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It is hard to imagine a cottage without a cozy resting place. In the gazebo or flowered garden, you can install a homemade hammock. The design is so simply done that in this case a woman will quietly do without the help of her husband. Of course, her assistants will be thick fabric, frame and fasteners.

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Within the budget of

In the sports shop you need to purchase a metal hoop - hula-hoop, the circle diameter is 1 meter. For children's designs pick up frames of smaller sizes. Also, the craftswoman will need 4 carbines and as many clamps for belts. As the canvas take:

  • tapestry;
  • curtain fabric;
  • dense coton matter.

Experts recommend using old jeans. They need to be ripped, and then sewed to make a large piece. This color scheme will be an excellent garden decor.

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In order not to be mistaken in size, it is advised to buy material with a margin of somewhere up to 2 meters. Next, carry out several simple operations.

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. Working with the frame

Stripes are cut out of synthetic winterizer with a length of 1.5 m and a width of 20 cm. Wrap a hoop with a material. With the help of threads fix the seal, so that after that it was convenient to work with him.

Since the diameter of the circle is 1 m, the tissues measure 1.8 m. Of these, 25 cm( on each side) are needed so that the dome sags slightly and is not too tight. The remaining stock falls on the rim formations in the hammock. For him, cut out a strip of 3 m, with a thickness of 20 cm. With this cloth the unsightly synthetic winterizer is covered. One side is bent so that the edge is not visible, and adjusted to the second part. A thin thread in the tone of the fabric is laid with small stitches.

Before making a line, the connection is fixed with pins. The interval between the steps is 15-20 cm.

The assembly of the

hulahup design is placed in the center of the web. Then draw a circle. From the edge of the hoop measure out by 20 cm, and cut off. At 4 corners make cuts in the form of a crescent. In these places will be mounting. They do not need to sew.

Next, from four sides, between the holes, stretch the fabric under the hoop, as if grabbing the skeleton in the jaw, and attach with pins. The line is adjusted from synthetic, dense threads. Go back and forth advise several times. For the construction of the sling hostess will need:

  • 8 m belt( cut into 4 flat pieces);
  • four construction or sports carbines;
  • clamps for tension adjustment.
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One end of the rope is attached to a metal base, and the second - to the carbines. In another case, the belt is threaded through the ring fastener, and then sewn to the retainer. To make the hanging hammock a comfortable resting place, the lines are fixed on a support, keeping a distance of 40 cm. As a result, such swings will be a favorite place of the family.

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