Seedless cabbage growing method

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Most gardeners plant cabbage seedlings on their land. It is either grown independently, sowing seeds in early spring into containers with their further transplanting to a garden bed, or seedlings already acquired and ready for transplanting into open ground on the market.

However, some craftsmen, wanting to save time and reduce the amount of work, use this method of planting cabbage, as seedless. This means that the seeds are sown directly in open ground, immediately to a permanent place. The main nuance of this method is that the future shoots need to be covered from above with a cap to create the microclimate necessary for germinating seeds and the further development of the seedling. To evaluate all the advantages of the method, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the subtleties of sowing cabbage into the ground under the cap.

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How to properly prepare the holes so that the seeds have risen?

Quite often, gardeners using a seedless way of sowing cabbage face such difficulties as poor seed germination. Of course, the cause of this problem may be poor quality seed. However, in most cases, the cabbage does not sprout due to the fact that during sowing the technology was broken. After all, the seeds are very small, and if they are simply poured into the hole, then when watering, they can leak into the soil with the water, from where it is almost impossible to get up to the sprouts.

Therefore, it is better to make wells for seeds using a small bottle rather than a sap. To this end, the bottom of the bottle is deepened into the soil, turning it over so that the earth is rammed.

Sow cabbage seeds immediately after rain. If precipitation is not expected, the bed should be well shed beforehand.

Sowing seeds

Put 3-4 seeds of cabbage into received compacted holes. In principle, one hole is designed for one plant, but just in case it is better to plant with a margin.

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Next, fill each hole with seeds:

  • sprinkle with humus instead of ground and stamp it a little;
  • cover the top with a cap and press it with the ground so as not to be blown away by the wind.

As a cap, you can use plastic bottles with a cropped bottom or disposable large glasses. In the latter it is necessary to make a hole at the bottom.

When using glasses with a holed bottom, the holes for the first time should be covered with earth on top or covered with a cotton swab.

Features of

seedling care Under the hood, the seedlings of cabbage will be up to the time when they have grown enough and they become cramped. Until this time, seedlings should be regularly ventilated by opening the holes in the cups or unscrewing the caps in the bottles.

If all the seeds in the hole come up, you must leave the strongest sprout, and cut the rest with scissors. Under no circumstances should it be pulled out, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the roots and the remaining plant.

As for irrigation, it is enough to moisten the ground around the hood. It is not necessary to remove it, because the water in any case penetrates under the bottle and reaches the roots of the plant.

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