Benefits for the body of watermelon juice

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Watermelon is 92% juice. The juice contains all the beneficial substances, excluding fiber, which is separated during filtration. Therefore, fresh juice is often even more beneficial than the flesh of watermelon. When pressed, the white mass is taken near the peel, and it has a special composition. Therefore, all the elements present in the pulp are more concentrated in the juice. The benefits of watermelon juice due to the strong cleansing effect. Use juice for prophylactic, medical and cosmetic purposes.

The benefits of watermelon juice

Watermelon is a recognized dietary product and its benefits have long been known. Juice is a great way to use watermelon in a convenient package. So, in order to take a vitamin cocktail with you to the gym, it is better to pack it in a bottle than to carry a slice of watermelon. The use of fresh juices reduces the load on the digestive system, since there is no dietary fiber in the juice. The juice has a beneficial effect on all organs:

  1. The kidneys and the bladder are made alkaline. This reduces the acidity, stones and sand begin to decrease, dissolving. Due to potassium salts, the concentration of uric acid is reduced.
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The diuretic effects of juice allow you to remove excess fluid from the body. A person loses weight, poisons and slags are washed out of the kidneys. It has a beneficial effect on renal cleaning. However, the simultaneous use of juice and salted foods, on the contrary, will lead to puffiness. Sodium retains water in the cells, and therefore from the watermelon water in the body will be added.

  1. Painful diseases such as arthritis, gout, and atherosclerosis recede before the cleansing action of the juice. The B vitamins present and the strongest antioxidant ascorbic acid help reduce the deposits that cause pain. Folic acid has special properties, which has a beneficial effect on all human organs. It participates in the formation of hemoglobin and improves the functioning of the spleen.

All mineral substances represented by the salts pass into the juice:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;Phosphorus
  • ;
  • copper;
  • potassium.
  1. Folic acid and other organic acids, watermelon juice is required to effectively influence the heart. It also contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, leaching of cholesterol and pressure reduction in hypertensive patients.

Using watermelon juice is beneficial for the liver, but only if there is no pancreatitis.80% of the juice consists of distilled water and toxins pass into the solution, which the liver holds. Lycopene, which is present in the juice, is a prophylactic agent against neoplasms.

Watermelon juice relieves irritability and aggressive state well. With reduced immunity, the drink gradually improves health. In short, fresh juice not only completely replaces fresh watermelon, but it is much more convenient to use it. At the same time, you need to know that only fresh juice is healing. He quickly sours and is not stored in the refrigerator.

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To use this product, it must be canned. Industry watermelon juice does not release, as it works on concentrates. Watermelon concentrate while getting economically unprofitable. Therefore, canning juice at home is the only way to stock a healing product for the winter.

How to make watermelon juice?

Fresh juice is prepared on a juicer or by pressing through layers of gauze. Sliced, peeled watermelon is cold pressed. This juice should be consumed immediately.

In one glass of watermelon juice there is an almost daily need for minerals for humans.

There is a recipe for watermelon juice, when the pressed product can be stored after a short temperature treatment. So, the juice, squeezed out of 9 kg of watermelon pulp, with the addition of 300 g of sugar and 10 g of citric acid is boiled for 5 minutes and rolled into sterilized jars for winter consumption.

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care secrets Juice can be preserved without adding chemicals: 0.7 kg of juice and 300 g of sugar are brought to a boil, 5 g of lemon juice is added and rolled into prepared jars. But boiled watermelon juice enjoys the special love of local residents of the watermelon region.

Preparation of watermelon honey or nardeka is a long process of repeated evaporation of the juice and filtering it after the next volume reduction. As a result of boiling it turns out light brown, viscous, like young honey, mass. This product is used as a medicine or in cooking. In winter, all products made from watermelon juice are sources of beneficial elements.

Who is watermelon juice contraindicated?

With all the benefits of watermelon juice and harm in some cases noted. So, you can not drink the juice of those who have large stones in the gall bladder and in the kidneys. They can start moving, which is dangerous and causes excruciating pains.

Watermelon juice is contraindicated for diseases:

  1. Colitis, intestinal adhesions.
  2. Pancreatitis.
  3. Diabetes.
  4. Incontinence.

With care, it should be drunk to nursing mothers, the baby may develop intestinal cramps.

Cooking watermelon honey - video

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