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The rhythm of a person’s life is constantly accelerating. If you do not want to spend precious time on cooking, it's time to go for a slow cooker. What to choose and how not to get lost in this variety?

Today, the talk will be about the Redmond brand - a manufacturer that has proven itself in the Russian market. Multivarki this company please their owners not the first year. But there are frankly unsuccessful models. Let's see what Redmond multicooker is better? What should be given preference, but what can “close your eyes”?

A little bit about Redmond multicookers

It should be noted that REDMOND household appliances are quite popular with consumers. The brand is represented by several dozens of different models, for different tastes, needs and wallet. Each buyer has the opportunity to choose the unit according to their needs and capabilities.

All Redmond multicookers have an interesting design and excellent functionality. They combine ease of operation, compact size and high technology. Some models are able to feed a large family with a hearty dinner, while others are ideal for a single person or a young family.

Having a huge selection of features and programs greatly complicates the buying process. Therefore, having come to the store, many hostesses do not know which Redmond multicooker to choose. To facilitate this difficult process, we have compiled for you a small TOP models and divided it into several categories.

Pros and cons of

Before we begin our review, let's talk a little about what advantages and disadvantages multicookers have from the manufacturer Redmond.


  • A good price range. Among the variety of models, you can find both a professional model and a device for trial use.
  • Excellent functionality. Even inexpensive models have quite a decent number of modes. In some multicookers, this figure reaches 55.
  • Most models have programs for organizing baby food.
  • Warranty over 2 years.
  • Stylish design solution.


  • For many, especially inexpensive, models, the cover is not removed. This can create additional problems when washing.
  • Unfortunately, the Russian-Chinese assembly is not always of a different quality. Multivarki "Redmond" often fail before the end of the warranty period. This is especially true of budget models.

In general, the advantages are much greater than the disadvantages. So if you decide to buy a Redmond multicooker, carefully inspect the goods in a retail outlet. Assess the build quality, appearance and functional content. Most often, defects can be found even in the store.

Based on what is the rating of

When compiling our review of popular models, we adhered to several criteria. First of all, the real technical characteristics of the product were taken into account, and the balanced ratio between the quality of the device and its cost was taken into account. Additionally, the opinions of experts and specialists in repair were taken into account. And of course, it was not without a detailed study of the reviews of those who have already acquired such equipment and in real life appreciated all its advantages and disadvantages.

We will not intentionally assign seats and awards. You can do it yourself. We, in turn, will only try to tell what is good and what is bad found in this or that model.

The best compact multicookers


The model has a small but spacious three-liter bowl. It is considered an ideal solution for organizing a children's kitchen: warming up the mixture, sterilizing bottles and nipples, and so on. Nevertheless, the slow cooker can easily be used to prepare a full meal for a small family. There are 10 built-in programs and technology for sparing food processing.


  • disconnected autoheating;
  • delay start for a day or less;
  • eco-friendly ceramic bowl;
  • illuminated display;
  • electronic control;
  • valve for steam relief;
  • fully removable cover.


  • there is no set of jars for yogurt;
  • small power increases cooking time;
  • there are no handles on the bowl and container for collecting condensate;


This model has a more capacious bowl with a volume of 4 liters. For her whole family, perhaps, it will not be enough, but for a couple of people and catering to the baby - just right. The slow cooker has a fairly convenient and simple control panel. Through the LCD display, you can choose one of 6 modes: stewing, steaming, baking, express, yogurt and others.


  • compact size;
  • electronic control;
  • convenient teflon bowl;
  • has a delayed start function. Li

The disadvantage is that the small touch screen, not enough auto programs, is noisy during operation and a poor choice of colors.

Redmond Rmc-011

Another compact model, the functionality of which is almost completely repeated Rmc-01.Power is 0,35 kW and volume is 2 000 ml. There is a function of deferred start of work, keeping warm and some others.

The model is well made and has an attractive design. It works almost silently and has a lot of positive feedback.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the long process of cooking, due to low power. And also the slow cooker does not know how to cook cottage cheese. This is worth remembering if you want to pamper yourself with such a homemade product.

Multicooker Rating for a Large Family

These units occupy the main part of our rating. They are equipped with large bowls and have many programs. This will allow to diversify the nutrition of any, even very demanding family.


The model belongs to the average price category. There are as many as 16 different modes. Among them are yogurt, deep-fryers, “Multipovar” and many others. There is a large ceramic bowl with a volume of 5 liters.


  • timer delay up to 24 hours;
  • automatic heating function, which, if necessary, can be turned off;
  • reasonable price;
  • wide range of programs.


  • there are no containers for making yogurt;
  • the pot does not have handles or tongs;
  • unit can slide on the tabletop, rubberized legs are missing.


Excellent plastic multi-cooker with 10 automatic cooking programs. Roomy 5 liter pan has a Teflon coating. In addition to the usual dishes in it you can cook fondue or bake bread. The control panel is made in Russian and intuitive.


  • removable cover makes it easy to clean the unit;
  • provides for a delay in commencement of work up to 24 hours;
  • has automatic heating.


  • there is no container for collecting condensate;
  • no molds for yogurt;
  • auto heating cannot be turned off at will;
  • not too strong latch locking the cover.

Redmond Rmc-Ih300

One of the few models with induction heating. In addition, there is provided and 3D-heating. These features allow you to prepare the dish faster and distribute the temperature more evenly. There are 24 built-in programs, including the "Multipovar" mode. The metal case will serve for a long time, and a removable lid will allow for more thorough care of the device.


  • automatic heating of dishes can be turned off as desired;
  • multicooker can remember the last settings and use them again;
  • high power( 1.25 kW) ensures fast cooking.


  • pan has no handles;
  • yogurt containers missing;
  • does not provide screen backlighting;
  • display may fog up during cooking;
  • there is no container for condensate discharge;
  • is quite expensive.


This multicooker is perfect for those who prefer reliable models "without frills."The main advantages are a strong metal body and a five-liter Teflon bowl that will serve you for a long time. There is a removable steam valve, as well as a tank for collecting condensed steam.

As for the functionality, here it is small - only 16 auto programs. But there is a slow cooker, respectively.


  • can bake bread;
  • contains all major processes;
  • affordable price.


  • “Auto Heater” function cannot be disabled by yourself;
  • bowl has no handles, and the top cover is not removed.

Best Multicookers-Pressure Cookers

These devices stand a little apart and combine two functions at once: a traditional multicooker and a pressure cooker that can cook food several times faster. This happens due to the high pressure created in the bowl.


This is the best Multicooker Redmond according to customers who have already taken advantage of the novelty. Well, at least of those that can additionally work in the pressure cooker mode.

The model is equipped with a spacious five-liter pot of ceramic and has 15 modes of operation. Among other advantages are multi-level protection system, pressure relief. Also impressive are the metal case, the removable top cover, optional auto heating.

Disadvantages, although purely symbolic, also exist. These include a not too roomy container for a double boiler, the absence of handles at the bowl and the rather complicated design of the lid, which makes it difficult to clean.


Not a bad model, with 13 auto modes and a volume five-liter bowl. Removable cover, durable steel case. Another advantage is the automatic heating, which can be turned off at will. The remaining functions are not too different from other similar models.

Among the shortcomings is the traditional lack of handles on the pan and jars for yogurt, which will have to be purchased additionally. In the negative moments can also be attributed, and not too democratic cost of the device.

Redmond Rmc-Pm4506

This multi-cooker-pressure cooker is rather a "training".It is perfect for those who are not too aware of all the advantages of the device and just want to try something new. The presence of all 6 modes of operation is more than offset by the affordable cost of the device. Among the advantages we can note the presence of a condensate tank and a removable lid, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the device.

The disadvantages include:

  • lack of tongs for the pan;
  • inability to automatically cook yogurt;
  • does not provide the ability to automatically disable automatic heating.

Redmond Rmc-Pm380

One of the biggest, but at the same time the most inexpensive pressure cookers. Power in the region of 1 kW and 14 auto programs. And if necessary, any additional mode can be set independently.


  • is easy to clean, as the top cover is removed;
  • inner bowl already 6 liters, made of ceramic;
  • rugged metal case;
  • high-quality assembly and nice appearance;
  • nice price.


  • does not have 3D heating;
  • in some cases, the lid may not close tightly.

Redmond Rmc-Pm330

Very stylish and modern unit. At least outwardly. Fifteen auto programs and a 4-liter saucepan can diversify the menu of a family of 3-4 people.

The pressure of the pressure cooker is quite high( about 0.9 kW), so dinner will be cooked very quickly.


  • interesting design;
  • sufficient number of programs;
  • eco-friendly ceramic bowl;
  • removable lid provides quality and easy care.

Negative moments:

  • does not provide for 3D heating;
  • weighs a lot;
  • touch keys do not always respond to touch with wet fingers;
  • is quite expensive.

Best Multivarki premium class

If you are not too low on money, and want to buy a really high-quality and durable unit, pay attention to one of the following models.

REDMOND SkyKitchen CB391S

Excellent multicooker with an unusual design and convenient controls. One of the advantages is that the preparation of dishes can be programmed to a specific time. The machine itself will calculate exactly when it needs to turn on.


  • convenient and informative display;
  • removable top cover;
  • high cooking speed;
  • high-quality assembly and materials of the body.


  • quite impressive size;
  • considerable cost.


Bestseller of 2017.The bowl is made of ceramic, and the body is metal. The model has an excellent build quality, it has 21 pre-installed programs, the ability to make manual settings( 29 modes) and the Multipov system. A separate advantage is the 3D warm-up. With it, dishes are prepared as evenly and quickly as possible.

The disadvantages include the price. It is not for the average buyer. If you really find fault, then the minus can also be called a gloomy design.

Redmond Skycooker M800s

Powerful five-liter multivarochny machine equipped with a Bluetooth-module. It also provides a three-dimensional heating system that allows you to prepare meals as quickly and comfortably as possible.


  • 28 manual settings and 20 auto preparation programs;
  • is controlled from a smartphone or tablet;
  • has a spacious ceramic pot;
  • the ability to block the touch panel;
  • looks great in any kitchen.


  • bowl has no protective handles;
  • price tag just rolls over.


Amazing multi-cooker equipped with a revolutionary technology. The fact is that her TEN rises. In this position, it can perform the function of a regular pan. Follow the process of frying is not difficult. If necessary, the heating element can be lowered and use the device as usual.


  • power 0.9 kW;
  • capacious ceramic bowl;
  • 23 auto programs;
  • 28 manual settings;


  • this model does not work with other bowls;
  • is not possible to cook in a pan;
  • missing moisture trap;
  • No button lock.

What is preferred?

As you can see, it is not easy to answer the question which Redmond multicooker is better. The choice is so great that just "the eyes diverge."It all depends on why you need such a unit and how expensive you are willing to pay for additional features.

On the basis of general recommendations and feedback, several parameters can be distinguished, the presence of which is still preferable:

  • the ability to turn off the automatic heating system at its discretion;
  • removable cover;
  • the presence of three-dimensional heat distribution technology;
  • the ability to not only use the preset modes, but also program your own;
  • ability, if desired, to activate the pressure cooker mode.

For adherents of a healthy lifestyle, the functions of cooking yogurt or steaming may be important. And for families with small children - sterilization, heating and the "Curd" mode.

Whatever choice you make, it is worth remembering that the best Multicooker Redmond is the one you liked!

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