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In 2009, Serge Salib received amazing Blueberry Lemon with semi-double flowers or terry flowers. The center of the corolla is colored yellow, becoming thicker and warmer at the entrance to the mouth. On the petals of the flower Ahimenes spectacular lilac, like watercolor stains and stains. The leaves are light, shoots, as they grow, they become drooping.

Achiménez Lavender Fizz

Flowers of Ahimenes Lavender Fizz is hard to miss. The variety, bred by Serge Salib in 2012, will adorn any collection. Compact erect plants densely cover toothed leaves and large double flowers of surprisingly bluish-lavender shade. The peculiarity of this popular variety Ahimenes is the light coloring of the back side of the petals.

Achiménez Lavender Flame

In 2012, lovers of Ahimenez received many spectacular plants from Serge Salib. The Ahimenes variety Lavender Flame is one of these wonderful gifts with fairly large lavender flowers. The pharynx of the flower of Ahimenes is marked by a noticeable yellow spot and maroon-brown specks, which, becoming purple, captures wavy petals. Erect shrub with shoots covered with light green foliage.

Akhimenez Tropical Dusk

The varieties of ahimenez Serge Salib are the favorites of domestic flower growers. These include the Tropical Dusk achimenez, obtained in 2011, with double-colored terry rose-violet flowers and green, erect shoots. The peculiarity of the plant is a combination of violet and pink-orange shades on the petals, creating a glowing effect and giving a special charm to the flowers of achimenes.

Ahimenez Nightfall

Ahimenez Nightfall from S.Saliba does not compare with the previous plant sizes of flowers. But the variety presented in 2011 is no less interesting and loved by growers.

Terry corollas of the flowers of achimenes are distinguished by a thick cherry color, which becomes as rich and juicy as possible towards the center. To date, this sort of achimenes can be called the darkest of the existing ones. The bush is small, compact. The leaves are dark with a purple glow on the veins and the back side.

Akhimenez Lemon Orchard

Having created in 2010 an amppel variety of achimenes Lemon Orchard, Serge Saliba suggested flower growers to admire combinations of lemon yellow and pink shades. The terry corollas of medium size wonderfully painted at the edges of the petals in crimson-pink tones, and bright carmine brushstrokes sometimes appear on the petals. The greens on the cascade shoots of this variety, according to the description of achimenes, are distinguished by a silvery shade.

Ahimenez Petite Fadette

Ahimenez Petite Fadette, presented in 2007 by Serge Salib, medium-sized, semi-double or double flowers of a beautiful red shade. Coloring becomes more intense and thick to the entrance to the mouth. The back side of the corolla is lighter. The leaves are also small, fairly dark. Variety Ahmenes, which can be considered in all respects miniature.

Ahimenez Peach Glow

Medium with drooping shoots Ahimenez Peach Glow from R.Brumpton blooms very willingly and abundantly. The flowers of achimenes are not very large, but they are attractive by the delicate, pink color of the petals and the yellow center and the rim of the corolla.

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Ahmenes Sun Sun

In 2010, Serge Salib presented a beautiful ampelous plant with pale pink flowers, decorated with a bright fringed border and a yellow spot in the center of the rim. From the center to the edges of the petals of Ahimenes, as in the photo, scattered brown and orange spots. So the author of the variety represents the solar wind, after all, this name was given to achimenez Sun Wind, a flower gardener who enjoys great love.

Akhimenez Dale Martens

As a result of the crossing of the grades Elegance and Yellow Queen in 2007, Serge Saliba managed to get a new half-flashy achimenez Dale Martens. Plants with simple crimson-pink flowers, whose yellow corolla center is decorated with a scattering of purple or raspberry sprays, have become popular with a significant number of achimenez adherents.

Akhimenez Dale Martens Improved

In 2012, the breeder developed success and introduced the community of flower growers achimenez Dale Martens Improved with large semi-double or terry fringed corolla. The plants are erect and tall, so nipping shoots is recommended for the Ahimenez variety.

Akhimenez Serge’s Fantasy

Akhimenez Serge’s Fantasy has appeared due to the interbreeding of such famous and favorite achimenez varieties as Elegance and Rainbow Warrior. Terry, rose-like crimson flowers with a yellow center and carmine scattering of spots on the corolla made a new variety of achimenes, as in the photo, one of the most desirable.

Akhimenez Last Dawn

The Last Dawn Ahimenez variety from Serge Salib, bred in 2011, has much in common with the previous plant. But this is only at first glance! The medium-sized double flowers of achimenes combine the most unexpected shades of red and crimson, which gives a truly unique look to bloom. Erect bushes are compact and have a good predisposition for branching.

Ahimenez Alter Ego

In 2012, the breeder S. Saliba presented the blue-and-purple variety of achimenes Alter Ego, which stands out among many other terry flowers. The colors of the corolla may vary depending on the conditions created for the plant. The bush is large, requiring pinching and support.

Achiménez Golden Lady

The same parent couple that presented to gardeners the variety “Serge Saliba” became the “culprit” of the birth in 2007 of a new sort of master, Achimenes Golden Lady. Delicate yellow or creamy flowers of achimenes are of medium size, elegant semi-double halo and sometimes decorated with small lilac strokes. The plant is upright, green.

Akhimenez Made In Heaven

The spectacular achimenes Made In Heaven of S.Saliba selection is relatively new, since it appeared only in 2012.However, this does not prevent this sort of actively gaining popularity. Bluish or lavender flowers of Ahimenes are very large, terry, delicate. Bushes are upright, green, with light toothed foliage.

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