13 best electric hobs

  • The best single-hob electric panel
  • The best two-hob electric panels
  • The best 3-hob electric hobs
  • The best 4-hob electric hobs
  • The best 5-hob

electric hob with your own stove top 4-hob electric hob.then you have an interesting and long process. To date, this technique is represented by a huge number of options: in the form of a continuous gas( electric) stove or separately;cooking surface and oven. The last option is widely used recently. This is due to many. In particular, if the owner, in general, does not need an oven, then he can easily confine himself to a panel for cooking. This is a very convenient option for home kitchens and hotel-type kitchens. This surface is not attached to the oven, so both separate parts can be placed independently of each other.

However, this technique still remains unfamiliar for some consumers. Therefore, in this article we consider in more detail all of its features. According to the research, we consider the rating of the best electric hobs.

The best electrical panel for one burner

Galaxy GL3053

The cheapest and most affordable version of the hob. It holds only one hob, however, it is a convenient device for moving. For travelers, for summer residents it is an ideal option to provide the possibility of cooking.

Stable glass-ceramic surface. It looks like a modern design. Electronic touch control, with convenient buttons of a convex shape. The possibility of installation of various level of temperature from 80 to 270 degrees is provided.

Key benefits:

  • Stylish.
  • Low price.
  • Emergency Auto Shutdown.
  • Touch control.
  • Expressed display.


  • Does not provide for connecting the oven.
  • No protection for children.
  • Missing clock.

The best electrical panels for two burners

Gorenje ECT 330 CSC

It is a surface for two burners. Proven best reviews. An ideal option for a modest kitchen room. In addition, it may be part of the composite structure of a large hob.

Made of composite material - glass ceramics. Has an extremely attractive appearance. Fits any style. The functionality is sufficient for daily use in a bit. Equipped with two Hi-Light burners. Dimensions: the first is 14.5 cm, the second is with a double circuit, the heating radius of which varies from 12–18 cm. The powerful force is 2.9 kWh.

Touch control, which is endowed with a number of new features:

  • Locking Modes.
  • function BoilControl;
  • Safety function for children( lock).

Key benefits:

  • Stylish appearance.
  • Sensor Control.
  • Affordable price.


  • There is no timer, which would be so desirable in the set of functions.

Hansa BHCS31116

Simple and laconic hob model. Country of origin - Poland. The powerful power of 3 kWh with two burners with a diameter of 14.5 and 18.0 cm, is of the Hi-Light type. The surface is made of black glass-ceramic with edging.

Main advantages:

  • High quality surface material( made in Germany).
  • Easy to operate.
  • Heats up quickly.


  • Lack of security features( child lock).
  • Rings do not provide for an expansion radius.

Bosch PKC345E

A rather old model, however, does not lose its popularity. It has good performance as a reliable and simple technique. The surface consists of two burners, whose power is 1.2 and 1.7 kW 1,7h. It is characterized by instant heating. It has a glass-ceramic surface that is quite resistant to shocks. Common metallic color successfully combined with other types of home appliances. Including black, white, with stainless steel.

Key benefits:

  • Reliable technology.
  • Protective framing.
  • Heats up very quickly.


  • Does not contain the latest technology.

The best electric cooktops with 3 burners


The leader in this category is the well-known BEKO company. The surface is characterized as extremely stable, not afraid of any collision with dishes. Hardy, has a high threshold to all kinds of scratches and friction. It has a perfectly smooth surface that is easily cleaned from any contamination.

Equipped with three burners with induction type of work. They all have a different size, which allows the use of different dishes. No less a plus is the fact that a timer is set in each burner. There are all sensors that signal residual heat, auto power off, etc. Touch control panel with a slider.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Rack and high-quality panel.
  • Low power consumption.


  • Honey.

Electrolux EHF 6232 IOK

Represents a category of standard sizes - panel( 60 cm).Very stylish stove( glass ceramics) black, easily combined with any modern style of kitchen. It is characterized by ease of handling and care. Touch control is thought out enough, and includes nine levels of heating. The panel is equipped with three Hi-Light burners with the following dimensions: 18 cm;14.5 cm;14.5–27 see

Key Benefits:

  • Good design.
  • Easy care.
  • Easy to embed.


  • There is no cooking timer.

Hotpoint-Ariston KRO 632 TDZ

This model attracts a successful design. Excellent quality for a low cost. The surface of German quality - glass ceramics. Externally, the panel is equipped with a protective edging of metal.

The surface provides three burners that are quite functional, in particular:

  • Normal 16 cm.
  • With 12/18 double circuit.
  • With three contours of the heating zone 27/25 / 14.5 cm.

Touch control with modern functions: protectionfrom children, the presence of a timer with a signal.

Main advantages:

  • High-quality and durable surface.
  • Functional burners.


  • There is only a timer signal, but there is no auto power off.
  • Sensitivity of the sensor is not the highest level.

Candy CH630C

The electrical panel of this company is characterized as an inexpensive, but fairly high-quality surface. Easy to operate with aesthetic appearance. Panel material - glass ceramics. When careful, it has a long service life. Standard dimensions 60 cm and with sufficient power of 5.9 kWh. Equipped with three Hi-Light system burners. All burners have different power. Sensor type Sprinter.

It is characterized by the presence of functions ensuring its safe and economical use. In particular:

  • child protection;
  • residual heat indicator;
  • auto block when water is poured onto the surface;
  • self-disabling when there is no activity on the use.

Key benefits:

  • Modern in style.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Availability of security features.


  • Burners do not provide for expansion zones.
  • There is no countdown timer.

The best electric hobs for 4 burners

The most common category of hobs. The so-called standard that the buyer often chooses. The best models in this category:

Gorenje ECT 680-ORA-W

This model deserves special attention due to the design. Made of white glass-ceramic with a polished front edge. For this, it looks very luxurious and elegant. If there are no connoisseurs of actually white color, then this model can be bought in black.

Has pretty good specs. Roomy, standard sizes - 60 cm. Equipped with 4 burners: two of which are 14.5 cm in diameter;the third is for three jumpers 21/17, 5/12, and the fourth with an oval expansion of the heating zone of 17–26.5 cm. Touch control. A very convenient function is the set timer for each burner separately.

Equipped with protective features:

  • protection for children;
  • mode block;
  • auto shutdown.

Key benefits:

  • Very sophisticated design.
  • Thoughtful functionality.
  • Timer.
  • Security Modes.


  • High cost.

This model can be safely noted as one of the best spacious cooktops, taking into account the technology, quality and style.

Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

Perfect for four comfortable panels. It has a perfectly smooth black glass-ceramic surface, equipped with four burners. The touch control is conveniently displayed on the front side of the surface. It has a convenient illumination of all buttons. And also the residual heat indicator is highlighted. The power of this surface is up to 6.6 kWh.

The main advantages of

  • Quality panel of German origin.
  • Touch control.
  • High quality functionality is also required.


  • Presented in one color only.
  • High price.

Electrolux EHF96547FK

The modern model of the panel, made of black glass-ceramic. The design somewhat distinguishes the surface among others, due to the bevelled edges, which, in turn, contribute to a perfect fit to the table top. Proven, reliable and reasonable price plate. Equipped with four rings, which are thought out for all types of dishes. Two of which are 14.5 cm in diameter;the third with an oval extension;and the fourth with three circuits 21 / 17.5 / 12 cm. It has the function of express heating.

In addition, the sensor is very beautifully highlighted. The remainder of the heat is also indicated. You can cancel its equipment with the latest technology, providing a very convenient work process. In particular, it provides the following functions:

  • Stop &Go - a short break in work.
  • EcoTimer - allows you to gradually reduce the heating temperature until the moment of complete shutdown. Often useful feature to bring to readiness.
  • Sound timer indicator and automatic shutdown. The function is very relevant. And the mistress will never burn anything.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to operate.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to mount.


  • There is no combined heating zone.

Hansa BHCI65123030

This brand is primarily characterized by a low price. The quality of the device itself and its work does not contain any comments. Functional - simple, but reliable. Surface - German-made combined glass ceramics. It has a protective rim - metal edging at the edges. It has a fairly considerable power - 6 kWh, with the calculation of four rings: two with a diameter of 18 cm;two 14.5 cm in diameter. Mechanical control, however, reliable. The manufacturer of this equipment is Poland, with a warranty period of 12 months.

Main advantages:

  • Quality of equipment and its simplicity.
  • Affordable price.


  • There are no additional features: heat expansion zones and a timer with an indicator.

The best 5-burner electric hob

Bosch PKM875DP1D

A well-known company is a good unit with advanced functionality. Made of high-quality German glass-ceramic SCHOTT CERAN.Externally it has beveled edges and a metal edging on the sides.

Provides five hotplates. They are very well thought out, one standard type - single-circuit, two provide for a circular expansion zone. The other two: one of which has an oval extension, and if necessary, both merge into one. For the hostess This is very convenient, especially during the preparation for the holidays and celebrations. Equipped with high-quality touch control, which allows you to easily select the desired mode or function.

  • Provides power at 17 levels and the TopControl indicator:
  • Super fast heat - PowerBoost.
  • Special Cleaning-pause mode. Providing off the stove for 30 seconds for its urgent cleaning.
  • Indicator mode of operation, residual heat and power consumption.
  • Other protective features.

Key benefits:

  • Advanced functionality.
  • Reliable German quality.
  • elegant design.


  • Honey.

We hope the review of the best models of a different type of this category will help the buyer to choose the right option for himself and make a good choice.

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