Doing a drinking bowl for chickens with your own hands from scrap materials

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like any other living creatures, you will not need a quick food for chickens with your own hands - the

video, like any other living creatures, you will need a quick drink for chickens like

but also in sufficient amount of pure water. A self-made drinking bowl for chickens will help to satisfy all the needs of feathered pets and save money that is never superfluous.

Today, in specialized stores there is no shortage of equipment for arranging poultry houses and areas for walking poultry. And yet, poultry farmers are showing genuine interest in homemade designs. This is due to their simplicity and availability of components used in the work.

How to make a drinker for chickens? What you need to know, and what stock up before starting work?

First of all, you need to calculate the water needs of your wards and determine what type of drinker is better for the livestock.

The volume of water drunk by chickens depends on their age, housing conditions and feeding. The average amount of moisture consumed is usually taken as 0.5 liters. The height of attachment of the equipment is determined based on the type of drinker and the age of the chicken.

Novice poultry farmers, without thinking about the consequences, sometimes put open water tanks to the bird, thus making several serious mistakes:

  1. On hot days, the moisture quickly evaporates and may feel thirsty in the evening without proper control.
  2. It is possible that active chicks or adult chickens will overturn the vessel and will remain without water at all.
  3. Open homemade drinkers for chickens are dangerous because, once in them, small chicks can not only get wet and supercooled, but also drown.
  4. In open-type drinking troughs, dust and insects, droppings and litter particles are necessarily deposited, and a pathogenic environment dangerous for the drinking bird develops.
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The Simplest Drinking Bottle for Chickens from a Plastic Bottle

If such a design is the only acceptable solution, then you need to try to make the openings for drinking quite small, suitable for using one or two birds.

An example is a 1.5 or 2 liter plastic bottle drinker for chickens.

On a vessel fixed in a horizontal position, several holes are carefully cut through so that it is convenient for the chickens to drink from a container half filled with water. Too large drinking holes should not be done so that a curious bird could not get into a self-made drinking bowl for chickens, and feed particles and bedding would not get into the water.

Similarly, for large houses, drinking bowls are made of 100 mm sewer pipes. The required number of holes for the raised birds is cut through the plastic pipe along the pipe, the pipe ends are closed with plugs, and the self-made drinking bowl for chickens is ready to be fixed to the wall, suspended or installed on the floor. When choosing a method take into account the size and age of farmed birds.

With the incredible simplicity and cheapness of such devices, nipple and vacuum designs are much safer and more practical. The water in them is in a closed vessel, protected from contamination and is supplied in exactly the same amount as thirsty pets need.

Vacuum self-made drinking bowl for chickens

How to make a drinking bowl for closed-type chickens with your own hands? Oddly enough, but these designs are no more expensive or more complicated than the varieties already described.

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Scheme of a self-made vacuum drinker for chickens: 1 - glass jar;2 - water level in the vessel;3 - a tray for drinking;4 - steady moisture resistant support for banks.

This type of vacuum design is a stand-alone device. It is easily mounted without the use of any tools, is even easier to maintain and, if necessary, changes.

Vacuum drinkers are most convenient for very small chickens living, drinking and eating on the floor. You can install a do-it-yourself chickens drinker both in the poultry house and on the walk, the main thing is that the design of the pan and the water tank be stable.

A similar drinker can be made from cheap plastic bottles and other disposable tableware.

A variant of a homemade drinker for chickens from: 1-mussels or trimmed bottom from a large plastic container;2 - plastic bottle;3 - bottle caps;4 - self-tapping screw, holding a bowl and bottle;6 - mounts for hanging the finished drinker. To maintain the water level in the bowl, a hole( 5) is made in the neck of the bottle, below the top edge of the pan.

Water can be poured by simply unscrewing the cap. The lower tray replenishes itself due to the difference in pressure that occurs as the moisture in the bowl decreases.

Nipple Drinker for Chickens

For older birds, nipple drinkers can be made in which the inhabitants of the poultry house do not have direct contact with water, and drinking moisture is supplied only “on demand” by birds.

However, there is a nipple drinker for chickens and a disadvantage. Since such a device can only drink a strictly limited number of chicks at the same time, a crush is possible on hot days or after feeding. To avoid this, you need to carefully calculate the needs of the birds in the nipple drinkers for chickens.

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From a plastic bottle, the drinking bowl for chickens is very simple. A hole is drilled in the cover into which the nipple is installed, which for strength is better sealed with a sealant or a FUM tape. The drinking bowl is suspended in a convenient place for the bird, it is easy to clean and replenish as it is empty.

A similar construction is not made from a relatively small bottle, but from a bucket, canister or other large plastic container. This option is convenient because along the circumference of the bucket you can make several nipple poilnik at once. For the convenience of the birds and to preserve the dryness of the litter, ready-made or homemade drip trays are attached to them.

The largest and at the same time the most costly construction is obtained from a piece of plastic sewer pipe, end caps, several nipple drinkers, brackets for hanging equipment and drip trays.

On the pipe, the holes for the nipples are drilled at a distance of 20–30 cm from each other so that the drinking birds do not interfere with each other. Then the nipples are mounted, the catchers of the flowing down water are mounted and the nipple drinking bowl for the chicks is installed at the destination.

If desired, such a drinking bowl can be connected to the water supply network, which will facilitate its filling and rinsing.

All described types of homemade chick drinkers are easy to manufacture and do not require special knowledge from the breeder. However, before starting work it is better to watch a video about making a drinker for chickens with your own hands. After this work will go faster, the last difficulties and questions will disappear.

DIY Chicken Drinker - Video

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