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Squash in pineapple juice for the winter is a delicious treat. In addition, hardly anyone at least will be able to understand that it is the flesh of the vegetable that replaces, in a culinary masterpiece, pieces of sweet pineapple. To prepare a dish, it is important to choose quality ingredients, to have patience and time.

Few people know that for the preparation of pineapple jam you can use the juice of exotic fruit and... zucchini! Yes, yes, those are the most unattractive, but so often found in the kitchen gardens and in the shops. Of course, you can use the pineapples themselves, but this yellow fruit has a great price on the market, rather than the zucchini, and at some time of the year it is difficult to find it on the shelves of stores, while a large vegetable meets always. In addition, grown on the garden of his own vegetable garden zucchini always safer than imported from the hot countries of pineapple.

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How to choose the right ingredients?

For a dish like jam from zucchini with pineapple juice, we need a few ingredients, but the most basic, of course, are the juice of pineapple and zucchini. We learn how to choose quality products.

Pineapple juice

Since the delicious dish will be stored in the pantry at least half of the autumn, you should choose the most high-quality juice of exotic fruit.

It would be nice to squeeze the juice out of pineapple, but if this is not possible, then we turn to the finished products. To choose a good juice, first of all look at the packaging. The liquid is stored longer in whole glass jars with an undamaged lid, or in a cardboard box with foil on the inside of the package. Pay attention to the composition. There should be as much as possible natural products. As for the expiration date, the more natural product is stored less than the juice with a lot of additives.


It is this interesting vegetable that will replace the pulp of pineapple in our culinary masterpiece, and therefore the quality of the zucchini should be paid special attention. Again, grown on its own vegetable garden more reliable than the goods from the store shelves, but in their own vegetable garden zucchini are different. So which one to choose?

Zucchini - this is one of the small number of vegetables, which should be consumed before the full maturation of the fetus.

You should not choose the largest specimens. Weight of the most suitable zucchini is 120 - 230 g, and its length should be not less than 11 cm and not more than 20 cm. If there are many seeds in the fruit, then it can be safely said that the vegetable is overripe.

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Pay attention to the peel. It should be thin (!) And smooth. Scratches, chips, scrapes and other damage will lead to a quick deterioration of the vegetable.


It is necessary to inspect the goods and for such a factor as the color of the fruit. Yellowish-green, green-brown, the transition from light green to dark or the same solid color of any shade of green suggests that zucchini is good. Sharp transitions, as well as yellow or brown spots on the peel indicate that the vegetable begins to rot.

The peduncle should be green, fresh. If it is already withered, has a dark color or is simply missing, then the squash was cut long ago.

Procurement of zucchini in pineapple juice for the winter

When zucchini are selected, and pineapple juice is already waiting for its turn, it's time to prepare zucchini in pineapple juice for the winter. The recipe for this delicious, sweet dish is quite simple, and the ingredients can be obtained at any grocery store.

For pineapple from zucchini in pineapple juice we will need:

  • zucchini - 2-2.5 kg;
  • pineapple juice - 0.5-0.7 liters (depending on how much you prefer jam);
  • granulated sugar - 1.2-2 cups;
  • citric acid - half a teaspoon or half a slice of lemon.

For a more interesting taste, you can add a pinch of vanilla sugar, but this item is optional.

All products lie before the hostess and wait for their time. And not for nothing, because they have to become a delicious culinary masterpiece - a jam from zucchini with pineapple juice. It's time to start!

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Carefully wash all the products. With a knife (special or conventional) we cut the skins from the zucchini. Next is a rather interesting step - slicing the vegetable. You can do this with ringlets, dice, someone even cut out interesting figures with the help of special stencils. Give vent to your imagination, but do not forget that there should not be any seeds!

Place the billet in a saucepan, pour sugar and pour pineapple juice. Let it brew for a couple of minutes, then add half a slice of lemon or citric acid (depending on what you have chosen in your recipe).

We put the workpiece for medium fire. After the boiling of the mixture, we reduce the power, set it to boiling for 15-20 minutes, closing the container with a lid. Remember that the pieces should be soft and juicy, and not hard, so you should not cook less, but more - please, do not overdo it. Otherwise zucchini will be brewed and will look more like porridge than on pieces of pineapple. The best option is to try the culinary masterpiece to taste. In the same way, every housewife will easily understand if suddenly the dish is not enough to eat.

A couple of minutes before the removal from the fire, add a pinch-two vanilla sugar, if you suddenly decided to use this ingredient to give a more sweetish flavor and interesting taste.

To see that the mixture is ready, its appearance will help us. Pieces of "pineapple" get a golden color, and the jam becomes more viscous and thick. In addition, in the process of cooking, not only the kitchen, but the entire apartment is filled with a wonderful aroma of exotic fruit.

Once the delicious creation is ready, we remove it from the heat and let it cool for a couple of minutes.

In the banks sterilized in advance, we put a slice of lemon sliced ​​into quarters, pour out a pinch of plain sugar or vanillin. Pour the jam from the courgettes in pineapple juice on glass containers, twist the lid and leave it upside down for the night.

It is best to let the culinary masterpiece steep for a couple of days, so that the zucchini absorbs the aroma and pineapple juice even more, and the mixture is infused.

That's such an unusual and insanely delicious creation you can treat and surprise relatives, acquaintances until the next season of creating blanks.

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Our culinary masterpiece is ready, but how and with what to serve it? Since the dish is a sweet dessert, most often jam from zucchini with pineapple juice is served simply for tea. However, this treat is suitable as a filling for pancakes, pancakes, all kinds of rolls. With such a jam, you can bake a pie. By the way, zucchini in pineapple juice is a vegetarian dish, so you can eat it without anything.

Compote of zucchini and pineapple juice

Do you know that in addition to the delicious jam, some housewives prepare compote from zucchini in pineapple juice? The recipe is simple and easy, and all the ingredients can still be easily found on store shelves. We need the following:

  • 1-1.5 kg of courgettes;
  • 1 liter of pineapple juice;
  • half a glass of sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of citric acid;
  • orange.

As in the recipe with jam, we clean and cut zucchini rings, cubes, triangles or any other convenient form. Do not forget to remove all the unnecessary seeds. We put it in a saucepan, pour pineapple juice. Next, squeeze the juice from the orange, pour into the resulting mixture.

Let's brew for about an hour, then fall asleep with sugar, citric acid, put on medium fire. When the billet begins to boil, a little more power and leave the pan for 5-10 minutes.

After cooking fill the compotes in sterilized banks in advance, close the lids and leave for a couple of days. Compote of zucchini with pineapple juice is ready!

Only two basic and a couple of additional ingredients will help create both a young and a hostess with the experience of a delicious dish that can surprise everyone!

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