Safety rules and regulations for the use of Calypso insecticide

The content of an articleinsecticidal drug to eliminate garden and garden pests. Moreover, the latter are eliminated even with a minimum consumption rate. It is used by Calypso to combat sucking, gnawing, hard, equal and lepidopteran pests.

The mechanism of action

Calypso belongs to the group of drugs with contact-intestinal action. After processing plants, the drug enters the pests in the digestive tract, causing problems with the nervous system, after which they die. This is explained by the connection with the nicotine-acetylcholine receptor.

Do not forget that with frequent use pests can get used to it. Therefore, Calypso should be alternated with other insecticidal drugs.

Benefits of the insecticide

Some of the advantages of the preparation are:

  1. Ability to use for indoor plants
  2. Reduces windfall and increases grade.
  3. Nontoxic.
  4. At a certain concentration and not exceeding it, the preparation is safe for bees and other beneficial entomofauna.
  5. It fights well against harsh, scale and even-winged pests, including the leafworm, the tsvetkoeda.
  6. Efficiency lasts up to a month.
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According to the instructions for the use of an insecticide, Calypso interacts very well with plant-accelerating drugs, anti-fungal substances and other insecticidal preparations in tank mixtures.

Mixing different drugs, first carry out a compatibility test.

Disadvantages of the drug

From the negative sides of Calypso, there are:

  1. It can be used only for limited crops.
  2. Applies only to certain pests.
  3. Dangerous to humans.

If signs of poisoning are observed( vomiting, nausea, weakness, headache), you should immediately leave the treatment area and take measures.

Instructions for use of the Calypso insecticide

Spray the plants as soon as the pests were noticed during the spring-autumn period, when the vegetative period is observed, but no more than 2 times during the whole time.

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At the same time, weather conditions must be taken into account. The procedure can be carried out only in a quiet, calm, clear weather, at a temperature of 12-25ºС.In the heat, rain, as well as 2 hours before and after work can not be carried out, because the efficiency will be small.

Preparation of the solution

Initially, the concentrate is prepared according to the instructions, dissolving the drug in a small amount of water and after bringing the volume to the prescribed value. Next, prepare the working solution, according to the rules of use for a particular culture. Failure to comply with the norms of insecticide can lead not only to poisoning of insects and animals, but also a person.

You need to work strictly in protective clothing that protects the mucous membranes and skin, and in glasses. It is forbidden during the spraying to drink, smoke, eat food.

For each type of crop has its own rate of dilution of the drug.

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Calypso is a hazard class 2 drug, indicating its toxicity. Therefore, when working with it you should observe a number of rules:

  1. In case of contact with the skin, wipe the preparation with cotton or tissue and rinse the contact area thoroughly under running water.
  2. If the substance was swallowed, you should drink activated charcoal( 5-6 tablets are enough) and 2-3 tbsp.water. This should provoke vomiting.
  3. In case of contact with eyes, immediately wash them with running water, do not close the eyelids.

Calypso is a toxic insecticide, but if you follow all the rules and regulations for use, you can avoid negative impact and save the crop from pests.

Using Calypso's Insecticide Against Alenka Shaggy - Video

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