How to make grape juice for the winter at home

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Grape juice is so healthy and tasty that it can be safely called a life-giving elixir for the body. Therefore, each hostess should make grape juice for the winter at home. This drink contributes to the emergence of appetite before meals and invigorates perfectly during the day. The juice of grapes is useful for healthy people to maintain immunity and is recommended for patients. Since olden times, healers have advised him to drink from his afflicted diseases of the kidneys, liver, lungs and throat. Dolma in grape leaves - a great recipe from our readers!

The main ways to get juice from grapes

The taste of a grape drink depends on its variety, maturity and preparation conditions. To understand how to make grape juice, you need to review one of the options below:

  1. Manual. This method involves getting the juice with your hands or with a press, which efforts, again, give your hands. After manually squeezed juice, filter it through gauze or sieve. You can use a meat grinder or a blender to speed up the liquid, but the following filtration steps will be the same.
  2. Juicer is the most common way to extract grape juice. The resulting liquid does not require additional filtering, and time is spent on the whole process a bit.
  3. Juicer. Specialists involved in the preparation of wine or juice each year have long enjoyed the juice cooker. The best option in which you only need to harvest and wash it under water, then it is up to a special electric appliance. Berries in clusters are placed inside the machine and periodically stirred during cooking.
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Recipes grape juice for

varieties For grape juice at home for the winter need such tools: sieve, colander, pot, juicer, hand masher, a gauze patch.

The stages of canning juice of different varieties are almost the same, but all must be strictly followed.

The main difference in cooking is the instruments used in the preparation of the workpiece.

Cabernet Grape Juice

This grape is most popular for making juice and wine. It is resistant to temperature changes, brings a lot of harvest, and also does not require additional fertilizers. Juicy appearance gives a lot of liquid and little cake, which is necessary for obtaining juice from grapes at home.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Wash the grapes under running water.
  2. Squeeze the juice with a wooden press.
  3. Put the pressed mass on the fire in a saucepan and boil.
  4. After 5 minutes, turn off the fire and filter the juice through gauze or a sieve with small holes.
  5. Pour the juice in bottles or jars, sterilize in a saucepan for 15 minutes and cork.
  6. Grape juice is ready to eat.

The average weight of a bunch of cabernet is 70 grams.

Juice from Lydia grapes

Juicy variety Lydia is unpretentious in care, beautiful in appearance and pleasant to taste. Such grapes produce unsurpassed sweet juice. In addition to its consumer qualities, the grapes perfectly complements and decorates the garden, personal plots, and the yard around the house. Grape juice, a recipe from Lydia, turns out to be saturated with a tart-sweet taste.

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Step-by-step description:

  1. Rinse picked grapes in running water, separate from greenery and place in a juicer. If there are many berries, then the juicer should be periodically stopped and cleaned of oilcake, as it can be spoiled with such food debris.
  2. strain the liquid mixture through a gauze cloth or a fine sieve.
  3. If the filtered juice is sufficiently concentrated, it can be diluted with water - 1: 2.
  4. Pour the mixed grape liquid into the pan and add sugar at the rate of: 1 liter of juice requires 50 grams of sugar.
  5. Boil for 15 minutes.
  6. Pour boiling juice into the banks and immediately clog. If some time has passed, then pour the juice into jars, do not close the lids and sterilize for 10 minutes, then cork.
  7. Grape Elixir Ready!

With , the sterilization of bottles with juice is mandatory, as the contents may ferment.

Recipe for Bianka grape juice

Green grapes are no less tasty and juicy than blue ones. You can get a sweet drink of light tone at the end of August. The juice is so concentrated that it requires mandatory dilution with water until the sweet and sweet taste is tender, spicy and refined.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Rip off ripe clusters with high-quality berries from the bushes and rinse. Branches can not be released, they further give an unusual tartness to juice.
  2. Put the washed grapes in the acceptance compartment of the juice cooker, not reaching the upper edges.
  3. If desired, add the required amount of sugar.
  4. Boil the berries for about an hour.
  5. Received hot juice bottled or cans. Immediately clog. Enjoy your consumption!
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Juice from Vostok grapes

Table grade of average density is abundantly distributed in our territory. Fresh tasty berries are beautifully transformed into long-lasting sweet and sour juice.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Picked bunches of grapes must be separated from the branches. In the future, this green can darken the light tone of the juice, as well as give an unpleasant taste.
  2. Squeeze the washed berries in the juicer. Or squeeze the juice by hand, then pass through a sieve.
  3. Pasteurize for 15 minutes, boiling the juice in a saucepan.
  4. To obtain a light green tint, pasteurized liquid is left for a couple of days to settle the precipitate. Then poured into a saucepan and again boiled for 15 minutes, poured into bottles, immediately twist the lids.
  5. Juice Ready!

A few tips to get high-quality juice

In the process of making juice from grapes, it is necessary to carry out a deartration - purifying the juice from tartar.

Tartar is potassium tartrate, which is found in grapes in the amount of 0.7%.This procedure is performed due to the turbidity of the liquid during long-term storage of the workpiece. Therefore, after three months, when the tartar is precipitated, the bottles are uncorked and pasteurized, the juice is poured back into the same containers and rolled.

Grape juice for the winter at home can be used as a basis for wine, and sifting out the cake during the cooking process is often used for chacha. To get a truly decent grape juice, be sure to follow all stages of its preparation. If, for any reason, the juice fermented, do not be discouraged, but immediately proceed to processing it into wine.

Preparation of natural grape juice - video

Cooking juice - video

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