Pros and cons of electric fire with air humidifier and the sound of the furnace

  • Types of fireplaces
  • Design and principle of operation
  • Pros and cons
  • Additional functions
  • Safety

Fireplace can be not only an attribute of a country house, but also a city apartment. Artificial flame of an electric fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere, and turn the heater into a corner for relaxation. Comfort adds the built-in sound of the firebox.

Some people refuse to install a fireplace for fear of overdrying the air in the room, however, nowadays there are fireplaces with built-in humidifiers that do not dry the air in the room, and, as a result, do not cause any harm to their health.

Types of fireplaces

The very first electric fireplaces, if imitated a flame, then only in the form of an image - a static or video projection. It was not particularly realistic, and could not well imitate the real flame. The fireplaces were replaced, the flame in which is simulated with the help of vaporization.

A special reservoir is built into the electric fire, into which poured water evaporates and is highlighted, which not only creates a good illusion of real fire, but also moistens the air in the room. There are several types of electric fireplaces equipped with air humidifiers. Consider each option individually to find out which one is best to choose.

Open and Closed

First of all, we divide fireplaces into open and closed. Closed fireplaces are divided into fireplaces with grill or glass: on the basis of which access to the flame is limited. There is no technical difference between them: the choice of one or another option is determined only by the user's personal tastes.

A fireplace with a grate looks more like a classic wood burning fireplace, so many prefer it. But those who want something more modern can opt for a glass fence.

Open fireplaces give direct access to the "flame", but they are not always completely safe: for example, if they use halogen lamps. Fire in such fireplaces can not cause harm, like a real one, but you can get burned with a lamp or hot steam, so it is not recommended to leave young children or animals alone in the room with an open fireplace.

The level of air humidification

Further, fireplaces are divided by the power of air humidification. Some models only support the already existing humidity in the room, others increase its level: it depends on the power of the heating element and the volume of the water container.

Standard volumes of containers are enough from 7–8 to 24–36 hours of work without interruption, large volumes, respectively, provide more hours. Do not worry that when emptying the container there will be problems: special sensors are built into the fireplaces that turn off the heating of the container after complete evaporation of the liquid.

working principle In order to understand what is being proposed as an alternative to an ordinary fireplace, it is worth knowing a little about how the device works.

Device and principle of operation

The principle of operation of an electric fireplace with an air humidifier is constructed as follows. The heating element and lighting elements are separated, so the fireplace can either be just a decorative element or a heater. And also a heating element for the steam generator is taken out separately: ultrasound converts water into steam, which with the help of a backlight creates a flame simulation.

Heating consumes more energy, so functions can be activated independently of each other. To do this, a remote control is supplied with the device, with which you can turn on and off both all functions simultaneously and separately.

device The outer part of the fireplace consists of two elements: the hearth and the portal. The portal is the external design of the fireplace, and the hearth is the place where the artificial fire is located directly.

In the center of the hearth there are holes that let in steam that simulate fire. With the help of the backlight achieved the desired effect.

The internal structure of the fireplace differs little from the principle of operation of a conventional heater-heater: spirals located in the upper or lower part of the hearth generate heat when connected to the mains. Fans located near them dissipate heat and prevent overheating of the spirals.

In most modern models, you can adjust the temperature that needs to be maintained in the fireplace: this is also done using the remote control.

Pros and Cons

Like every appliance, an electric fireplace has several advantages and disadvantages. Among the disadvantages we can mention the following:

  • High electricity consumption( especially if you include all the functions of the fireplace at the same time).
  • Regardless of the quality of air humidification, a fireplace burns a large amount of oxygen. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the room.
  • The effect of imitation of the flame is suppressed if there are powerful sources of light opposite the fireplace.

The advantages are:

  • A high level of fire safety compared to a fireplace with a living fire.
  • Ability to choose the size of the fireplace and build it in any apartment.
  • Additional heat source in the house.

Many pros and cons vary by model.

Additional Functions

Among the special functions of an electric fireplace with a steam generator, you can highlight the built-in audio player that can play the sound of the firebox: crackling firewood, hissing tar. This sound is often not enough for those who are accustomed to the usual fireplace, but the audio player can compensate for this.

Another special feature of the device is the ability to create a 3D flame effect with the help of backlight lamps arranged in a certain way.

With this feature, the flame looks more realistic and completely recreates the work of a real wood-burning fireplace.


Despite the fact that the probability of a fire with an artificial flame is minimized, it is worth mentioning the operational safety.

  • The first and most significant point is to abandon the idea of ​​bricking up a fireplace in a wall.
    In case of problems with electrical wiring, operability of the fireplace or its individual functions, you must be able to provide easy access to it.
  • The socket to which the fireplace is connected must also be in the area of ​​access, so that in case of any problems and doubts you can quickly turn off the device.
  • Since the fireplace requires a lot of energy, check the wiring in the house before installing the fireplace, and it is also recommended to purchase a voltage regulator: electricity surges can damage the device.
  • If the fireplace is open - do not leave children or animals near it: as mentioned above, it is easy to get burned or get an electric shock about the lamp or steam.
  • Be careful, pouring water into the device, the liquid should not fall into the space surrounding the reservoir — the heating coil, sensors and other elements.
  • It is better that the water for the steam generator is filtered or distilled: this prevents the formation of scale on the elements.
  • Be sure to check the instructions and timely clean the internal parts that need it: this will prolong the operation of the device.

Observing simple safety rules, you can enjoy the work of your fireplace for a long time, and save money on repairs and buying a new device.

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