We make a simple birdhouse from a tree with our own hands

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Tell me how to make a birdhouse from a tree? My son was given a job at school to bring a house for birds, and our father is at work all the time, so we decided with the child do it yourself and make two birdhouses: one we'll take to school, and the second we'll hang in our garden. Which boards are better to use and then do we need to paint our structure?


Birds are the orderlies not only of the forest, but also of the garden. This is known to every summer resident, who has fruit trees and shrubs growing on the plot. Year-round birds not only delight hearing with their singing, but also help gardeners in their hard work to protect trees from pests, destroying small insects and tasting their larvae. To attract birds, the troughs are hung on the trees and the volunteers are fed in the cold winter, when it is not so easy to find "prey but they also arrange a dwelling for them. A solid wooden house will appeal to any bird, in which it can not only live and hide from bad weather, but also breed offspring.

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On the question of how to make a birdhouse, without a hitch, a strong half will answer, and the rest, including young beginners, will benefit from several tips that we will share with you today.

Nuances that are important to know before starting work

As is already clear, the best birdhouse is made of natural materials, in the sense of wood. Some craftsmen make houses from cardboard boxes or plastic bottles, however, this is completely different. In the first case, the dwelling will be temporary and will last one season if it does not get wet before in the rain. Plastic containers are more suitable for the production of feeders, besides, there is no question of their naturalness. Scare off birds and the smell of chipboard or plywood, the latter is also too thin and the house will be cold.

For a bird house it is worth using hardwood boards, but in no case coniferous - they contain tar that will stick to the plumage, which is fraught with feathery health. The thickness of the notch should be not less than 20 mm, so that they retain the heat required by the chicks.

To scour boards, achieving their ideal smoothness, it is not necessary. The rough surface, especially inside the birdhouse and under the tap, will help the birds get inside and easily move.

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Doing a birdhouse step by step

First of all, it is necessary to draw up drawings of the future dwelling. This will facilitate the process of making blanks and will make them even, so that there will not be any crevices between the walls in the future.

Birdhouses can be of different size and shape - it all depends on what kind of birds will live in it. Too spacious "apartments" do not need to, because the bird family is small and the young can freeze or grow weak. The standard dimensions of the house are approximately as follows:

  • bottom width - 15 cm;
  • height of the birdhouse - up to 30 cm;
  • roof - about 20x24 cm;
  • the diameter of the protrusion (tapping) is not more than 5 cm.

It is better that the rear wall is a couple of centimeters below the front panel - this bias is necessary to drain water. Accordingly, then on the side walls the upper cut will go along the oblique. The roof should protrude slightly, so its dimensions are slightly larger than the bottom.

Now you can start working:

  1. Move the drawing with a pencil on the whiteboard.
  2. Cut out all the details.
  3. Overturn the outer surface of the workpieces.
  4. In the front panel, cut the "entrance" in the form of a circle.
  5. Collect the birdhouse in this order: the facade, the side walls, the bottom, the back wall, the roof, the letok. All parts must fit tightly together. Mount them better on screws or nails.
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It remains to attach to the starling box fastening in the form of a bar on the back wall and install it on a tree, well winding the wire. Do not paint - the smell of paint will scare the birds away.

Video instruction for making a birdhouse

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