Making a greenhouse with your own hands

If frost occurs in your region too early and you really want to extend the harvest season, the best solution is to build a greenhouse on the site. A greenhouse with warm beds will help you grow cultivated plants until the second half of autumn. You can order a factory greenhouse and spend a little more money, and you can save money and make it yourself.

Building materials

For the construction of a greenhouse you will need:

  1. Metal pipe with a diameter of 72 mm for the manufacture of piles. The depth of the pit under the pipe should be greater than the depth of freezing. The length of the pipe should be 10-20 cm longer than the depth of the pit under the pipe.
  2. Metal plates for the construction of supports for the heifer.
  3. Wooden timber 10 cm thick.
  4. Hardware. To fix the beam to the support, you must use bolts 8 cm long.
  5. Metal profiles with a minimum thickness of 10 cm for the manufacture of arcs. Pipes for the manufacture of arcs will not work, as they may flatten due to the force applied during bending.
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  7. Polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse coating.
  8. Mounting tape for fixing the polycarbonate sheet on the greenhouse arcs.
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Also for the construction of the end wall of the greenhouse, you will need thinner profiles and door hinges.

The process of manufacturing a greenhouse

It is necessary to cut a pipe with a diameter of 72 mm into 10 segments of the same length. For the Moscow region, the length of the pipe section is 1.7 m( depth of soil freezing is + 20 cm).Metal plates are installed on the pipes, in the middle of which you need to drill holes for large bolts. The plates themselves must be bonded with pipes by welding. Next, the pipes are cemented. When the cement hardens, it will be possible to install a wooden beam on top of the piles. After the timber is laid out around the perimeter of the greenhouse, metal profiles are placed on top of it, and then the whole structure is fixed with large hardware.

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Next you need to make the arc, using teski or a special machine. Arcs are installed on metal profiles and welded to the base of the greenhouse.

The length of the metal beams for the manufacture of arcs must be calculated by the formula: "The distance between the heel piles" X 1.5.Since the profile in the process of making the arc can lead, you need to align it with the rule.

Next, you need to install guide beams, which will serve as an additional support for the polycarbonate sheet. They are set at a height of 1.5 m and 2.5 m on the arc.

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It is necessary to cut a sheet of polycarbonate and fix it on the supports with a mounting tape.

The door to the heifer is made of metal profiles of smaller diameter. A polycarbonate sheet is installed inside the frame, having previously inserted door hinges into it.

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