Sewer pipe for the toilet: installation and connection nuances

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Sewage pipes - a sewerage component, without which it is impossible to equip a bathroom. It is designed for communication with the atmosphere sewer riser, prevents the formation of waste water and the appearance in the bathroom odor.

Installed in the toilet bowl to the sewer pipe prevents vacuum in the sewer system and ensures the smooth operation of the water trap. In this article we will understand that what are sewage pipes, as well as tell you about the rules of their installation.

The content of the article:

  • Sanitary discharges variety of products
  • Why use a sewer pipe?
  • Rules and features of the installation
    • What is required for the installation of the toilet?
    • Installation instructions riser
    • Thermal insulation and soundproofing pipe
    • The check valve system for fans
  • Connecting the toilet without corrugations
    • Installation of a toilet bowl with vertical outflow
    • Plumbing installation horizontal outlet
    • Installation of sanitary facilities with an oblique release
  • Features of repair systems, sanitary discharges
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Sanitary discharges variety of products

Sewage pipes are classified according to structural materials used in the manufacture of products.

Classification divides the tube into 2 types of fans:

  • metal;
  • plastic.

The metal (iron) version can be installed in a sewage system made from a similar material. Plastic products can be installed either in a plastic or in a cast-iron pipe.

plastic fittings

When repairing a sewer pipe is recommended to replace the plastic elements iron analogs. This material is much more durable than cast iron

When mounting element made of plastic sewer obtained flexible sewer pipe, knee or monolithic compact adapter. Cast iron products inflexible and do not differ a variety of forms.

Why use a sewer pipe?

Under current building regulations today, the process of construction of single-storey house sewage systems can be performed without the sewer pipe. This is due to the small number of non-recurring runoff.

If the building comprises two or more floors or housing equipped with several toilets, then in order to ensure stable pressure in the sewer pipe requires sewer system. This element binds riser with the atmosphere, maintaining a stable pressure even in case of bulk release of water from the toilet bowl, which provokes negative pressure in the outlet line.

Sewer pipe in the holiday house

According to the adopted building codes in one-storey building with a minimum amount of waste water bath, so setting the sewer pipe in the bathroom optional

If the dwelling is equipped with multiple bathrooms, then the situation has changed and is installed on the toilet sewer pipe is a vital necessity.

This applies in the following cases:

  • House has 2 or more levels that are equipped with the sewage system and water supply;
  • cross-sectional diameter of the riser sewer - 50 mm;
  • inside the building has a swimming pool or water equipment, which is down the drain a significant amount of water;
  • septic tank is close to home, which can cause quite an unpleasant smell.

In the above cases without a vacuum sewer pipe can lead to rapid depletion of siphons under the sink or toilet that will ensure direct contact "atmosphere" of a septic tank with a microclimate premises.

Thus, setting items for the outlet to the sewer system provides stable pressure in discharge pipe and stores the integrity of the water drains into the siphons under the special waste holes, cut-off unpleasant odor from the septic tanks Home microclimate.

sewerage system in high-rise building

Installing sewer pipe required if the building to arrange 2 or more bathrooms, enjoyed by all family members simultaneously

Construction of sewage and ventilation systems to sewage pipes efficiently in the following cases:

  • sewage riser installation in a private home with a diameter of 50 mm;
  • the presence in the house two or more floors, each of which have bathrooms;
  • in a private home is equipped with water supply equipment, such as a swimming pool that generates powerful water runoff;
  • Autonomous sewer system is located next to the apartment house.

Usually installation of toilet performed on a sewer pipe having a typical diameter of 110 mm. The cross section drain hole in the tank is 70 mm. Typically, the conduit is fed to the bath with a diameter of 50 mm. It connects with the riser cross-section of the siphon is not more than 110 mm.

From this it follows that with the same bath or toilet inner diameter of the riser will not be completely blocked.

Sewer pipe for the toilet

Pipe fans for toilet is required in the case of simultaneous use of several toilets, when a one-time flow can completely block the sewer section

Basin, sink or appliances (dishwasher, washing, etc.) that are connected to the sewerage system, are not able to significantly change the volume of single discharge.

One-off drains the above devices are small, so they can not radically change the situation. In these cases, a sewer pipe mounted to the toilet at the request of the property owner.

Rules and features of the installation

sewage pipes are made of the required diameter sewer pipes. They serve as an extension of the riser in the bathroom and end up putting into a special channel is equipped to vent sewer system.

Toilet fitting to the pipe

Often there is a replacement concepts, toilet and sewer pipe called adapter (cuff eccentric) connecting with socket santehpriborov sewer pipe

Connecting the sewer system can successfully solve the actual problem of unpleasant, pungent smells in the toilet when full operation of sewerage and ventilation systems. This is due to the small size of the siphon in modern plumbing items, due to which they can form an insufficient supply of water (water trap).

If a ladder or shower plumbing not in use for more than 2 days, it may lead to drying water seal that will provoke the peaceful penetration of air from the sewage in bathroom. In this pipe not only effectively Fan draws the air, but also ventilates the sewer pipe.

When lifting the warm air through the riser occurs underpressure, due to which it partially enters the atmosphere through the previously desiccated siphon.

Sewage in a private house

Installation in a private house iron or plastic sewer pipes makes less intense unpleasant odor originating from the drying of the siphon

According to building codes, tube fans must be performed in a warm room, it is necessary to make insulation products if necessary. If it freezes, the evaporation will be enough to dispel quickly and efficiently. For this reason, after a year of use the upper part of the element is covered with a greenish patina.

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Photo of

Connect the toilet to the sewer standpipe

K taps and risers lavatory sewage systems are connected via rigid or flexible (corrugated) extension

Release to connect the toilet to the sewer

Extender selected in accordance with the diameter of the sewer drain, which will connect the toilet. Material sewer pipe itself, in this case it does not matter

Detail of the toilet to connect with an oblique release

Depending on the type of toilet connection is made using rigid angular, straight elements, parts with corrugated portions and offset from the center of symmetry

Universal extension option

For all types of toilets, irrespective of the type of release, suitable extensions with corrugated sections. They allow you to move the toilet seat relative to the issue and increase the length of the connection, if necessary

Connect the toilet to the sewer standpipe

Connect the toilet to the sewer standpipe

Release to connect the toilet to the sewer

Release to connect the toilet to the sewer

Detail of the toilet to connect with an oblique release

Detail of the toilet to connect with an oblique release

Universal extension option

Universal extension option

When installing sewer pipes observe two basic rules:

  1. The diameter of the product must be greater than the diameter of the riser, which is mounted on the sewer pipe (independent from that used in the manufacture of the tube material).
  2. It should end at 40-50 cm from the edge of the ridge, so that unpleasant odors are quickly removed to the atmosphere.

The system output must be located outside residential areas. More precisely, sewage pipes for sanitary apparatus (toilet) must go outside the bathroom and reach through the attic of the building roof. Otherwise, the stench of your septic tank will penetrate into the living room.

What is required for the installation of the toilet?

Wiring sanitary device to the public sewer system involves connecting the bowl to the pipe by means of pipe bends, corrugated or eccentric sleeves.

Cuffs toilet

Elements which are necessary for connecting a toilet bowl in the bathroom - rubber cuff (2), a corrugation (3) and a plastic outlet (1). Suitable one, but sometimes it is necessary to combine several

It should be borne in mind that the installation of any toilet model using reliable and durable cuff has a number of requirements:

  • absolutely can not trim the tube and change their geometric shape;
  • corrugated cuff can be freely drawn out in length, and bend at the desired angle;
  • eccentric sleeve must rotate about the axis, it allows to compensate the deviation from coaxiality interconnectable plastic pipes.

Execution pipeline using compound corrugated cuffs It has its advantages. This is a unique opportunity to connect the toilet to the general sewerage system in remote places. In these cases, drainage is equipped with various receiving sockets.

Installation instructions riser

When the pipeline replacement in a country house or apartment must first dismantle the sewer system. Articles made of cast iron are considered obsolete and need to be replaced with plastic equivalents, observing certain rules.

cast iron riser

To date, the foundation of the old houses often performed dismantling of the old cast iron pipe. Plastic components deliver best performance and durability

Disassembly is performed by disconnecting the sewer riser followed by disconnecting all design elements. Before replacing the recommended use advice of experts, which will see if the element replacing entail iron riser on plastic backfire expressed in reduction of durability and reliability sewerage system.

The new pipe is mounted to the lower point of rigidity, located in the area of ​​the riser trunk. Installation in a country house begins with the site, on which the foundation of the building. The supporting structure is required to drill the hole, then install a tube of 110 mm diameter and fix its collars. After installation of the sanitary appliance is supplied thereto special outlet.

When installing the riser must be used exclusively metal clamps, which will provide design and reliability will reduce deviations from the marking lines arising in the process assembly.

Yokes for the riser

Metal clamps, which are used when installing the sewer pipe of this structure provide strength and allow adjustment of interconnected elements

Hairpin on metal collar different functional helical structure, which allows to adjust the accuracy of the mating elements.

Thermal insulation and soundproofing pipe

When installing the plastic parts can not forget about the important system of protective measures - noise insulation and thermal insulation of the pipe. Insulation carried out by means of a tubular sheath penoizol who dresses the outside.

Noise reduction system for arranging contact place floor slab and the pipe is filled with foam or other material sealed.

pipe insulation

Sewer pipe girded airtight material with excellent noise proof qualities. As a result, the vibration of the movement in the sewage pipe does not go to the house wall

Noise sewer pipes can be accomplished using a mineral plate or special foam. Most often applied polyurethane foam, which is easier to apply, however, if it does not allow the dismantling of structures to collect it back.

The check valve system for fans

In the process of mounting the sewer pipe into the previously prepared vent. If the project provides for a minimum amount of ventilation risers, then tap toilet displayed horizontally to the wall without compromising the interior bathrooms.

Particular attention should be an important element of the system - check valve, which functions include:

  • preventing waste return back to the toilet bowl;
  • valve prevents rodents from entering the sewer system;
  • improve the situation in case of wrong pipe slope;
  • obstacle returned the toilet impurities.

If you made an internal check valve assembly, the pipe should first be cleaned and degreased thoroughly. Then establish a special box - it must be purchased in advance, since it is not supplied with a check valve.

When installing a valve must take into account that the location will be returned by a counter flow, wherein the petals are folded toward the sanitary element.

check valve

Installing the check valve can be performed at various locations sewer system. Internal installation requires advance preparation and some space

When installing the valve can not be used or silicone lubricating agents, even if they are intended for the sewer systems. The installation process must be carried out exclusively dry.

If the sewer pipe has a typical diameter of 110 mm, then valve installation It involves the use of a special adapter. If you plan to sulfur compound with a pipe socket felled, the valve is installed in the pipe.

Cylindrical check valve

Cylindrical check valve with the lid must be installed in the outlet pipe immediately after the installation of the device in the bathroom plumbing

When draining of water in the toilet bowl of the valve cover is opened, after which it is automatically closed by a spring made of stainless steel. Due to such a construction the lid can not be opened from the outside faeces, which eliminates them from getting back into the toilet.

The tightness of the valve with a compound of sewer pipes is achieved by means of rubber rings. The valve has a long service life (over 50 years).

Connecting the toilet without corrugations

If the owner made the decision when connected sanitary devices are not used corrugation, it is necessary to adhere to basic rules: it is necessary use an adapter or nipple, connect the toilet to the adapter is carried out in different ways depending on the issue of sanitary device.

Cuff toilet

Smooth stiff cuff is an important element, which is used for connecting sanitary device without any modification corrugations

Depending on the internal structure toilets are classified into 3 types, characterized by also mounting and connecting features:

  • Santekhoborudovanie with an oblique release. Installation sanitary device is performed in a tube 90.
  • Santekhoborudovanie vertical outlet. Installation of plumbing is carried out in the floor.
  • Santekhoborudovanie horizontal outlet. Installation of articles carried in the sewer pipe horizontally or with a slight slope.

If the release of plumbing and sewerage network entry do not match, then it is necessary to set the desired angle curved tube-adapter or select the optimal model of the toilet.

Types of issues toilet

Sanitary device for a toilet room may have a different view of the issue - oblique, horizontal (straight), vertical. The first option was widely used in the last century, but today it supplants horizontal

Before you select the optimal design should consider the characteristics of the installation of sanitary equipment of every kind.

Installation of a toilet bowl with vertical outflow

Such models plumbing widely used in European countries. This is due to the fact that the sanitary equipment mounted vertical outlet and disposed in the bowl siphon plumbing. Comfortable design allows to install the product at any distance relative to the wall.

Installation of plumbing, vertical outlet is relatively easy:

  • Marking is performed on the floor washroom;
  • with label set screw flange, equipped with a special holder;
  • sewer pipe is mounted in a circular shape opening situated in the center of the flange;
  • flange mounted previously installed toilet, then he turned to full lock hardware.

Outlet equipped with a sealing ring. Due to the presence of this element, automatically fitting tightly pressed against the sewer pipe. More connecting plumbing products, vertical outlet read Further.

Toilet bowl with vertical outflow

Toilets with a straight (vertical) release of the floor installed with the help of special parts. Decoupling sewage is usually located under the beams, and the pipes do not require the presence of partition walls and

Plumbing installation horizontal outlet

Connecting toilet models with direct (horizontal to the floor) issue relevant to the conditions in our country. This is due to the fact that the bathroom is tied to a certain wall of the restroom because of the specific wiring sewer pipes in typical Russian homes.

Since the release of these models to the rear, it is in the back of the product. Outlet tube attached to the tube, using sealing sleeve.

Connecting the toilet bowl with horizontal inlet

Wiring diagram of modern sanitary unit with horizontal outlet in the bathroom of an apartment or house consists of six basic steps

When installing you should pay particular attention to the consolidation of bathroom fixtures to the floor bathrooms. Feet plumbing bowl with horizontal outflow are specifically to make a hole designed to secure the toilet to the floor.

Connection plumbing Direct release ends the installation process, during which the use of screws and dowels. Mounting must be performed carefully, as in the case of a strong "Reaching" screws can damage the integrity of the surface of sanitary ware.

Installation of sanitary facilities with an oblique release

The process of installing and connecting bathroom fixtures with an oblique release is performed in stages:

  1. Before connecting the sewer system to the plumbing device with the release grooves disposed inside should be coated with a varnish with a mixture of red lead (or sealant).
  2. Top should be carefully wound a strand of resin. The tip of the ridge length of 0.5 cm must remain free, because the ends of the strands may fall into the hole and cause the occurrence of clogging.
  3. Wrap a strand of resin smeared with red lead.

Then, the assembly of a toilet bowl, during which the exhaust process is fixed in the socket pipe sewage.

Toilet with an oblique release

Connecting equipped with an oblique release bowl can serve as a visual aid for self-assembly equipment. It can be embedded directly into the riser or to connect to the sewer pipe

installation of bathroom fixtures with an oblique release - a simple process due to the absence in a particular location of a fixed point for connection. If the regeneration of sewage system discharge mouth is inaccurate, it is not considered a problem.

Features of repair systems, sanitary discharges

Installation of internal sewerage system is made "in the mouth". This greatly facilitates the installation and removal of all pipeline elements.

Repair work required when physical damage to the sewer pipe or sewer. Due to the excellent stiffness parameter (resistance to bending pipes - 80 MPa), and a long service life of plastic (and 60) there is a small likelihood of physical damage to the tubes.

When repairing a sewer pipe master must take into account the following rules:

  • end of the sewer pipe are disposed in such a way as to ensure the effective dispersion of unpleasant odor;
  • pipe diameter should be the same as or greater than the riser, which is performed at the installation;
  • The conduit in warm rooms, and end assembly in a cold zone, as the temperature difference provokes differential pressure in various sections of the pipe.

Repair work suggests joining the sewer pipe to the sewer standpipe. At the same time on the other risers are installing vacuum valves - seals made of rubber, fitted with springs.

Repair of the pipe

Replacement and repair of sewage pipes must be carried out on the project documentation, subject to the rules of risers installed in the sewer system

In the process, the sewage system creates a negative pressure in the valve, so that it opens and draws air out of the room. After stabilizing the pressure in the riser special spring return valve automatically closes, preventing the output of an unpleasant smell to the atmosphere.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Videos are useful for the general understanding of the sewerage system in the house.

The role of the sewer pipe to the sewage system and the principle of operation of vacuum valves:

Replacement of the iron pipe to a plastic bowl:

Independently replaced by a tee:

We figured, what the sewer pipe and what is its role in the sewage and ventilation system. Arrangement it is possible to do by yourself, but if installing or calculations have problems, it is best to contact the experts.

If after studying the material have questions or you have valuable information on the installation of a sewer pipe, please share it with our readers. Leave your comments, ask questions, share your experiences.

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