How to properly store peeled walnuts and other nuts at home

There are many ways to store nuts, which differ from each other depending on whether they are peeled or in the shell.

The storage of these healing kernels is important, because it will be possible for a long time to use personally picked nuts, or bought in season at a lower price.

Table of contents

  • Choosing the right raw materials is the key to long-term storage at home.
  • We decide on terms: how much to store?
  • How many and under what conditions can walnuts, hazelnuts and other
  • be stored? How can you save peeled
  • nuts?pick up raw materials, avoiding contact with the spoiled product:
    • is best kept whole nuts, because in a ground form, they quickly dampen;
    • purchasing nuts, you should pay attention to the shelf life, the erased date says that the product has been on the shelves for a very long time;
    • dark spots of characteristic color appear on dried or moldy nuts;
    • also spoiled the product smells unpleasant and sometimes can cause vomiting reflex;
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    • experienced housewives argue that by purchasing peeled nuts, you can protect yourself from buying "the cat in the bag."Old kernels can be distinguished by a dark, yellow shade, a wrinkled surface, or the presence of dark spots;
    • has one little trick, expired in-shell nuts will rattle when shaken;
    • if a yellow cloud of dust forms at the opening of the shell, then the product is spoiled;
    • it is desirable to try the nuts before buying, they should not be bitter;
    • , if possible, you can ask the seller for a bag in which the nuts were lying; there should be no traces of various insects and mold on it.
    In order for the nuts to remain as long as possible, it is necessary to choose them correctly.

    There are also signs by which you can determine the freshness of a particular type of nuts:

    1. Walnuts - if you try to crush the shells, you will get it with old nuts, but not with fresh ones.
    2. Pistachios - these nuts must be disclosed, and you can easily distinguish how the process went, either naturally or mechanically. If the pistachios opened themselves, then when you try to return the shell to its original position, the joint will not touch.
    3. Pine nuts - spoiled peeled nuts produce darkening of the tip. If the kernels are sold in the shell, then there should be no garbage in the package. Also on each shell should be a dark dot, this suggests that it is not empty. Another sign of the old product will be too dark shell or the presence of plaque on it.
    4. Hazelnut spoils much faster than other nuts, and it should be stored very carefully, so it is best to buy kernels in the shell, while there should be no mechanical damage on it.

    Determine the timing: how much to store?

    The shelf life of nuts differ in depending on the conditions in which they lie.

    The shelf life of peeled nuts is conventionally equal to the following figures:

    • in a place with room temperature - 2-3 weeks;
    • in the refrigerator or cellar nuts can be stored for up to 3 months;
    • if the kernel is frozen, the shelf life is increased to 1 year.

    All individual types of nuts are a little bit different, but differ in terms of shelf life.

    In-kernel kernels can be stored much longer than peeled ones, for example, at cold temperatures, such nuts do not lie for 2-3 months, but about six months.

    How many and under what conditions can walnuts, hazelnuts and other

    be stored
    Almonds Almonds will not deteriorate only if it has been properly dried, that is, the skin has not wrinkled or damaged. Usually, these nuts are recommended to be stored at a temperature of 5-7 degrees and humidity of 55-65 degrees, providing protection from sunlight. Under such conditions, the kernels can last for up to 12 months, if the nuts are frozen, the shelf life is increased to 1.5 years. When you purchase a product in the shell, the time increases by 2-3 months.
    Cashew These nuts are stored at cold temperatures( 4-6 degrees) in a dry place for about a year, if you keep the product at room temperature, the time is reduced to 1 month. Inshell nuts stored in the refrigerator or frozen peeled kernels can last up to 1.5 years.
    Hazelnuts Fresh hazelnuts are considered perishable as compared to other nuts. Peeled kernels must be stored in an airtight container and in a dry place. At room temperature, the shelf life is 3 months, when stored in the refrigerator for six months, frozen hazelnuts can last more than a year. Inshell nuts are stored for 2-3 months
    longer.6 months after storage, hazelnuts become hard and lose some vitamins.
    Peanut This nut must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated area. At room temperature, peeled peanuts are stored for no more than 2 weeks, in the refrigerator for 3 months, and in the freezer for 6 months. Untreated kernels can be stored for 6-9 months under the condition of a comfortable temperature of 5-7 degrees.
    Pistachios These nuts can be stored only in a sealed package in a dry place.indoors, they can lie no more than 1-2 weeks, in a cold place for up to 3 months, and in a frozen state, the peeled kernels are stored for up to six months. Inshell pistachios, packaged at the enterprise, retain their freshness up to 1 year.
    Walnuts In this case, it is very important to comply with the storage conditions, the place must be dry and ventilated, and the container is sealed. Peeled nuts are stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3 months, and in the freezer for up to six months. The presence of the shell increases these periods by 2-3 months.

    How to save peeled nuts

    There are several ways to keep nuts for the required amount of time.

    If you plan to consume in the near future, you can keep them at room temperature. To do this, experienced housewives recommend sticking to the following recommendations:

    1. Some types of nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and cashews, need to be ignited in a frying pan without oil or in the oven, while drying the condition of the kernels is constantly monitored and stirred.
    2. Chopped nuts will spoil much faster, so only whole kernels are chosen for storage.
    3. They are put in a tin or glass jar and tightly closed.
    4. You can also use fabric bags.
    5. You can not use plastic bags for storage, because they will not be able to provide the necessary air circulation and the nuts will begin to grind and mold.
    6. It is best to choose dry and dark places for storage.

    How and how to properly store walnuts at home:

    If the nuts need to be stored for a longer period of , then they are then removed in the refrigerator, adhering to some tricks:

    • is best kept peeled on the top shelf of the refrigerator;
    • , before placing the kernels in the container, they need to be sorted and removed all the rotted nuts, because they can cause damage to the entire batch, it is also desirable to carry out heat treatment;
    • for these purposes, you can use glass, plastic or tin capacity.

    If you plan to keep the nuts until the next season of , it is best to put them in the freezer, for this you need:

    • whole, peeled nuts sifted and calcined;
    • after that they are laid out into small portions in order to make use more convenient. Nuts can not be re-frozen, in which case they will lose their taste and healthy qualities;
    • for storing in the freezer portions of nuts individually wrapped in baking paper or foil, you can also use food wrap.
    Nuts have a peculiarity to absorb odors, so they are kept separate from other products.

    Nuts have a peculiarity to absorb odors, therefore they are kept separate from other products.

    Using these methods you can save tasty kernels for a long time, while avoiding product damage.

    You can also save nuts with the help of preservation :

    • you can cook walnut jam;
    • also many people are very fond of nuts, combined with honey.

    How to extend the shelf life of inshell nuts

    Inshell nuts are stored for much longer than kernels that have been peeled, and some recommendations should be followed:

    1. First you need to sort through the nuts, removing the damaged shell.
    2. Large glass or iron jars are used as containers, which are placed in a dry, dark and cool place.
    3. Can also be used linen bags, which are hung from the ceiling in a cool and well-ventilated area.
    4. Another possible container may be wooden boxes.
    5. The maximum temperature at which the nuts do not dry out and do not lose their taste, will be plus 10 degrees.
    6. It is also necessary to take into account the properties of nuts to absorb foreign odors, so it is better not to store them together with onions, garlic, etc.
    Inshell nuts can be stored in linen bags, glass or iron cans, wooden boxes

    Inshell nuts take up more space, but at the same time they will be stored longer and retain all the benefits.

    Nuts are a very useful and tasty product, besides, they are simple enough to store. The main thing is to provide a comfortable temperature, humidity, air circulation and protection from sunlight.

    All types of nuts differ slightly in terms of shelf life, so you need to take into account such nuances.

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