Tips for creating flower beds with lilies and daylilies

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Last spring I bought a lily at the market. A year later, it turned out that it was a daylily. I have nothing against daylilies, but I want to have lilies on the flowerbed. Tell me how to make a flower bed with lilies and daylilies? What you need to pay attention to not confuse?

Lilies are perennials. So that they will enjoy their flowering and aroma for many years, you need to choose the right place and soil for planting.

Rules for planting lilies

If the soil is too heavy, you need to dig up the area with the addition of sand or peat. To fertilize clay soil make humus. It is better to “feed” the area under the flower bed with fertilizers a month before planting flowers.

To prevent water from stagnating on the flowerbed, and the bulbs are not rotted, they plant lilies on level areas. It is undesirable to grow them on the windy side - the bush under the gusts of wind can break.

We must not forget that the fragrant lily is dangerous for people prone to headaches, so it is not recommended to plant it close to home.

Do not plant a lily next to large flowers with which the flowering period coincides, otherwise they will close it. But to leave her in proud solitude is also not desirable. After the lily blossoms, there should be plants nearby that will cover its ugly empty stem.

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A beautiful blooming flower bed will turn out if you plant lilies next to the daylily. Despite the similarities, daylilies differ from lilies in the root system. The lily grows from a bulb, and daylilies have stolons. In addition, the lily is a capricious maiden and requires constant care, and the day-lily grows and blooms on its own. It is only necessary to take into account that the daylily tends to grow strongly, and with time can drown out the lily.

. Methods for the reproduction of lilies.

. Reproduction by air bulb. These are small onions that grow in the axils of the leaves of some varieties of lilies. When the bulbs ripen( will be separated from the main stem without effort), they are planted in a box with loose soil and put in a dark place for the winter. In the open ground they are transplanted in the spring. It should be noted that full-fledged bulbs will appear only after 2 years.

Reproduction by young children of - daughter bulbs from the bottom of the rhizome. They can be separated by transplanting lilies. The method of cultivation is the same as in the air bulb.

Propagation by the bulbs and division of the large nest of the bulb. To do this, dig a bulbous nest with a clod of earth in order not to damage the roots. Then the whole earth is carefully picked and cut the stems at a distance of at least 15 cm from the rhizome. Carefully separate the bulbs. Old roots are completely trimmed, and healthy ones are left. If necessary, shorten old roots to 16-19 cm. Only healthy pink bulbs will be suitable for planting in a permanent place. In the same way( by dividing a large rhizome) the daylily is also propagated.

Reproduction of bulbs with flakes. To do this, select several scales from the main bulb and plant them at 2/3 of the height in a container. Cover the box, put in a warm place, water as needed. When the roots appear on the scales, plant them in separate containers and leave until spring at a temperature of 8 degrees. In the spring to land in open ground and grow a year or two.

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How to care for lilies and daylilies?

The soil around the plants in the spring must be loosened to retain moisture. When dry weather they are watered in the evening with warm water.

During flowering and after the lily has flowered, watering should be carried out at the root, leaves can not be sprayed.

In order for daylilies and lilies to have a brighter color of flowers, they can be fed with mineral fertilizers or mullein.

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