is just a simple protection of roses from pests. Aphids are such a small insect that a handful of these pests in the palms cannot be distinguished from ordinary dirt and dust.

Aphids can be easily washed off with a stream of water from a hose. She is physically so helpless that it is removed when watering. Here it is important to take care not to break the bushes. Washed aphid is usually eaten by garden insects, as it is the food of other insects( wasps, spiders, ladybirds).

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garden. Aphids should be washed away for several days in order to wash off the newly emerging insects from eggs. Often can be seen on the bushes of roses ladybirds or birds. In no case should you drive them away, since it is they who eat the aphids while saving the plants from damage.

The most effective against aphids are:

  • Potato infusion from tops.
    Pour boiling water over 0.5 kg of chopped tops of boiling water( 5 l), leave for 48 hours, strain, add 50 g of soap. Thrice with a break of a week to spray rose bushes, affected by aphids.
  • Infusion of garlic cloves.
    Pour the chopped peeled garlic cloves( about 100 g) with cold water( 3 l), leave for 3 hours. Then strain the obtained product, add another 3 liters of water, mix evenly and process the roses. Spraying is carried out 1 time per week for two months with a weekly interval.
  • Tobacco decoction.
    Tobacco( 400 g) pour water( 9 L).Boil for half an hour, insist 2 days, strain through cheesecloth. Dissolve 40 g of household soap( best green) in a liter of water, mix with the prepared tobacco broth. Spray the plants. Such treatment should be carried out as needed.
  • Tomato-garlic( bulbous) infusion.
    Mince 400 g of tomato leaves and 300 g of garlic or onion. Pour the mixture with three liters of water, insist 6-8 hours, strain, increase the volume of liquid to 10 liters, add 40 g of grated soap and spray roses. Repeat the procedure should be carried out only during the new appearance of pests.
  • onion peel will help to cope with aphid. It is necessary to fill it with hot water, insist day and process shrubs.
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Mechanical removal of aphids is good only with frequent inspections of plants and early detection of lesions.

How to get rid of aphids on roses with the help of folk remedies?

Real gardeners have many tricks to deal with aphids on roses. With their help, you can carefully grow roses, protecting plants from pests. The most common way to control aphids is to protect roses with other plants, such as marigolds. The peculiar scent of marigolds, cased around rose bushes, repels aphids and protects roses from damage and disease.

A soap solution is also popular in the fight against aphids. They should handle the roses as soon as the first signs of infection appear. To prepare such a solution is very simple. You should put a bar of laundry soap in a bucket of water so that the soap dissolves and the water becomes soapy. For the fastest dissolution of soap in water, it is recommended to rub it on a grate. The prepared solution must be poured into the sprayer and the whole shrub surface must be treated, paying special attention to the affected places.

If the rose bushes are covered with aphids with a thick layer, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the leaves, branches, and flowering buds with a soap solution. To simplify the work, carefully dip the plant in a bucket of soapy water. This method of treatment will save roses from pests without causing any harm. The only caveat is to be careful when processing, so as not to break the plant stems.

To get rid of aphids on roses with the help of folk remedies, it is best to use infusions from tops of potatoes, young shoots of garlic, onion peels, tomato tops, and wormwood. To prepare, it is enough to insist on raw materials poured in with water for at least 24 hours, after which spray roses.

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Chemicals against aphids

You should only get rid of aphids with chemical preparations if folk remedies and mechanical cleaning did not give positive results. Before splashing onto roses with aphids, you need to purchase certified insecticides. It is advisable to do this in special garden stores.

When choosing a suitable aphid remedy, it is better to give preference to drugs, which indicate that they are suitable for roses.

The best proven aphids chemicals are:

  • Kinmiks;
  • "Decis";
  • Iskra;
  • Intavir;
  • Fitoverm;
  • "Aktara".

Do not forget that the use of strong chemicals can harm both the pests themselves and the plants and other harmless inhabitants of the garden. It is best to give preference to more benign methods of dealing with aphids.

It is important for flower growers to observe the following rule: bypassing flower beds every day, inspect rose gardens, take care of plants as needed, regularly inspect them for damage by aphids.

Healthy undamaged roses, for which ongoing care and periodic measures against pests are carried out, look like this:

Chemical processing drawbacks

The use of chemicals is not recommended to use in the garden areas to control aphids.for cosmetic and culinary purposes;

  • insecticides used are dangerous for fruits and vegetables growing nearby;
  • pests become accustomed to drugs and become refractory.
  • It is more expedient to use environmentally friendly means for treating roses by periodically changing and alternating them.

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